• Nightly Roundup #42

    I couldn't find enough for a drawfriend today edition! So have one that was part of it!

    To the news!

    Best Young Flyers Starcaft 2 Finals!

    A while back I announced the best young fliers starcraft tournament, where newbs could battle it for galactic glory!

    The finals will be shown at 6PM Central on Friday July 22 on this channel live.

    If you are interested in checking out the games so far, you can visit the youtube channel here!

    They also have a channel set up on the north american server, just join "bestyoungflyers".

    Asus is now 20% cooler

    Just sayin

    German Pony Message Board #2! 

    Another german pony board has popped up! You can find it here!

    Trending Video On Youtube Baffles Sports Fans With Rogue Pony Link

    Over on Youtube, a video about some golfer sinking a hole in one and winning a million dollars is trending, but the person that threw the video up also included Friendship is Magic Episode two in the description.  The comments are pretty hilarious, and golf fans are branching out to the uploaders other videos, filled with ponies.

    That's a good way to spread it! You can find the video here!

    Ancient Culture Embraces Love and Tolerance

    Those crazy ponychanners live by the creed of Love and Tolerance on a daily basis.  They weren't the first though!  The Emperor of the ancient Maurya Empire in central Asia was an advocate of " love, truth, tolerance and vegetarianism".  Ignoring Pinkie Pie's omnivorous appetite, this guy sounds like he would have made the perfect pony.

    You can find his article here

    Canadian Toys R' Us Website Directs to FiM Merch

    If you head on over to Toysrus.ca and type "Brony" in the search box, you will be sent directly over to the pony stuff.  Apparently someone working there added it!  Pretty sweet.

    Philomena Wallpaper Stensil

    I'll let the image explain this one.

    I need a Trixie one tbh!

    You can find the DA page for it here!

    Gameinformer Invaded by Pinkie Pie-Ebaying Employees

    Who would want a darksiders pony when you can bust out Pinkie Pie instead?  Her laughter could defeat any apocalyptic beastie...  Thanks to Richfiles for the image.

    OPERATION: Take over Drawball a Huge Success!

    Daww, just look at that cute rarity hangin out on drawball.  I posted about her initial outline last night, and it looks like she was completed earlier in the day.  It looks like neighsayers are trying to blemish her pristine, freshly brushed, coat.  IF you are at all a rarity lover, you should get over there and defend her!

    New Brony WoW Guild

    Another guild has popped up! Have some infos!

    Server: Moon Guard
    Faction: Horde
    Guild Name: Friendship is Magic
    Message Pinkiep├»e for an invite, or send an im game mail.  (The special character is alt+139)

    Equestria Daily News

    The unlabeled queue for Ponies Around the World is going to take a bit longer.  I might just have to dump the images without labels.

    Cereal might be running the movie poster thing soonish! So keep an eye out for that. 

    FREE SHIRT ends tomorrow, I'll announce the winner in the afternoon! 

    Story Updates
    MLP The School Years (Update Part 3!)
    A New Breed (Update Part 10, 11!)
    Macintosh (Update Part 12, 13!!)
    Project A.L.I.C.O.R.N. (Update Part 2!)
    The Elements of Gaming (Update Part 2!)
    Fallout Equestria Side Stories (Lots of updates!)

    Merch Mall Updates
    Toy Pony Studio- Decals

    Meetup Post Updates
    San Japan the anime convention (San Antonio)

    And that's all for the news! yay~