• PMV: Fluttershy Joins a Band

    Someone emailed me this yesterday...  I admit, I "0_o"'d pretty hard.  Not because the PMV is amazing, but because it actually SOUNDS like Flutteshy is singing it.

    I figured I was just over-reacting like usual (I tend to get excited about weird things), so I sent it to my normal "dude this is stupid" evaluators Cereal, and Speckles (You don't know her), and amazingly enough, I got a "woah", and "Daww" back!

    It's not a 100% match, but is pretty close!

    Are there any other songs out there that sound like the actual pony is singing them?  Feel free to toss them in the comments below.

    Anyway, have some Fluttershy after the break!

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