• Comic: Octavia Is Freakin Adorable: Part Four!

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    UPDATE: Click past the break for part three!

    I know we just did Drawfriend, but I couldn't resist putting this two three-part comic by Dreatos up.

    I can't explain it. Octavia is just the most adorable thing in the world sometimes. I dunno what it is about her. Maybe her color scheme is what's appealing. It's certainly not a canon personality I'm attached to, because as far as we know she doesn't have any. It's all stuff you guys have made up. That must be it. You guys are really good at taking these background ponies with no story to them outside what we see them do in the show and making these extremely likable characters out of them. I love you, Octav- I mean, uh, you guys.

    There's a second bonus Luna comic after the break, too. Personally I'm just here for the Octavia. Look at those adorable purple eyes. I want to hug her and take her home with me.

    Don't tell Rarity.

    Part III: Click for Full Size
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    This comic is so underwhelming compared to the Octavia ones!

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