• PMV: Race Like Rainbow Dash / My Little Eve: Spaceships are Magic / Pinkie Pie's On Crack

    I get a lot of Rainbow Dash PMV's. Most are just 4 minutes of Dash flying around with rock music in the background. It's a breath of fresh air when someone actually throws custom graphics into a PMV, especially one I have seen 300 times.

    I may not like dubstep, and it may be 49 seconds long, but it does a a great job of "selling" Dash.  If there was a cartoon starring just her, I would want something like this to be the intro.  

    Also a movie trailer with Dash!

    And some Pinkie Pie... poor, poor, Pinkie Pie.

    1.) Race Like Rainbow Dash
    2.) My Little Eve: Spaceships are Magic
    3.) Pinkie Pie's On Crack