• Hasbro CEO Discussion

    The CEO over at Hasbro has recently published a bunch of interesting information about the company's Q2 progress, including some good news about the Hub.  I'll drop some TL;DR bullet points here for everyone too lazy to read through it, but if you are interested, the article is right here!
    • Significant growth overall over seas, citing 30% after foreign exchange
    • Internation business now just as important as the USA (Probably a good indicator on why we see so many variations of pony popping up lately!) 
    • Friendship is magic recieves an entire dedicated section in the article, with piles of praise.
    • Friendship is Magic is a top-rated program in Canada.  (Keep up the good work canadian bronies!)
    • 30% increase in toy sales in Canada since FiM aired
    • 53% increase in rating for FiM's timeslot in the UK on the boomerang channel
    • Hub doing really well, and signing deals in studios around the world. 
    Sounds like it's pretty damn successful! The article continues on with a bunch of other brands and numbers you might find interesting.  No mention of the "surprise pony demographic" at all, which is a bit sad, but at least the 8-11 year old girl section is enjoying it.  

    Feel free to bombard me in emails if I got anything wrong.  I don't exactly have a whole lot of time to run around researching everything in detail!

    Thanks to hydra for the article link