• Brony Movie Night #9

     Brony Night #9 is under way! Have some copypaste.  Now go watch stuff!

    Weekly movie night update, here's our schedule:

    -Pony Episode: Winter Wrap Up

    -B Movie: Death Stalker 2 (Content Warning: Strong and graphic violence and nudity)

    -Mane Movie: Up

    -Pony Episode: Stare Master

    The pre-show is underway, movies will be starting at 7 PM Eastern as usual.  We also have our normal stream at 2 PM Eastern on Saturday



    1. Never cared much for Up, but DeathStalker II is (intentionally) terrible enough that I will happily watch it. And there is no way I could ever miss Winter Wrap Up.

    2. Is there ever gonna be an hour at which European can watch too =/?

    3. awesome, i love movie night. and up is one of my favorites.

    4. That was amazing, guys. DEATHSTALKER II is the greatest movie ever made.

    5. Anonymous, our Saturday broadcast is specifically geared towards allowing our European viewers to watch at a reasonable time

    6. This was actually quite a bit of fun. Would someone be able to direct me to the Lottery Thread or whatever it is for the next one?

    7. Discussion thread for the next one, for those who want it, is here: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/chat/res/35713320.html