• Ms Sparkle Dishwasher Tablets

    From Sansbox

    Awesome copypaste below the break.



    "Equestria Heavy Industries Presents:

    *Miss Sparkle Dishwasher Tablets*

    "Earth ponies, are you tired of shattering your glassware with hooves ill-suited for dextrous tasks like washing dishes? Scrubbing off food stains with your mouth can be a pain, not to mention highly unhygienic! Without the aid of unicorn magic or Rainbow Dash's patented 'Rainblow Dry' system, washing and drying dishes can be a difficult, if not downright impossible task for the average earth pony!

    "Well, fret no more, sugarcube! Equestria Heavy Industries proudly presents 'Miss Sparkle Dishwasher Tablets!' Just place one of these tablets in your sink and let magic take care of your mess! Miss Sparkle Dishwasher Tablets use state-of-the-art magical unicorn horn derived cleaning ingredients* to get even the toughest jewel-encrusted dragon cutlery sparkling clean in just ONE wash! Use Miss Sparkle Dishwasher Tablets and never worry about chipping another dish again!

    "Miss Sparkle Tablets are imported direct from 'Luna Laboratories'--a Japonyese chemical manufacturing subsidiary of Equestria Heavy Industries. Miss Sparkle Tablets are 'Celestia Approved' for use in all Equestrian households. Warning: contents are highly carcinogenic. Do not ingest, inhale, or come into physical contact with Miss Sparkle Dishwasher Tablets. Keep out of reach of fillies.


    *'Magically cleaning' active ingredient: Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, also known as 'soap'.
    **Fresh almond scent is hydrogen cyanide. If you smell almonds, seek professional medical help immediately."

    Hopefully somepony will recognize the source where I got the inspiration to make this ridiculous box."

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