• Story: Arddun Lleuad (Update: Sequel!)

    [Adventure][Shipping] This is a controversial topic, but lets roll with it and see how it goes! It's really long, and he put a lot of work into it, so maybe we can let it slide this time?  In other words, have some HumanxLuna.

    Author: Pride
    Description:  Chester Llewellyn was not prepared to fight for his very life on the alien planet that had suddenly become his reality, following a sickening experience that nearly tore him apart at the seams. Creatures of myth and legend hunt for his blood as he simply tries to survive, totally unaware of the Equestrian utopia not miles away.

    But they are aware of him. Equestria is seeking Chester, enough to send the legendary war hero of Canterlot to personally track him down. His ravenous curiosity at the alien horse species, the brilliant tactics of his hunter, and the beasts of his forest-home that would tear him to pieces in a split second barely come close to the effect that the moon in the night sky has upon him, changing his world and his life completely.

    And somewhere out there, at the tallest point of Equestria, somepony needs Chester, and fast.
    A 30,000-word shipping epic, Arddun Lleuad attempts to combat the intense stigma of giving a human and a pony a meaningful, romantic relationship while providing a story that simply cannot be put down.
    Arddun Lleaud Part 1 
    Arddun Lleaud Part 2
    Arddun Lleaud Part 3
    Arddun Lleaud Part 4 Or Alternate Google Docs
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    Arddun Lleaud Part 6 Or Alternate Google Docs
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    Story 2
    A fortnight on from the paradise-thwarting events of Arddun Lleuad, Chester Llewellyn and Mittens, his newly-befriended manticore, eke out a meagre survival in the Everfree Forest, to remain hidden from ponykind. What drives the former university student to do this, is the sudden, otherworldly bond that has united Chester and none other than Princess Luna herself in a soul-to-soul connection that they both find worth fighting for. Whilst secluding the human from the eyes of those who would find him and discover their shocking actions to keep him within Equestria, they must find and unravel the unseen, malefic intent of a foe they simply call the Enemy; they know nothing of him, nothing of his reasons or his intentions, only that he is capable of far more raw malevolence than anything Equestria has so much as seen before, and that they have done exactly as he has planned down to the letter.

    But the Enemy is a far greater threat than either could ever realise. For the Enemy of which they speak is merely a seed, merely the beginning of an ungodly abomination from which nothing is safe. An abomination beyond the senses, beyond understanding, and beyond Chester and Luna to combat alone. Far, far more than simply their lives is at stake as events begin that signal the start of a new chapter in Equestrian history.
    Arddun Lleuad 2: Chwe Goleadau - Six Lights (New!)

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