• /co/ Vs. Ponychan: Art of the fic TO THE DEATH

    An event that pits the two major pony boards against each other to determine the best of the best fanfic writers recently hit the voting stage.  Check out the copy paste below, and hit up the links for the fic list/voting site.

    Who will win? You decide in this anthology of stories by the best of both boards. /co/ goes up against Ponychan at high noon, the best of the best writing under the prompt of a 'Big Mac Braeburn Western.'. Who wrote what? You won't know until the end of the competition one week from 11/15/11. In the mean time read the stories and tell us which ones are the creme of the crop, the board with the most high ranking stories is winner! The single highest rated story is champion! Who will it be? Read, vote and find out! Rate the stories according to how much you liked them, and choose your champion.
    Check out the Story List Here!

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