• Story: The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments (Update Part 8!)


    Author: Wanderer D
    Description: Be Awed and Amazed by the tale of Sweetie Belle as she traverses the multiverse in search of her lost mentor and friend, Twilight Sparkle! Will she find her in a post-apocalyptic Equestria where ponies are all but gone? Or maybe in a strange world where everypony is the wrong gender? Or even where a Pony claims to be a human? Read as she journeys through very familiar worlds you might have read about... if you dare!

    World suggestions, spoilers and wild theories are encouraged in the comments! The author also apologizes for the cover image not being awesome enough, but image editing is not his forte. If anypony feels the urge to do something about it, you're welcome to try!
    The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments (All Links)
    The Sweetie Chronicles: Fracture (New Part 8!)

    Additional Tags: Multi-fanfic Crossover; All x-overs are Author Approved; journey of discovery, Rollercoaster

    Audio Drama





    1. Sweetie Belle killing Twilight? Might read.. not second

    2. Sounds like fun, ill have to get back to this

    3. I'm reading the description, surprising there is no dark tag considering the circumstances.

    4. @ThunderIce

      Combo! My second comment on Equestria Daily and it's a second comment on this article! lol

    5. I hope we see a reality based on Doctor Who with Ponies... Or something like that. Maybe even a pony-ifed verson of the show... That'll be cool. Also one of Pony Space. And you've gotta pop onto a world of zombies! And a reality were everypony is a superhero or supervillien.

    6. Alternate Realities?!? This I HAVE to see!

    7. I am going to eat every chapter of this with a side of moose steak. THAT'S HOW AWESOME THIS SHIT IS

    8. That was fun. And it ate up a lot of my time. Hooray! Less time to write my term paper! Oh well, time well spent.

      Suggestions you say? How about comedic stories like Purple Daze or A Drop of Moonshine? It would be interesting to see Sweetie Bell interact with Ponies who are not in complete control of themselves.

    9. inb4 slips in a sonic crossover.

    10. If this crosses over with "The Thessalonica Legacy," I will give you my first-born.


    11. I suggest the Severing/Reconnection stories, since those have Evil Twilight in them.

      And the obligatory Cupcakes suggestion, because it's going to be made eventually, so why not make it now to get it out of the way.

    12. Ahhh, so that's how Sweetie will be traveling. Switching minds with the bodies of other Sweeties, right? Though the way the chapter ended, it sounds like Sweetie just appeared out of mid-air, since Twilight asks if she knows her.

      Makes me wonder how the story will go down, when she eventually meets Elusive!

    13. >see the image and title
      >click "no-fanfiction mode"
      >be intrigued
      >go back
      >read description

      im gonna have to read this, aint i?

    14. I would to see worlds from the monster mash fanfic as it would be interesting having sweetie belle see rarity as a vampire and rainbow dash as ultradash.

    15. This was better then I expected, I really liked it! Admittedly, I'm not a Sweetie Belle fan, but I decided to give this a try when I saw the words "post-apocalyptic" and a reference to The 63rd Rune, and I'm glad I did. I can't wait until the future chapters!

    16. A wonderful new series. I can't wait to see which other "universe fics" you will have her enter.

      "Everypony the wrong gender"?

      You have to use On A Cross and Arrow for that one. It's the best gender-flip universe series I know.

    17. After reading the prologue, I was like, "NO, TWILIGHT! Wha-ha-ha-hy?"

      After finishing chapter one, I was like, "Oh...my..."

      The author of this fic is doing great churning my emotions so far.

    18. Oh, Sweet Celestia... I want to read this, but I don't. Spoilers for stories I haven't read yet?

      If this wasn't Sweetie Belle, the decision would be so much easier...

    19. Of Mares and Magic is now redeemed, that's how good this fic is.

    20. I'm liking where this story is going. I probably should go read "Of Mares and Magic," though.

    21. Well, this is an interesting surprise. The body of fandom has certainly become robust enough to suppose inter-verse crossovers, and you've set up a solid "gather quest" as an initial story point and motivating factor. There are many ways I can imagine you can go with this, and I assume we have a few chapters before you really introduce an over-arching foil or antagonist for Sweetie (till then it's episodic, self contained chapters).

      This fic is off to a very good start. I like the length and execution and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for updates.

    22. Woah, hold on. Sweetie Belle starring in an Adventure fic?

      Alright Wanderer D, you had me with The Empty Room, and now you're gunning straight for my heart.

      My hat is tipped to you!

    23. Intriguing concept... The grammar and spelling needs some serious work, but I'd like to see this continue.

      And I might consider letting you have a chapter in my fic-verse, Order-naries, if you're interested.

    24. Wow, a crossover of crossovers? And one of my favorite shipping fanfics? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

    25. @ CTVulpin: Grammar and Spelling?! Yeah, where? Seriously, if you're going to leave a comment like that, you'd better have some examples ready!

      ~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

    26. Holy crap looks like it's on it's way to a 6 star story! Keep it up!

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    28. "And so, Sweetie Belle finds herself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that her next leap will be the leap home."

      Okay, so technically not, but that's what it reminded me of. Pretty good story nonetheless.

    29. @Magical Trevor
      How's about this line from the chapter 1 gdoc:
      "However, unlike Ponyville, Marethage was surrounded by a tall wall made out of thick tree thick, sharpened logs plunged into the earth."
      (If this a double-post, I apologize. Blogger's not being nice to me at the moment)

    30. Oh my.

      This has certainly captured my attention. I /will/ be reading this to the end.

      Looks like we've got the realm of Nightmare Moon next! Can't wait to see how this plays out, and where Sweetie will be sent after.

    31. I would suggest you try my fic, but it's not even close to half completion yet.

      Oh well, guess I'll miss out.

    32. I'd love to suggest my fic for you to use, if that's all right.

    33. Can I suggest "It's A Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door"? Granted, there's a more obvious choice (*coughpastsinscough*), but I'd really like to see this happen.

    34. .... I love you, author dood.

      also, much as I hate to suugest this........Cupcakes.

    35. you HAVE to do "Past sins" if only because the CMC are such an integral part of that story. then again Nyx herself is starring in the other " multidimensional fanfic crossover fic currently running, so its up to you...

    36. There's always 'Out in the Cold', too.

    37. ...This is my kind of story right here!

    38. No seriously. How do fics with the similar concepts always come out so close to each other?

    39. Fandom Crisis is already sort of doing this same thing (visiting alternate realities/timelines from fanfictions/derivatives) starring Nyx from Past Sins and Dr. Whoof: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/10/story-fandom-crisis.html

      Not saying this story will be similar to that one.

    40. Hey! I'm the guy doing "Fandom Crisis!" Let's do a crossover and blow everbody's freaking minds!

    41. This story. This story right here.

      Fucking genius. Well ok, maybe not. But I *love* fanfic crossovers. I didn't even know it'd be one at first, and yet I still read it first out of my TEN fricken pony fanfic tabs (and two other non-Pony ones) open.
      I really do wish there were more, and this one has the potential to be one of the best MLP stories out there (and I don't say that lightly, there's under five candidates at the moment). The fact the first chapter was Of Mares and Magic is just a complete sweetener of the pot.

      And now, I think I know what fic is next. Hehehehe. Lordy lordy.

      All I have to say is: Bring it on!

    42. Also Seth! Ya didn't put the author tag in! You know how annoying that is when I try to find fics by author and I only get like 75% of them cause there was not tag?

    43. Post Apocalyptic Equestria=Fallout-Equestria

      Everypony is the wrong gender=On a Cross and Arrow

      Pony claims to be a human?=Through the Eyes of Another Pony?

      So the alternate realities are different fanfics by other authors?

    44. @CTVulpin ... Trevor *ing swear we changed that a couple of times already. Gdocs has been screwing with us for awhile now, in both chapters. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! (And if you see any others, PLEASE tell us. We do our best, but not even Trevor is perfect... And sorry if one sounded short with you earlier. Trevor was tired and stressed, and let it slip into one's writing. We encourage readers to tell us if they see mistakes, and the way you said it in the fist comment made it seem like you were a parasprite, so... XD ^^; Anyhof, sorry, and thanks for bring that to our attention! (Though Trevor remains adamant that one saw and corrected that once before...))

      ~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

    45. sweetie belle going through worlds from fanfics?

      Does that mean...


      no, you wouldn't...

      tell me she doesn't go to the world from cupcakes???

    46. OHHH HOHO SWEET. You guys are gonna do Elements of Gaming, are ya? :P

    47. Silent Ponyville would be interesting to see. Also my good sir, you have won this free muffin for making such an awesome story. And if you do cross overs with fallout equestria and through the eyes of another pony I will have your babies. Or give you more muffins. Let's go with that. Its less creepy.

    48. Bookmarked, I'll take a look at this later.

    49. So is she only taking over the identities of her other selves? If so what about worlds where she doesn't exist?

      For the post apocalyptic one I would squee so hard if it was Pink Eyes. That would be way too adorable.

      For the R63 one? Doesn't really need to be all that specific.

      I think we all know which human as a pony fic it'll be.

      As for worlds I would love to see visited:
      You already hit a personal fave with Nightmeare's Don't Last Forever.

      Better Living Through Science and Ponies by Pen Stroke: Would love to see what Alicorn GLADOS is up to.

      Disgaea: Disharmony of Friendship by Jake Heritagu: That would be different for sure.

    50. This comment has been removed by the author.

    51. Lol, the part where Sweetie Belle was confronted by Apple Bloom reminded me of that time Beavis and Butt-head watched "Gin and Juice" and Beavis claimed to be from Compton.

      Sweetie Belle: Hey, Apple Bloom, do you know I'm Twilight's apprentice.
      Apple Bloom: Horse apples, Sweetie Belle. You ain’t Twilight's apprentice.
      Sweetie Belle: No, wait, Apple Bloom, I'm serious. I was learning how to do prestidigitation spells. It was hard work. I used to use it to chill my tea. It was cool.
      Apple Bloom: Sweetie Belle...y’all learn mathematics from Cheerilee right here.
      Sweetie Belle: No way, Apple Bloom, you don't know, you weren't around then. Yeah, me and Twilight fought off a pair of werewolves together.
      Apple Bloom: Sweetie Belle, you and Rarity tried to fight off Opalescence yesterday. Opalescence won.
      Sweetie Belle: See, this tea? I learned how to make it from Spike, he learned it from zebras.
      Apple Bloom: Sweetie Belle...
      Sweetie Belle: Yep, my special talent must be magic.
      Apple Bloom: ...horse apples.
      Sweetie Belle: Yep. Just got back from practicing my shield spells.
      Apple Bloom: Sweetie Belle, y’all need to shut up now, y’hear? You've ain’t Twilight’s apprentice. You ain’t never gonna be Twilight’s apprentice, you’re a liar, you don’t any magic, you ain’t got no bits, and y’all ain’t never gonna get yer cutie mark.
      Sweetie Belle: Um, oh yeah.

    52. @Gozer the Equestrian
      Best part is I read the entire thing in a weird blend of their voices XD

    53. Man I can't get this story out of my head.
      It's gonna be a difficult wait.

    54. @CHeighlund:
      So I was not the only one with that thought :-).

      I am SO going to love this! (and if I have to read other fanfictions first, I will do)

    55. Spoilers!!

      Kinda mad I haven't read the stories the first 2 dimensions are based off of but still fun to get a peak at them.
      But there's one thing that will keep me reading this through though: "a strange world where everypony is the wrong gender" love "on a cross and arrow" so this is gonna be awesome.

      Also was I the only one having "Quantum leap" and "Tsubasa" flashbacks while reading? In response to the former reference does that mean Sweetie will become Sweepy in the "Cross and arrow" universe? o___O this is gonna be fun
      Anyway really fun read looking forward to future installments

    56. Hello everypony and thank you so much for reading!

      I'm replying to some of the posts since I like to do one (or two) long posts instead of hitting each comment one by one and gathering “comments” that are really nothing but my own blabbering.

      I am glad just about everypony liked it! It is very encouraging, especially since comedy follows!

      I would be more diligent with answering but the “Atom” subscribe doesn't work....

      Without further adieu:

      @Xel Unknown Well, the Doctor... I know he is a very recognizable figure in the fandom but I'm afraid doing him justice and keeping this story together might not be possible... he's the type of character that, once you include him, takes center stage if you want to use him right. And he wouldn't stay put and let Sweetie continue by herself... Pony Space, I haven't read, will do so and consider it!

      @Shingo Haven't read Purple Daze. I love Moonshine though, although I don't know how much I could do with it other than reference it...

      @Brother_Fenir Need to read, but will pass on the children ^_^

      @Devious_Psychopath Haven't read those in a while, will take a look.

      @Conner Cogwork Oh, you'll know. XD

      @aldariz Yes.

      @Cryocon I originally had this rule about not x-overing with previously x-overed fic but...

      @Masquerade Reeeeead iiiiiit!

      @Capn_Chryssalid... I hate Chryssalids. Do you know how many times I had to re-set a mission because of a random zombification? All my soldiers carried active grenades just in case! Gah! Anyway, thanks for reading and you sound familiar? FFML?

      @CHeighlund I was thinking that while writing :) Although the idea can indeed be similar to Tsubasa, Quantum Leap and even Kingdom Hearts (to some extent) I wasn't thinking of any of them... although I seem to have channeled the CLAMP bit through my subconscious... “Clover” and well, the title...

      @Eonseig Doesn't have to be complete. I cannot guarantee I would absolutely use it but I like reading good stories if you'd like to share the link!

      @RK_Striker_JK_5 Same as above.

      @Crazy56U Noted.

      @northernsong3110 I'm thinking of maybe asking Pen Stroke to let me use my fav fic of his... (Not Past Sins)

      @autobotgodzilla This bears some thought, but we still need to make it a bit farther with both our fics!

      @Smasher120 Yes, although the post-apocalyptic Equestria in the description is not FO:E

      @RydenI have yet to read it!
      @Stormcaller *munchs on muffins*

      @DPV111 All good stories, but won't spoil it for you XD

      @Seton? Well, the first world is not from another fic, I made that one up. The rest are.

    57. Oh, I know! You should ask Cereal Velocity if you can do an "Accolade" crossover! I imagine that if Sweetie Belle was transported to that world and she told Trixie what happened to Twilight in her world, Trixie would think "Oh boy, a way to kill Twilight and make it look like an accident!"

    58. Well, all right. Here's the link.


    59. This comment has been removed by the author.

    60. For some reason, the Back To The Future theme plays in my head when I read this.

    61. Hmmm.. what about Brave New World or A Cross and Arrow. I'd love that.

      (\ /)

    62. I normally don't think much of crossovers, but this is a really good fic. I mean, technically it is a cross over, right? It's just ... really meta.

      But it's really good. I mean, seriously good. Wow. I really enjoy it. It's like being able to enjoy it and other fics at the same time. I love the concept and the execution really drives it home. Great work.

      And I think you mentioned you wouldn't be crossing it with Past Sins ... but it would be nice if you would. =)

    63. A few story suggestions:

      Sunshine and Fire (very interesting alternate reality story)
      Night's Favored Child (another story of a similar basis to S&F, also very interesting)
      Better Living Through Science And Ponies (already been suggested, just letting you know it has mass appeal. :p)
      Subject of Revenge (Good Trixie-focused story IMO, possibly hard to get Sweetie involved but based on what I've seen you'll be able to manage somehow)

      Yeah. I'm really into alternate realities. Subject of Revenge is the only story I'm currently reading which isn't either an alternate reality or a crossover actually, lol.

    64. On the subject of Fallout Equestria

      I think Sweetie belle jumping into her Overmare position right after/before the bombs hit would be pretty interesting...

    65. If I may give a suggestion: A crossover with "Fillystata" would be very interesting because
      --start spoiler!--
      Sweetie Belle is dead there
      --end spoiler--

      Another nice crossover would be with "Powerfull", because it shows a nice alternative view on Trixe, but I guess it would be hard to integrate Sweetie Belle, because the story doesn't act in Ponyville and no-one from ten show beside Trxie is in it.

    66. I think eventually Sweetie Belle is going to be resigned to the fact that no matter what world she ends up in, Twilight will still be a lesbian.


    68. Sweetie Belle is my favorite Crusader, so obviously I love this story. Now, what universe has she jumped in, and what did she see in the mirror...?

    69. Dude, I totally missed the first posting! O.o I am so sorry! Send me an email next time, dammit, I wanna keep up with this!

      ... I can't wait to see where she goes next!

    70. Wow, and here I was saying that due to the body swap mechanic she wouldn't have to deal with entering a world where she's dead. Show's what I know!

    71. Wow. This story is GREAT.
      Chapter 2 was pretty cool especially Zecora's rhymes, but TwiLuna creeped me out a bit. I mean: The alicorn, who had been halfway to the door by then, stopped and looked over her shoulder. “Yes? I’m afraid I cannot tell you what Twilight tastes like; she wouldn’t approve.”
      Can't wait for chapter 3 since I read "The Light Never Goes Out" already. Too bad Sweetie's 2 best friends are... well... dead already but... keep up the good work! :)

    72. I read this and all I could think was

      "What if you could find brand new worlds right here on Earth? Where anything is possible? Same planet, different dimension. I found the gateway!"

      Also for world suggestions: Past Sins

    73. the chapter was amazing wanderer! you let me know when it updates next time...., or there may be beatings... and we wouldn't want that would we?

      Can't wait for more!

    74. Lafter, donate your own work to it! How meta would that be... slider-Sweetie meeting up with Firewall?

    75. Hi everypony! I'm glad everypony seems to be enjoying the story so far! (Except whoever one-starred this at some point...)

      Anyway, here are some replies!

      @Gozer the Equestrian Accolade... you know, I haven't read that one, I'll go take a look. I will reference some of Cereal's work though, I'll make sure to note when it is done (and also let him know!)

      @RK_Striker_JK_5 I've been reading it so far, it's a nice story, and it's certainly interesting to see how Megan and Co. deal with the new ponies... now, how will the agents react if they find out where the strange signal is coming from! (also, love the radio station reference!)

      @Chyre I... I- damn it. Now I have it stuck in my head. XD

      @Woz5 You will be pleased to know that a certain story is already scheduled.

      @val_heart Thanks! It is kinda meta... ok, it is very meta, but not for Sweetie ^_~

      @Mister Tulip I have thought about Night's Favored Child, but it is a bit early for that story to throw in something so random... it's still growing into itself so I couldn't do it justice. One of the others in your list has been approved by the author. ^_^

      @Forderz I- never thought of that! I have the plot outlined for... wait am I confirming a FOE crossover here? ^_~

      @DaB. Fillystata... I really like that fic, don't know if it is appropriate for a crossover w/Sweetie at this stage, I have to think more on it since future chapters make things really interesting...

      @Xeddrief Well, there was a hint of TwiMac in the prologue but there seems to be an overwhelming sense of that...

      @Lurks-no-More :) well, The Light Never Goes Out is a one shot, worth reading and it'll give you an idea ^_^

      @Urthdigger I have 10 rules that Sweetie will follow in her travels, so there will be consistency except for 1 single intentional exception.

      @DePoisn If it makes you feel better Twilight is just as bothered by that as you are. ^_^ And yes, Sweetie will undoubtedly have some issues with that too.

      @Stahn Kage The possibilities are endless... I think the best part of this is that some suggestions really let me read some amazing work I had missed, even if I don't use it for the Chronicles!

      @Lafter Dude! I'm so sorry! I thought you were on the mailing list! I have corrected the error, I do apologize! I'm glad you're liking it though!


      I imagined it a la "Khaaaaaaaan!"

      And yeah, Lafter letting me use his world would be awesome, wouldn't it? ^_^

    76. Absolutely love this story, well written and introduces me to some stories I would never have read. (I'm so glad I did btw)

      I am curious about the phrase uttered by the glowing eternal eye in the void, tried punching it in a translator engine but a lot of the meaning is lost without English's oh-so-necessary punctuation.

    77. Oh hells yes. Another chapter!


      Now that was damn awesome. Huzzah!

    78. I'll admit, when I first started reading this, I was worried that it would be stretched in too many directions and would take away from the overall quality of the read.
      I'm glad I was mistaken. It's quite easy to follow what's going on. Good luck with the future parts.

    79. Hmm.
      I absolutely loved the new chapter.
      This is now one of my 2 most anticipated stories (that aren't stalled or dead) along with "The Son of the Emperor".
      Which by the way would be the WEIRDEST crossover. Too weird actually. I don't recommend it.

      I do now recommend others:
      I would love to see an xover with CTVulpin's "Order-naries" and/or "Of Two Minds" (same universe, different storylines).

      I second "Sunshine and Fire", although it might be early in the story. Daylight Sparkle hasn't even shown up yet.

      "Knights of Equestria" Part 2 where Sweetie is actually Twi's apprentice might make for an interesting plotline if Sweetie became selfish and didn't want to leave that world, despite Twi's flaws in that one.
      I(I can actually see a bit of this possibly in the next chapter with Rarity not wanting to let Sweetie go, since she would be Gone gone.)

      "Michael Bay Presents" would make for an excellently bizarre chapter!

      It's hard to think of worlds that are rich enough in background to fit well. A lot of stories use a relatively generic Equestria with a single story hook as the totality of the originality of the story.

    80. @smash it with a hammer:
      My Latin is a bit rusted, but if I got it right it says: "The evil burns in me eternally and in darkness I am trapped".

    81. Now that I think about it, it would be interesting to see how a crossover with "Through the Eyes of Another Pony" by CardsLafter would turn out. Slight time issues aside, if Luna had read the Sweetie Chronicles in her overwhelming internet rush, she'd be one of the few to understand Sweetie Belle's situation.

    82. Sweetie Belle is going to have a WHOLE lot of assumptions about Twilight's sex life back in her universe once this is over.

      I enjoyed Chapter 2, but it wasn't the 6-star that the prologue/chapter 1 was. The humour wasn't bad, but it just seemed obligatory because of the nature of the fic. The brick joke with Trixie was funny, though.

      I'm super hyped to see what you can do with a sadfic, though!

    83. @Forderz

      "I'm super hyped to see what you can do with a sadfic, though!"

      This phrase brings to mind the image of a 300lb pro wrestler. Jacked up and talking smack. Punching himself in the head and clawing his face. Foaming at the mouth with saliva and blood.

      Then he sits in a chair with a sadfic and starts reading. The ref starts counting every time he reaches for the box of tissues.

    84. A pony that claims to be a human? Will a future chapter be a tie-in with "through the eyes of another pony"? Because if so, then I want that chapter soon!

    85. This series could never be completed with out at least one "Sweetie Derelle" moment, lol.

    86. Beliving that it was somehow a good idea to cast a spell near an unstable magical experiment, Sweety Bell fell into the Quantum Spell Accelerator.. and vanished! She awoke in another world, facing friends who were not her own. Her only companion on this journey is Owlowiscious, a hologram that only she can see and hear. Now Sweetie Bell leaps from world to world, striving to put right what once went wrong. Hoping each time that the next leap.. will be the leap home!

    87. I would like to thank Wanderer for being there and clearing things up for me yesterday when I was a bit confused about the latest chapter. You might want to add some little words telling when Sweetie is assuming something though, I don't know if I will always have the author next to me every time I read this fic. :P

      But that might be just a problem of mine (if you haven't noticed, english is not my first language)

      Anyway, I will second the suggestion for some Cold in Gardez fics.


      All of them have something good, but I think the Michael Bay one and "The First Light of Dawn" might be the ones who fit more with this story.

      And this is the long titled fic made by Sir Ostentatious that I suggested yesterday:


      Just because I would love to see our little crusader trying purple prose. (and the main character has some really interesting skills that might be useful in Sweetie's adventure)

      Oh well, can't wait for the next chapter! TBH I didn't really enjoy (or felt sad) about the fic you've chosen but I bet seeing things from Sweetie's perspective is going to be intense/devastating/will make me cry like my 4-year-old niece.

      p.d: Something tells me I'll have to start reading "Through the eyes of another pony" soon. (Truth to be told, "human in Equestria" is a subject that I was trying to avoid... Oh well... Not sure if I can love, but at least I'll tolerate :P )

    88. @gato

      Through the eyes is pretty unique even among Human in Equestria stories.

      Most of the Human in Equestria stories I like are crossovers with other stuff like X-Files, Stargate, Portal and Battletech.
      The stories with humans without crossovers are much harder to pull off well.

    89. Hello everypony! As always once the chapter reaches 10 or more comments since my last reply, I have come back (I am the author that lurks in the night! I am that itch that never leaves! I am- Wanderer D!)

      Here's some replies!

      @smash it with a hammer Thanks! That's the idea! I've also read some other stories from recommendations here that I would have missed otherwise!

      As for the latin, @DaB. got it right!

      @Somepony Else Glad you enjoyed it!

      @Tundra Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it, and I will endeavor to keep the chapters clear and concise!

      Through The Eyes of Another Pony... But, if Luna had read the fic and Sweetie was there... what would it mean for her?! *Lunamindexplodeplz*

      @DPV111 XD Thanks! It's always awesome to read that my stories have made it to somepony's favorite/most anticipated lists! I really enjoy "Son of the Empereror" it's completely different from my usual reads, but the idea is awesome... reminds me a bit of Naomi Novik's "Temeraire"... history as we know it, and yet... not.

      And yes, there are a lot of really good stories, but not all can be used ~_~ Allegrezza for example, is an awesome fic, but adding it to the Chronicles wouldn't do either story any favors, in fact it would never fit...

      @Forderz Heh, well, there was a bit of implied TwiMac from a dialogue in the earlier chapters ^_~ at least from Sweetie's 'home' universe! And Sadfic... yes. WD Vs. Sadfic! Let's see how good I am at those.

      @JakeTH97 Possibly. Maaaaybe. A lot of ponies out here really want it to be.

      @Gozer the Equestrian Eeeyup.

      @Sigma Silver And yet, I wasn't thinking about Quantum Leap until halfway through the first chapter. At least I won't have her meet Celestia... ok, I will, but at least Celestia will not tell her to carry on doing it forever... right?

      @gato Si me guio por el nombre, puedo almenos decir que lo mas seguro es que hables EspaƱol, pero fuera de eso, no estoy seguro de donde eres ^_^

      El punto es valido, si lo tengo que explicar entonces no esta escrito claramente. Lo tomare en cuenta.

      Gracias por leer y por las recomendaciones!

    90. Could you do a cross-over with The New Destriers? The story is at http://the-destriers.deviantart.com/gallery/30751049. ~The-Land-Shark is in full control of that story now that rayodragon is banned from that site.

    91. I want more of this. It's awesome!

    92. @Wanderer D

      Throwing in the entire 'Through the Eyes of Another Pony' post phone-stomping would cause a recursive loop that would doom the world. Thus you should totally do it. The opportunity for trolling would double!

    93. @DaB.
      Thank you for that, DaB. It makes more sense than what I got out of that program. ^_^

    94. And more of this fic. Admittedly, not quite as wonderful as the first chapter, but still amusing to no end. Especially the end with Trixie. What the hey indeed.

      Next one is one I haven't read....almost tempted to read it, but on the other hand if you DO start making chapters for, say, Fallout Equestria or Silent Ponyville, that way lies MADNESS.

    95. @Melodia

      Ooooooh. Damn you.
      I never thought about it before but I'll be damned is Silent Ponyville doesn't make 100% perfect sense with this story.

      One more suggestion.
      Not sure if it would be a crossover or not but having Sweetie show up in a world where SHE is a human would be so cool. Until they either throw her in the loony bin or try to burn her for being a witch.

    96. I'd recommend contacting Ciroton about crossing with his sequel to his fiction Sunset, For Want of A Dawn, as there is a plot point involving Sweetie in the fic while still having her have little to no "face" time in the story (so far).

      His DeviantArt link: http://ciroton.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/

    97. I have never commented on EqD before, though I have been following it since June, and have been complacent in doing so silently.

      Over the course of the last six months I have read many of the fanfics that have shown up. But only when I have read this one have I felt the need to post any sort of comment.

      I just want to say that this story is exploring in an ingenious and creative way of writing that goes beyond any of the other stories I have read on EqD.

      Thank you for thinking of and executing such a wonderful and creative story. Keep up the good work.

      And personally I think crossing over with Antipodes would be amazing :)

    98. How about Sweetie Belle ends up in the world from "Nightmare State of Mind", the one where her sister has become Nightmare Rarity, has Spike and Rainbow Dash for her mooks, and is in the process of conquering Equestria?

    99. @Ardashir I have been considering that one, I have to see if Jetfire will let me use it!

      @SilentBelle Thank you, SilentBelle! I'm honored that this is your first comment and that you like my story!

      @Questiondeca XD

      @DPV111 That's not entirely in the plans, but I guarantee that she'll turn up as something non-pony at least once XD

      @Melodia ^_~ better start reading!

      @Obsidian I have it on good authority she would be excited.

      @siumau Working on it!

      @invinible Must read first!

    100. I can see this turning into a game of 'How Many of these Universes have I Read Already?' So far, I'm 2 for 2.

      Wonder how long this fic is going to become, and how long it'll take to complete. This is definitely a very ambitious project.

    101. I'm keeping an eye on this series. I like what I've seen so far.

    102. Some days ago I read The Empty Room, and I loved it. While I was reading the last chapter you talked in the Google doc. Somewhere along the lime this story was mentioned. Since your other story is so good I bookmarked it for later read-through. Finely I got time to read it, and it's really good. I think The Empty Room is better, but this gets 5 stars from me. I hope you'll be writing many more chapters for this story. Maybe even a crossover with a story I've read? Past sins?

    103. I havta say I am digging this story a whole lot. I didn't read Of mares and magic although I wish I had now but I decied to read Nightmares Dont Last Forever. I my self was not very interested in it but I'm glad I did it b4 I read the 2nd chapter of your story it made the jokes funnier and I understood it better. One thing I do hatva say is you do a great job of showing how the world is to the reads that has not read the other stories :D. But I also like this story cuz it has made me step out of my comfort zone with fanfics and getting me to read ones I would probably never would have. One more thing please don't give up on this project it is great it's gotten me to laugh, its made me tear up, and it's made me go "what?!" also its super original never read a story where sweetie is the main character and going into other fanfics is so great it lets other writers stories get out there a little more. I really can't wait to see where this story goes which I hope is somewhere along the lines of Fallout Equestria seeing as you have already made it possible for sweetie belle to come into the future while she is dead also Past Sins. But that could be later and although I love FoE alot what I think would be an awesome world to go to is C.R.I.S.I.S Equestria I mean how cool would that be to have Sweetie from another universe pop into another universe where the mane six of an OTHER universe is at :D

    104. If you want world suggestions, mine is an actually plausible candidate, being home to the actual custodian of the multiverse. I've said it before, my username is MULTIVERSITY for a reason.

    105. Dude, you have CARDS LAFTER *squee* as a pre-reader?!? You are now 20% cooler. Period.

    106. Chapter three was a fine read. I think you did well in recapturing the essence of the original story; it evoked the same emotions from me. And now I can't wait for the next chapter.
      On a Cross and Arrow was a very enjoyable fic. I am anticipating some great comedy from this one.
      Keep up the great work, and take as long as you need to write it. I'll be waiting to read it :)
      Also I love how you included 'Wagon Wheel'. That's such an enjoyable song.

    107. Yet another amazing chapter! This was the first one that I had read the original before reading the chapter so I knew it would be sad.

      Might I suggest Fallout: Equestria for an upcoming chapter?

    108. I have some suggestion sweetie mansion


      and perhaps Story of the Blank.


    110. This was a good chapter. I'm really looking forward to the next one though, since it's a story I've actually read! On a Cross and Arrow is awesome!

    111. @WInter StormWell YEAH! Helps that I pre-read for HIM, so... XD It would be more fun if he were an editor like I, but we'll take what we can get!

    112. That was a brilliant chapter, and very emotionally moving. I eagerly look forward to the next crossover :D

    113. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
      ...ahem. Yes fine chapter.
      No I didn't cry but I did want to FREAKING HUG EVERYPONY ALL BETTER! GAH!

    114. So this story is REALLY great, but what I'm getting the fealing of is that it has a bit of Quantum Leap mixed in with it. Am I rightor wrong?

    115. Sweetie Belle Chronicles- Oh how you make me want to cry and want to fly. This is quite a wonderful story, thank you for writing it and I can not wait to see where else it goes!

    116. As I said while reading: THESE MANLY TEARS HAVE BEEN PASSED DOWN THE ARMSTRONG LINE FOR GENERATIONS!!! Also, so many twists dear Celestia so many twists. I definitely liked this chapter more than the last one (ch 2 just didn't click with me)

      Man this is creating such a backlog of fics I need to read. Buuuttt (evil smile) at least I already read the fic for the next chapter! ZEHAHA!! OH MAN that's gonna be crazy :D I've been waiting for this.

    117. Another fantastic entry, even though I didn't read the source fic. I saw this one -- just the title pic even -- in the updates and said "there goes my next hour and a half"

      And Cross and an Arrow next? Oh boy oh boy oh boy (pun intended)

    118. Frankly I'm not looking forward to Cross and an Arrow. Sure the gender switch world is a standard, but my problem with that world is that everyone's the same anyway.

    119. Wait. In a world where all ponies are all but gone? Hmmm..... Aha! PLEASE tell me it's The End of Ponies! Please! It can't be Fallout Equestria since there are still ponies right? It would be cool if Sweetie met Harmony and finds out she's Scootaloo, and she meets Spike too and they travel back through time together. :)

    120. A very emotional chapter. There were many sad and moving moments, but the ones that hit me the worst were the statue of Spike and the dream with Rarity near the grave of Sweetie, Twilight and Spike. Manly tears were shed.

      Speaking about the dream sequences... Are they glimpses into other realities or a product of Sweetie's exhaustion? Perhaps, a side effect of absorbing the crystal?

      What I find strange is that Twilight did not offer Sweetie an audience with Princesses. Yes, she gave an advice to try it in other timelines, but why not do it in the current world?

      I've read all fics you based for chapter one to three. Maybe I'll check Cross and an Arrow while you are writing the next chapter. And looking forward to It Takes a Village episode.

    121. This officially is the fanfic with the best cliffhangers, this one was great and I can't wait to read the next one to find out where you're taking Sweetie next.

    122. *pops into this comment section and blinks*

      heya everypony! I'll be back to read this story shortly, right now it seems if you cross 2 litters of pepsi and a pack of mentos weird stuff happens...

      *pops back out*

    123. @Stormcaller
      Si Fron: *Still attached to the rope attacthed to StormCaller* AIYYEEEEEEEEE- Oh look the Sweetie Belle Chronicles! I love the latest cha-*is taken away to the next comments board before he can finish*

    124. Dear Go--Celest--Sol--WHOEVER!!! This story is amazing! Write more, faster! I have to know what happens next!

    125. Just as I feared the chronic would be abonded, there came an update – and a realy nice one! :-)

    126. Can we invent seven star ratings or something. I mean DAMN.

      What I would like to impress to hopeful readers is that knowing the other fanfictions used in this crossover is not necessary in the least.

      The only thing you might want to consider is that it's probably going to take a lot more chapters, and this is one of the fictions so amazing that the thought of having to wait for their completion is physically painful; I don't even dare imagine that it won't be finished at all.

    127. SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILER (written after chapter 3)

      I have similar memories of "Of Mares and Magic" and "On a Cross and Arrow"; they're both stories that I followed from an early point all the way to their completion - and that ended up disappointing me in some way.

      In the case of "Of Mares and Magic", it was the minor fiasco of having Trixie do the exact opposite of the lessons in the last chapter that she was supposed to have learnt over the story. It turned out all right, and though I ended up giving a less-than-perfect rating, I would have to say overall that I have been less emotionally invested in other stories that got better ratings - so that might have been disingenous of me.

      Sweetie Belle Chronicles had "Of Mares and Magic" in mind from the beginning as the chapter to introduce Sweetie Belle to the rules behind her world switches, and I think it served well in that purpose in that it's a fairly canon-friendly fiction. Trixie's and Twilight's relationship is almost all that's different, but different enough to provide plenty of conflict! It was just about the perfect fit for Sweetie Belle to start her journey.

      Nightmares Don't Last Forever was also a good introductory world for Sweetie Belle in that, being very much canon-unfriendly, it thoroughly shattered the conventions of her previous worlds, while at the same time being fairly benevolent. OMG she's Nightmare Moon - yes, but she's good and everything's pranks and nopony is harmed. Sweetie Belle has now dealt with evil suddenly being good - it's not much, but it might in some small way prepare her for another dimension in which things she thought of, knew of as good suddenly turn out to be evil. That won't happen yet, and perhaps not yet for a while, but I'm certain it will. And it will be amazing, frightening and nail-biting.

      The Light Never Goes Out - I didn't recognize the title, but I did recognize the story (I've read a lot of fanfiction, somepony help me). And once again, it took Sweetie Belle for a hell of a ride. This time it's not an alternate universe - we're back in canon-friendly territory - except two hundred years later. Destroying another convention Sweetie Belle had relied on; that regardless of the world, a Scootaloo and an Apple Bloom would exist to be at her side. It was hard enough to deal with for her now, and it may be harder still if she goes to a world that doesn't have a Rarity or Twilight either, or anypony she knows. I am not as certain this will happen as the world in which someone who was good turns evil I mentioned above, but I wouldn't rule it out either.

      (I effin broke the character limit)

    128. (continuation, still a SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILER)

      Now for speculation on the fourth chapter, and back to what I implied about "On a Cross and Arrow". I enjoyed it greatly from the beginning well past halfway, but over time the rationalization behind Twilight's stubborn refusal to meet her counterpart and fix the plot, seemingly only so each of her friends could have their very own fateful and humorous meeting with their own counterpart, pretty much ruined it for me later. But will this be an issue here? It wasn't for the Of Mares and Magic chapter, since it didn't revisit the events of that story, and there's no reason for that to happen for this fourth chapter either. So I should be okay.

      Until now, I think the author of The Sweetie Chronicles has managed to harness the strengths of the universes visited quite flawlessly. Exactly what strengths are there in On a Cross and Arrow to exploit, I wonder? Once again, we're in a canon-friendly world; everything is as it should be except the opposite gender. With one exception: On a Cross and Arrow also introduced the possibility of travel between universes.

      Up until now, The Sweetie Chronicles implied a clear-cut progression: Sweetie Belle will keep jumping from fragment to fragment, until she has all of them, and then there'll be an absolutely epic finale and the end. But:

      - Things will keep happening in the original world. Dreadful things, if Applejack's dream is any indication.
      - Just what is in Sweetie Belle's original world body? Did we see Applejack dream of it, or was that a figment caused by her resentment towards Sweetie Belle, who she hadn't even met yet?
      - We just heard Sweetie Belle might not even be able to absorb all the fragments. But if that isn't the solution, what is? Where is the alternative?

      On a Cross and Arrow, with Eclipse's/Twilight's knowledge of dimension travel, might completely reshuffle the deck! If that's what this crossover is going to be utilized for - and by now I'm almost certain it has to be, since each world so far was almost definitely chosen for a reason - then it's the perfect choice, beyond simply providing comic relief after what was a completely heart-wrenching marvel of a chapter.

      Either way, it's going to be one hell of a ride. To take place months in the future, when chapter four is finally released. I'll live. But it will not be easy.

    129. It's funny how the original fic didn't make me cry but watching Sweetie and Rarity doing what they did and talking about certain topics really pulled my heartstrings. (I admit, I cried at some points, and the "last" scene actually made me cry tears of joy :D )

      It's like Wanderer has some sort of Super Speedy Fanfic Squeezer 6000 and uses the best and only the best of each world Sweetie visits to make this fantastic adventure.

      And about the chapter itself, I really like these little dream sequences about how "A" world seems to be doing without Sweetie, Twi and Spike, and there was also that really odd sequence with some sort of evil vampire Sweetie... I wonder if that's the same place with a messed up timeline or it happened in different locations (the idea of a Nega-Sweetie traveling from world to world has it's own charm I admit)... And of course, there is the fact that the fragments are a double edged sword (though we still don't know why)...

      So many interesting things to read and find out in future chapters... Can't wait to read more of this! :D

    130. @EonMaster Ideally less than 30 chapters. I have the main fics I want to use, but if more pop up that can be used to further the plot I might use them...

      @Echoed Wails Thanks! Hope you liked the new chapter!

      @Honkan There are a lot of other stories coming into this one! XD But for now, I'm concentrating on TER...

      @My Little Master Chief I haven't yet read C.R.I.S.I.S. which sucks because Ganon writes really good stories! Don't worry, I plan on writing this for a while.

      @Multiversity Where can I locate your story? I can't promise I'll use it, but I can certainly read it!

      @WInter Storm I have the most awesome pre-readers and editors for both my stories! I constantly increase my coolness by being in their proximity.

      @SilentBelle Thanks! Keeping the feel ans essence of the original stories I use is one of the most important factors for this story!

      ^_^ And yes, Wagon Wheel is awesome!

      @Arcane Scroll XD glad you liked it! As for FoE... hmm...

      @Sai I'll take a look! Story of the Blanks has been suggested before, but I'm not sure if I'll incorporate it...

      @NejinOniwa Huzzah!

      @CTOONfan1 It is! I hope you'll like it!

      @Magical Trevor Like I said, I have the best team.

      @Avi Yay! Glad you enjoyed it!

      @DPV111 As long as I got a reaction! XD

      @HALOGUNNYSGT It does, a bit, but the rules are different!

    131. (Continued)

      @ChiTekkaIt's my pleasure! I love writing this story! It never gets old!

      @FMP Yay for the Arsmtrong line!

      @Melodia ^_^ Well, I'm glad to know that the hour and a half were enjoyable!

      @David Johnston There is a bit of that, but a lot of the story-telling is in the approach!

      @RePoisn That *is* a very good fic, isn't it?

      @Shantara Well, the time in between chapters is usually well served by reading the fics! XD

      And don't worry, Sweetie will meet one of the Princesses soon.

      @Stryke ^_^ Thank you!

      @Stormcaller Yes... yes it does.

      @GodBlogger247 Remember to write!

      @dabpunkt I might take some time, but I don't abandon my pony fics! XD

      @Silfir I think five will remain the limit, but the sentiment is appreciated! XD

      And... wow, what an analysis! I feel odd actually replying with anything less than a few hundred words of my own! But to answer one of your points... yes, time keeps going in the other worlds, so she won't come back to any of them the exact moment she left...

      And sorry about the wait... but once TER is done it should be less time!

      @gato Well, ^_^ thanks, I say! However I'd like to relate my efforts more to the Apple Family's careful, caring and personalized approach to the final product! XD I'm trying for as much quality as I can!

    132. Interdeminsional travle? You have to include Deadpool from marvel even if it's just a camio. Please please pleaaaaaaase? Also a more normal reality to try might be one I read in a fic where Wheatly and Space Core and later Adventure Core crashed from space to the moon with nightmare moon and became fiends with Luna after her baneshment ended too. It was a happy fic.

    133. Uh Wheatly and Rick the Adventure Core and the Space Core are characters from Portal 2 just in case you didn't know.

    134. This is an amazing story. It kind of reminds me of Kamen Rider Decade with the whole world traveling concept.

    135. ErisXDusk OTP

      Also when do you think well see the real chapter?

    136. Man this sucks. This really is the fic I've been hoping to see most in an update....and this happens. And amusing diversion to be sure, but hopefully the real new chapter is soon to arrive.

    137. Ok, you got me -- I was honestly thinking that you planed just to handle some crazy crossovers to get rid of them (and to teach Sweetie not use inter-dimensional-magic, but you wait until the "jump" happens).
      I hope we can read the "real" chapter 4 soon, nice work nevertheless :-).

    138. @Federhengst
      "but you wait" -> "but TO wait", sorry.

    139. Well, that was rather amusing, though, as it's already been said, I do look forward to a full chapter. Chapter three was so well written that when I saw it update today I had great expectations. Although I know that this is an April fools update and I enjoyed it, it just wasn't what I expected.

      Back to patiently waiting for the next chapter while I write my own fan fiction.

    140. Sweetie needs to go to the friendship is witchcraft universe and meet sweetie bot

    141. @Wanderer D The name of the fic is New Neighbors. I don't expect you to use the story, but this one character--whose job is maintaining the multiverse--would make a decent antagonist. He wouldn't approve of this dimension-hopping, and I think you could work well with him.

    142. Code: Darn it! ANOTHER April Fools' version of an update.
      One day I'm going to find the guy that invented the stupid holiday, use necromancy to revitalize him and then b*uy som apples*-slap him so hard, he'll think he got hit by 12 psi.

    143. A delightful little April Foals romp. Looking forward to the next update.

      > Sweetie blinked. “I swear Twilight gets in the weirdest relationships…”

      Quoted for Truth!

    144. I breathed a sigh of relief when it was Puppysmiles who Sweetie will be with, because that FO:E tale will a little easier on Sweetie than the original, and I shudder to think what would happen to her if she went into Project Horizens

    145. Sweet Celestia, She's in the wasteland... With Puppy... THIS CAN ONLY MEAN GOOD THINGS.

    146. This fic makes me feel like Rarity feels after a day at the spa.



      Admittedly I have little knowledge of the FO:E universe, but I do know some. While It would have been interesting for Sweetie to meet her ancestor in Pip's party, and that group of gals seems fine, Blackjack does NOT seem like she would be a good influence on Sweetie.
      But if the relationship with Puppysmiles develops how I think it's being set up...

    147. @DPV111

      Strangely... now that I check, the only mention of Pink Eyes in the thread is one of my older posts.

    148. Yet another utterly gripping chapter that prooves the reason this is the fic I keep hoping to see in fic updates...

      ...but a FO:E fic next? Oy. I hope it won't be TOO confusing for those of us who've never read it...

    149. Sweepy got friendzoned hard, well... brotherzoned. And they would have made such a cute couple! :P

      Also oh god Pink Eyes! This cannot be good for Sweetie's psyche.

    150. I guess it's not too bad to have a more light-hearted and less dramatic chapter after the tearjerker extravaganza of chapter three.

      I have to confess: I found myself waiting, as I read the delightful silliness unfolding, for the heavy stuff. Much of what went on seemed fairly inconsequential. I don't really buy that Sugar and Spice needed to be there, and the "falling in love with your counterpart" plot - I've kind of read plenty of that in On a Cross and Arrow itself.

      Which might be the main issue that made it hard for the story to really catch me in its grasp. I've read On a Cross and Arrow; it was about the mane cast ending up in a different dimension where they meet their counterparts. This chapter was about Sweetie Belle ending up in a different dimension where she meets her counterpart and that of her friends. It's a very similar premise, is what I'm saying, and I feel On a Cross and Arrow has pretty much exhausted it. And as such the chapter got most interesting when it was about the overarching mystery of Sweetie Chronicles; such as the Rarity scenes and characters realizing how much Sweetie has changed, and in which ways, and what that means for the mystery.

      I was disappointed that Zircon's speech wasn't changed from Zecora's to provide for a rhyme in the first verse: "Follow me and very soon you'll hear the tale of Anarchy Apollo". Zircon wouldn't mess that up; he's not reading from the Luna Eclipsed script! "Follow me quick and I will show / to you the tale of Nightmare Apollo"? It's not an impossible task, is what I'm saying.

      Of course, the main trouble is having the three syllables of Nightmare Moon be replaced by the six-syllable-monstrosity Anarchy Apollo. ("Anarchy" not having anything to do with "nightmare" and Apollo being, in Greek mythology, the god of the light and the SUN!) I don't remember if the name was established in On a Cross and Arrow, and of course you've consulted closely with Conner himself - but if you're (that's both of you) not going to change Zircon's rhyming to accomodate for a new name, just calling the male version of Nightmare Moon ALSO Nightmare Moon seems completely acceptable. I mean, Celestia and Luna do sound like female names and warrant changing, but Nightmare Moon seems gender-neutral to me.

      I also should point out that the prank was glorious. It was an enjoyable chapter, all things considered. It just didn't blow me out of my shoes the way I was after reading the others.

      Speculation! A big one: It seems almost as if Sweetie Belle got bits of Twilight lodged in her brain, helping transforming her into the pocket egghead and potent magician she is now. Might be trouble unraveling that mess! Naturally I'd quite like to know what Dusk was trying to talk about, but I'll be fine finding out at Sweetie's pace.

      I've actually proofread for the first two chapters of Pink Eyes. It's a small world of fanfiction!

    151. Can someone for the love of god point me to the link of the fic where Twilight and her friends gets transported to the dimension of Dusk and his friends? That must be on heck of a funny fic to read. XDDD

      Also Sweetie´s puppy crush on Dusk, her male mentor counterpart, was so cute~ <3

      Wait, i remember this... FO:E? A side-fic, right? Oh boy, this fandom does way too many awesome fics everyday.

      Why can´t i hold/read all the fics??? ;A;

    152. @FredFredNineNine

      Haha, that would have been a bit of a tonal shift following the lighthearted chapter 4. I'm almost curious what the worst fic to dump her in would be. Chapter 33 of PH definitely leapt to mind. I love Fallout Equestria and all of its side stories, but going with anything other than Pink Eyes could have been a disaster.

    153. I like this fic for the most part, but I wonder why you just suddently changed the established rules. It used to be that Sweetie Bell traveled between worlds by jumping into the body of the Sweetie Bell of that world. Now I never read the fic that the world of the immortal Element bearers was based on, but I kind of got the feeling that something happened to the Sweetie Bell of that world that would let there be an adult Sweetie Bell body for her to jump into despite 200 years passing. But on Cross and Arrow world she jumped in BESIDE her counterpart rather than INTO her counterpart. Now she has traveled to FO:E world, where Sweetie Bell has been definaly dead for centuries.

    154. @Sigma Silver In chapter 3, her counterpart had also been dead for centuries.

    155. @Sigma Silver
      I guess she jumped into her counterpart: Sweetie Bell of the "dimension" that visited Dusk and Co before – we only didn't see that, because we looked only at Dusk's "dimension", not into Twilight's "dimension".

      I for myself enjoyed the chapter ­– it was worth the long waiting and the reading until 4 o'clock in the morning :-). I hope to read the next chapter in 2 months.

    156. Part 4 has probably been one of the best ones if not the best one yet loved the hell out of it and I loved the reference to the On a Whisper of Wind chapter 2 all of it was so good :D. Also I fallow the fallout stuff on dA and I saw this story pop up and I was like omg she is going to Fo:E and then i was confused cuz it was a link to part 4 and then I wasnt sure then I got to the ending of this chapter and exploded. I'm super excited for this next one and thanks for making my mind for me on which Fo:E side fix I should read I've haven't ever got around to Porject Horizens or Pink Eyes yet but now I know which one ima start :D

    157. I just finished the reading of Pink Eyes few days ago – you can post the next chapter now ;-).

    158. Just a head's up for those who don't know.
      D is now on hiatus for personal reasons.
      You can read more on his FiMFiction blog.

    159. Updating on DPV's statement, he is no longer on hiatus, and as well as that, he's said that he plans on getting the next chapter to his editors by September 20th

    160. Yes! Best Night Ever is one of
      My favorite fics! I can't wait for the next chapter.

    161. Yes! Best Night Ever is one of
      My favorite fics! I can't wait for the next chapter.

    162. THAT WAS AWESOME! I miss the orig Pink Eyes. The ending was so sad and happy, and you got the style of the story really nicely.

      And... YES!!! BEST NIGHT EVER! That was one of the first fics I've read and it was absolutely fantastic. It really made me like Blueblood a whole lot better. Next chpt. will be interesting. :)

    163. If you are looking for another universe: "The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon" by Aegis Shield was just finished. I guess a universe with no Luna and no Maine Six, but a Nightmare Moon and a still-beeing-the-princess-pupil Twilight could be interesting.