• Leathercraft Pony!

    I think we have seen ponies created out of just about every form of media now.

    And a quote from the artist on how it was built!
    "Leathercraft Pony is made from suede, so she has a nice cuddly texture. She is sewn together with a baseball stitch except for her feet, which use a more traditional leathercraft stitch. (I can't sew regular fabric to save my life)

    Her mane/tail is wool felting yarn, aka 'pencil yarn' which I needle-felted. It turned out pretty decent. Especially considering I taught myself how to do it 2 days ago. -_-' Still, I might use raw wool roving and revisit her mane sometime in the future."
    This is really impressive! You guys continue to amaze me.

    You can find the thread below on Ponychan!

    Leathercraft Pony

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