• Baked Bads Recipe, Step-by-Step Images!

    Ever wonder what baked bads actually taste like?  Well now YOU can craft your very own death muffins!  Below, you will find a recipe, and after the break, the step-by-step rundown in image form from ingredients to full fledged Baked Bads!

    Yield: 2 dozen*

    2 eggs
    1 cup sugar
    1 large bag potato chips (crushed)
    1 small bag gummy worms
    1 cup lemon juice
    20 oz. Cola
    1 tsp baking soda
    ~2 1/2 cups flour

    Preheat oven to 275
    Beat the eggs and sugar together in large mixing bowl
    slowly add crushed chips, mix well
    add lemon juice and soda, if using electric mixer, be careful. the Cola fizzes quite a bit.
    add baking soda and about 2 cups flour, adjust more or less for desired thickness
    mix gummy worms in just before distributing into muffin pans
    The batter should be thick enough to stay in a spoon but no thicker. 
    When placing into cups, make sure there are no more than 1 full gummy worm per muffin. Anymore and it becomes a sticky nightmare.
    Bake at 275 degrees until a toothpick comes out of the muffin clean and enjoy :)

    *the only reason I made so many was for trial and error. I only included pictures of the second batch because the first were terrible.
    Images after the break! 



    1. I've seen this before on /ck/. I was actually surprised this didn't show up sooner.

    2. @Anonymous

      visit /ck/ for pony? I'm not celestia here!

    3. I'd like some more specifics. How large is a large bag? Roughly how long until I should I start expecting to see the toothpick come out? Still, I'm going to have to try this.

    4. @Bobcat

      Despite cooking not being my thing, I can honestly tell you what he means with the toothpick. When you think the cupcakes are ready, open the oven and poke a toothpick into the center of one or two of them. If the toothpick has no mix stuck to it when you pull it out a moment later, then the cupcakes are ready.

      As for 'large' bags of crisps. I think that's more to your discretion. I'd say a bag of crisps meant for sharing (like a bag for parties) would suffice.

    5. Oh, hey! Now I can poison my friends and myself . . . with something nonalcoholic.

    6. I keep saying I'm going to make some..

      I'm going to assume with the volume of flour used, its a 10.5oz bag of standard unflavored Lay's-style chips crushed pretty fine. Muffin recipes for 2 dozen utilize 3~ cups of flour, so the chips replace the missing volume..

      Small bag of gummy worms I'm going to assume the .5-1oz .99 bags of gummy worms from the candy aisle or a convenience store. You only need 1 per muffin, according to this. Personally, I'll try adding the gummy worm in after the batter is distributed.

      Timing for a recipe like this is 20-25 minutes.

      For Science!

    7. So are these things actually edible? I'm kind of hoping they're one of those "looks and sounds gross but is surprisingly okay" sort of things, but I'm willing to accept the possibility that they're just disgusting...

    8. i've bookmarked this page
      i so have to try this

    9. I think everyone will appreciate the first person to make these and post about how they actually taste.

      I'm not going to be that person, though. :\ Don't think I'll ever get to try these. Our shopping list contents are pretty much non-negotiable.

    10. This is AMAZING!
      If I wasnt living in the basement and using my family's food, I would do this...
      but who's to stop me? I could make a tiny batch.

    11. Anyone ever eat a banana and cheese sandwich?

      Or the odd peanut butter, turkey and ketchup?

      I've had a banana, turkey, cheese and blackberry preservatives with mustard sandwhich.

      I'm pretty sure the taste of actual baked bads can't be that bad. If you leave out the actual live worms.

      We should probably have a post devoted to sandwhich idea's for each of the characters, of course the governing rule would be no luncheon meat.

      I've had a lettuce, ranch dressing, pineapple chunks and orange slices sandwich before, so it's possible. Of course it might not be to some peoples taste.

      If anyone is wondering I've finally figured out why there would be pigs in ponyville as farm animals. Fertilizer. Don't think to hard on that as pigs will eat almost anything and turn it into plant food.

    12. Wheat worm? Oh! That must be fancy-talk for gummy worms!

    13. add five grams of cocaine to activate pinkie mode.


    14. @Anonymous

      Um... No, I've never had those sandwiches you described.

      But I HAVE put A1 steak sauce on cake, and mixed Dr. Pepper with hot sauce.

      (The first was delicious, the second just gave me a stomachache.)

      As for making sandwiches based on each pony, I don't think I could handle it not having meat. D: Even my desserts need a dash of bacon or salami.

    15. Gentlemen,

      I would like to point out that this appears to be another brony attempting to make baked bads.
      While this is funny, it's worth noting that /ck/ has actually fixed the baked bads recipe in a very comical thread.

      Luckily for you all it was archived.


      Everypony should see this.

    16. @Anonymous

      Anon, did you notice that there are no toilets in Equestria?

    17. Use real earth worms guys.

    18. @Anonymous

      Yeah, but Spike could always ask Twilight to make an outhouse, so it's no problem.

    19. @Anonymous
      I laughed at that.
      Honestly now. You've had no idea how ballistic I went when I saw that the ingredients actually held together.

      And this there was this post



      What's going on here?


      What the fuck?


      I'll admit I know not what that is.

      >gummy worms

      Nigger, what are you doing?

      >baked muffins


      I laughed so hard I actually started coughing.

    20. I recommend doubling the batch, mainly to just say...

      "When I was a colt, I baked four dozen Bads ev'ry morning to help me get large! And now that I'm grown I eat five dozen Bads since I'm roughly the size of a barn!"


    21. If I wasnt so lazy, i would totally make these...

      On the other hand, I have a lot of papers to do in the next weeks... the procrastination-urge could be enough to motivate me baking them :D

    22. I always thot it was funny how AJ retched at the idea of "wheatworms", but good ol' earthworms in muffins were jes' fine an' dandy.

    23. For a fun pony party game, slip a real earthworm into one of the muffins. Whoever gets the real one wins!

    24. For the curious, you should probably use about 1 teaspoon of baking soda. I'll probably make these this weekend and report back on the tastiness factor - or lack thereof.

    25. These actually don't taste too bad. P:
      The texture's pretty neat.

    26. Easier with a blender. I couldn't get the hand mixer to break up the chips enough.

      (Ya, the original post was from me.)
      It infected /ck pretty quickly. Cool that the /ck thread got archived.

      Check the image at the end of the /ck thread for final ck-tweaked version of the recipe I used.

    27. Isn't it cheating to use flour and baking soda? The whole point of the gag was Applejack using lemon juice and soda *instead* of flour and baking soda. (It makes me wonder if you can cheat in a different way, by running the soda through a seltzer maker to supersaturate it with CO2. Or what if you pumped the dough itself out of a seltzer maker? It's been done with fish and chips batter.)

    28. >Isn't it cheating to use flour and baking soda?

      Eyup. And to use gummi worms instead of real worms. :D

      I didn't cheat on the first run through... wanted to see how it came out. Surprisingly, not too bad. Images show -exactly- what went in, and how it came out.

      As for less cheat-y methods of cheating: Somebody on /ck suggested using pringles instead of regular chips. They've probably got some kind of binding agent.

    29. I need to try to make these.

      I think I have everything but the soda and gummy worms. (Well I have soda, but not coke-ish soda. Just Mountain Dew)

    30. I think they also failed to put a bit of green food color in them. Weren't they slightly green? Or grayish? We need that delicious color to really add that extra something special. :D

    31. Bachspeare ManihooveskeyApril 12, 2011 at 1:25 PM

      I totally know the bronies that submitted this, and I had one of the completed bads today.

      I must say, they're not actually terrible. They taste pretty decent, especially when you get a good chunk of gummy worm.

      Would I eat another? Hell naw.

    32. @Savrin

      *brohoof* Ambush Rekkie and Fuzz with them, man. Shiva would probably laugh and have one for the hell of it.

    33. Between these and the pony drinks, I think this calls for - A PARTY!

    34. you should have used real worms ;)

    35. Do you have a high altitude recipe?

    36. /ck recipe was done at ~6000ft.

    37. @Anonymous
      We've never seen a bathroom. For all we know, they could have normal toilets. They have normal chairs, so why not?

    38. >Somebody on /ck suggested using pringles instead of regular chips. They've probably got some kind of binding agent.

      Could be because pringles are wheat and potato based, and not just potato, so they probably make for a better flour substitute

    39. Mmm, scrump.
      God, this post looks similar to one I just added to my own blog the other day to help my classmates learn how to decorate some Easter/spring-themed cupcakes as the demonstration in a TV Studio class project I have to direct......o.O What're the odds?

      Maybe I should have them make baked bads instead.

      Actually, I unintentionally baked some very bads last fall...I tried to follow my Yankee Candle cookbook's recipe to a T, but my extremely tasty-looking cranberry orange muffins came out atrociously. Saltiest, nastiest things I've ever had. x_x But they looked so deceptively amazing, somehow...well, they made for a perfect trick to pull, anyhow. D;

    40. Yes. I will make these for my friends and laugh.
      Laugh Hard.

    41. Making these for a party <3

    42. Dude, im making these as we speak. :I i'll return with results. HAZAR.

    43. 11 days have passed, and the reported anon who made them never returned.

      RIP, my little brony.

    44. Poor Nonny. I shall take up your mantle, brother!

      Anyway, I'm heading to the grocery today. I'll make these terrifying Monstrosities for the "Bitch please, it's my anniversary and my husband is in the middle east, so we'll watch MLP:FiM if I damn well say so" party on Saturday. Results by Sunday, scout's honor.

    45. <.< So, my dear friend assured me that she "had chips and flour and stuff" at home. She lied. Oh how she liiiied. In the name of science, we tried this using sour cream and onion chips and self rising flour. It tasted like the unholy love child of chicken pot pie and gummy worms, only instead of gravy, Pepsi.

      Will report back when appropriate style of chips is obtained.

    46. Culinary ineptitude notwithstanding, I made an attempt at some baked bads. It did not work out well.

      You can read about it here:

    47. does this taste any good?

    48. @Anonymous

      No. No, they do not. Trust me on this.

    49. @ Moabite- your experience was hilarious, thanks for sharing! I can't believe people actually made these <3

    50. me and a friend just made some they are pretty good

    51. So has anyone actually tried theses and knows what they taste like?

    52. I realize this post is ancient, but for the benefit of anyone who looks this recipe up, I'm making a batch right now. Batter actually tastes kinda good, a little orangey. Will post verdict.


      Okay, so my entire house smells like molten gummy worms now. I substituted baking powder for the baking soda to make them a little fluffy, but it didn't seem to do much. They look almost exactly like the pix in the post.

      Cooled down now. I feel like I'm going to get diabetes just picking these up. Moment of truth...

      Not bad! A little dry, you'll want to drink plenty of water with these. But I must say I'm pleasantly surprised with the outcome. They came out a bit like gooey, super sweet scones, for lack of a better description. I don't think I'd want to eat more than one at a time -- they're a little heavy and maybe a little too sweet (as Moabite suggested in his awesome attempt, they probably could power a moon rocket) -- but I count this experiment a success. In the future, probably double the baking powder and maybe a little less sugar. Also maybe up the temperature to 300 or 325.

    53. In the first picture it looks like there's brown sugar in the mix, but I didn't see it in the final recipe. I didn't know if this was due to the trial and error, or if it got left out of the recipe. Thanks.

    54. i gave one of these to my friend i put an worm in it after he took a bite i told him the were baked bads and i followed the recipe perfectly he just smiled and the his ees grew wide and he pit it out furiously it was the best birthday ever.