• Equestria Daily FAQ

    The Beta FAQ Can be found after the break! Please leave feedback in comments with things you would like to see added!

     Blog Information 

    What is Equestria Daily?
    Technically It's a blog, but it sort of evolved into a community highlight site where interesting content is posted up.  I have been a huge fan of websites like Joystiq and Kotaku for years now, and always wanted to either join one or run one myself, so here it is! 
    Why My Little Pony?
    For those that have not been exposed to the pony craze yet, this site probably appears pretty...strange.  The show was produced by Lauren Faust, who worked on both Powerpuff Girls and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.  It brings a ton of the old cartoon charm that newer stuff just doesn't have anymore.  Add amazing animation and cute-overload ponies, and you get this phenomenon.
    How is Content Selected? 
    This community is HUGE, and growing every single day.  Most of it ends up in my Email, though I still dig through a list of ~10 websites for news.  Different categories are treated a bit differently.  The massive amount of fanfiction has spawned a group of pre-readers that dig through a good amount of it for me.  They are primarily authors who have had successful stories posted here in the past.  I'm pretty lenient on everything else.  Most of the rules can be found here.
    How Often do You Update?
    Usually I try to set things apart by 1 hour.  Between those hours I might do an "update" post, where I take an existing post and add something to it, be it a fanfiction with a new chapter or a series of videos with a new episode.  If the update queue gets really high, I usually dump a few at a time.  Updated content has already had it's time in the limelight, so I'm less worried about dropping it down. 
    Where can I find content?
    On the top of the page, you can filter the primary news area by different, broad, sections. If you need something more specific,  there is a box labeled "Categories" on the left side bar. Everything on the site is given labels when first posted.  I try to keep the amount of labels to a minimum for cleanliness sake, but you can still find a bunch of different ones in there.  For example: Media is split into 3 sections- Game/Video/Music.  If you want just music, use the category box and select "Music".  If you want everything, just click the Media button.  The google search bar can also pinpoint specific titles pretty efficiently.
    Why didn't my comment post?
    Google has a robust spam filter built in that sometimes hits the wrong target.  It doesn't happen often compared to how many comments are actually posted, but it can be pretty frustrating.  Generally it targets things with links, or anonymous people.  If you wrote an epic comment and want me to dig it out of the spam folder, feel free to email me!
    What are Popular Posts?
    These are based purely off pageviews, and can be a bit inaccurate.  I added it recently, and might remove it since 80% of it is drawfriend stuff :p
    How can I help?
    Since this is a blog, and I have OCD, I  manage all the tedious tasks of sorting and organizing on my own.  This doesn't leave a whole lot of time for me to really dig through the internet anymore for pony news, unlike the old days where I'd post maybe 5 things a day If I was lucky.  
    The best assistance you can offer me is emailing cool stuff to [email protected]. I don't mind when 10 people send me the same thing all at once, news is news!  It might take me a while to respond, but I try to give everyone some feedback even if its a simple "added it!".
    How do I create an Account?
    The Site is hosted by Blogger.com, which is owned by Google.  Your Google account works, or you can create a specific Blogger account.  There is also a drop-down in the comments section that lets you log in with around 6 other different accounts from around the internet.
    Why Blogger?
    Blogger is owned by Google, and I like Google.  Everything is neatly integrated with everything else I do, making things that would normally require a mountain of HTML ridiculously easy.  Though Blogger does have a lot of annoying little bugs... Especially with Firefox.
    Who works on the website? 
     Currently we have:
    •  One Admin
    •  Two Blog Authors
    •  One Interviewer/Youtube Organizer 
    •   ~20 Pre-readers for Fanfiction review
    You can find the character page here!

    Fanfic Information

    Why so much Fanfiction? 
    Unfortunately, we only get 22 minutes of pony a week... so actual official content can be pretty slim.  I'm sure most of us didn't think we would be here reading fanfiction about My Little Pony a few years ago, but it has become an integral part of the community, even if the majority of it is just "What can we ship Rainbow Dash with"?
    What are Star Ratings?
    Every single post on the site can be rated with the star rating system, but for the most part it is really only important for fanfiction (for now).  Right above the comments area you can find the stars. If you hover over them, you can see what something is rated by decimal point.  I tend to round up (3.5 goes to 4, 4.5 goes to 5) 
    When a story is first posted, it has the Star-Needed tag until receives 10 votes and falls from the side bar into the Story Archive.  At this point I assign it a star rating, and sort it into whatever category it fits into.  You can search specifically for certain star ratings by using the categories box and selecting "Star 5/4/3"
    Like every single voting system on the internet, it can be a bit flawed at times, but it does what it needs to do.
    Why aren't author tags assigned anymore? 
    Author Tags were "kind of" put to rest when I started adding the Author: G&PT to each story post. The category box was getting cluttered.  I keep the old author tags in there, but I don't really assign new ones.
    I want to Write a Spinoff Story, do I need permission from the Author?
    Yes, you will have to track them down and ask them.
    What are Pre-Readers?
    I have a group of 18 authors that I email stories to for pre-analysis.  I collect their opinions and either send them back to the author with feedback on what needs to be fixed, or post the story if they approve it.  Having me be the pass or fail for everything is unfair, so I don't personally turn down anything until it has been thrown to them. Obviously my likes may differ from somepony else.  This system continues to expand and change over time, with the main goal always being to improve the content on the site.  So far it has done this admirably.
    Have a Pre-reader Writeup Letter Thing
    The Group is always open for new people, though I usually require at least a few successful story uploads on the site before I add you to the list. Closed for now!
    How Long Do Pre-Readers Usually Take?
     Responses tend to pop up anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of days. The pre-readers are doing this for free, to improve fanfiction for everyone.  Give them some time. You can help the process by following the guidelines here. Stories fully edited and quadruple checked will always slip right through and be posted. 
    I then forward whatever they said to the author (to keep it anon, so they can speak their mind, though they are free to contact the author if they really want). Once it is approved, I schedule it for some time that day.  If for some reason you don't see a response, feel free to yell at me in email. 
    What is a Clopfic and why aren't they allowed?
    "Clopfic" is the pony term for "Fapfic", or Porn.  Not everyone here wants to "clop" to ponies, and having it on a site they would probably be a negative! Check out FiMchan if you want that stuff!

    Personal Information

    How do you spend so much time with a pony website? 
    It may sound strange, but I like to equate myself with pre-friendship Twilight Sparkle.  I wouldn't consider myself socially awkward, but I have never really enjoyed going out and doing what everyone else does.  I'd much rather be here on my computer building things and learning than off partying or drinking.  I'm in college, but the economy kind of stifled my funds a bit. 
    Why is The Great and Powerful Trixie EVERYWHERE?
    Trixie is sort of the unofficial mascot for news/archive posts...Why? Because she is The Great and Powerful Trixie.


    Story Categories

    Normal: Stories that are just about daily life in Equestria, or simply involving ponies
    Shipping: Stories that involve romantic relationships between one or more Ponies.
    Grimdark: Stories that involve death, famine, plagues, twilight going on rampages murdering all her friends, ect. 
    Random: Weird, Random, funny stories that are not meant to be taken seriously.
    Crossover: Stories that involve characters outside of the pony world. 
    Sad: Anything that makes any attempt at evoking tears! So..Sad stuff.
    Sci-Fi: Spaaaaace, or just general technological/future stuff. 
    Adventure:  Longer stories covering vast expanses of the world usually grab this tag. 

    Fan Characters

    Derpy/Ditzy/Bubbly Hooves: Derpy is a background pony that appeared in the first episode with googly eyes.  Bronies everywhere freaked out and started creating crazy amounts of content for our new her.  The first 14 episodes were already completed before the show even aired with a completely normal Derpy, but out of nowhere in episode 15 the true, googly eyed Derpy returned! Amazingly enough, the show animators listened to their very..strange new demographic, and almost every episode since then has had a googly eye Derpy somewhere in the background.

    Lyra/BonBon: Lyra is a unicorn background pony (Who can remove her horn at will apparently..) who, unlike normal background ponies, actually looked...cool.  Her animations were unique, and most of the time she could be seen "bouncing" or sitting in very awkward positions that make absolutely no sense for equine anatomy.  Her name was derived from her cutie mark, which is an instrument known as a Lyre.

    Bonbon is the other pony pictured in the screencap above.  These 2 were pretty much always together in the first few episodes, becoming sort of the fan-made lesbian couple of the show.  A Good amount of shipping fanfics reference them.  Unfortunately they seem to have broken off their relationship in recent episodes.

    Dr. Whooves/Dr. Whoof: Another background-pony-gone-famous.  His hourglass cutie mark sparked an immediate following, and WAY TOO MANY fanfics based all around time travel and various other Doctor Who ideals.  At one point he even passed Derpy Hooves up in fanfics, but the craze seems to have died down a bit. 

    Steven Magnet:  Steven's first (and so far only) appearance was in the second episode of the first season, where Rarity hacks off her tail to fix his mustache.  The show never gives him a real name,  but YouTube's automatic closed captioning assigned this one and everyone ran with it.  He is referenced in a number of fanfics, but usually only as a passing mention.

    Everything Else
    Brony Dictionary

    /co/:  A board on 4chan where most of this stuff began
    Drawfriend: This was originally used to describe people on 4chan that do requests in thread, but I just assign it to all artists now.
    The Great and Powerful Trixie: The Great and Powerful Trixie
    Brony: A Term for everyone that jumped on the bandwagon with Friendship is Magic
    Mane Cast: The main cast of the show, ponyized.
    Ponymv: FMV/AMV/video with ponies.