• Flash Game Story Contest

    Remember that Tech Demo I posted a few days ago?  Well the creators over at the Derpy Hooves site are looking for help with the storyline!  This one has a lot of potential so don't be shy! I know we have a ton of authors here. 

    If you are interested, check out the information after the page break (copypasted for my convenience!)

    [MLP:FiM Flash Game Story Contest]

    Fillies and Gentleponies,

    The development team of MLP:FiM The Flash Game is holding a story contest for their game.  The main goal is for some pony to create an interesting storyline that will fuel the actual game, it needs to be detailed and long enough so the game can be built upon it.

    [ The Game ]

    MLP:FiM The Flash Game is a platformer style game.  It will have large multiple levels with mini bosses and of course at the end, the final boss.  Think Megaman or Sonic the Hedgehog style games.  The game will feature unlockable characters which will be used to access areas in levels that you could not access before to advance in levels.  Each character will be unlocked after defeating one of the mini bosses.  So its a cross between adventure and puzzle solving.

    [ Rules ]

    1.  No Grimdark.
    2.  No Shipping.
    3.  Primary gameplay must focus around the main ponies, not including Trixie, BonBon, Lyra, Spike, etc.
    4.  It must remain completely in line with what you could imagine actually happening in the show.
    5.  Stories are not to be posted anywhere.

    The reason we do not want the stories to be posted anywhere is so the mystery of the game is kept a secret to the general public.  Otherwise if you know the story beforehand, its not as fun.  Stories will be judged by the development team and the author will be kept unknown to them until a winner is elected.

    All Submissions are due May 15st, @ 11:59pm EST.

    E-Mail your story to [email protected]
    Subject:  MLPFiM Flash Game Story Contest
    Development Site: http://www.derpyhooves.com/mlpflash/