• Story: Twilight's Best Friend (Update Part 4!)

    [Normal] Hasbro recolors Twilight Sparkle, for a copy-paste toy... Broneis write fanfiction about it.   This community rocks.  Anyway Dewdrop Dazzle below!

    Author: Blueshift
    Description: Based on the lazy Hasbro recolour of Twilight Sparkle. One dark and stormy night, Twilight Sparkle is visited by a strange pony. But this pony knows a lot about Twilight Sparkle; in fact, she might just be Twilight's number one fan. And that couldn't be a bad thing, right?
    Twilight's Best Friend
    Twilight's Best Friend Part 2 
    Twilight's Best Friend Part 3
    Twilight's Best Friend Part 4 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Comedy, Twilight Breakdown, obsessiveness

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