• MLP Showing Up at the New York Toy Faire.

    I haven't actually ever heard about the New York Toy fair before now.  These ponies have expanded my knowledge of everything!

    Lets hope this means even more accurate molded ponies, though I don't think I really need any more with this massive pile of mcdonalds toys/4set building up on my computer desk. But if they drop a good Luna and Rainbow Dash without only 3 colors I'm afraid I won't be able to resist!

    The Event happens on the 12th according to the calendar on the main toy fair website thing, and goes on for 5 days.  You can find the calendar and list of events here...

    Toy Fair Calendar

    You can also find the MLP Facebook below.  I don't know if they will update it with new toys at the fair, but there is always a possibility!

    MLP Facebook

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