• 100,000 hits!

    Someone capped the 100,000 get(I know, wrong context, don't kill me), and emailed it to me.  The Image was a little blurry though, so I dug something out of one of the 1080p episodes.

    That's a lot of hits for a pony blog!  It's almost scary how many bronies there are now.  Last week I was getting around 6000 a day, then it broke out of /co/ and I hit 16,000.  That is nuts! It's sitting around 10,000 now.

    I grabbed a tripcode, "Twilight's Horadric Cube." So you guys can yell at me or whatever on /co/ now.  I honestly don't even remember what the horadric cube does, I played diablo way too long ago for my terrible memory. 

    Anyway, story archive is pretty much done. There are some bugs still, but that is the fate of using something other than my own ground up coding for a website.  I want to add something way more efficient in the future than some ghetto text thing from the 1990's, but I am limited ;/  Sorry about the rainbow of colors over there, I am not sure how else to really seperate things cleanly.  I guess it hurts some of your eyes.  Would it help if I made all of the actual stories bold? I notice they are a little bit hard to see in comparison to the bold markers.  

    Anyway off to dig through archives for today's news day!  I saw a valentines day event thing when I was half asleep browsing it on my phone earlier, which sounds like fun. I'll create a post about that.  I also saw a ton of new drawfag stuff so I will extract that too for the next one. 

    Thanks for supporting the site! Hopefully in the future I can afford an actual server and just have you guys upload everything directly, but I still have a few more HTML classes to take.  I am learning a lot of side HTML just fixing bloggers bugs, so that's a good thing.

    Onwards to 200,000!

    Oh and use the star ratings!  I've kept the current items up on the side bar longer than normal so people can vote on them, but no one is bothering!

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here