• Music of the Day #147

    Two Music of the Day posts in one day. I continue to blame Derpy!

    Have 15 songs below the break. 

  • Ponified Trailers: Act of Friendship / XCOM: Equestria Unknown Trailer / Disney's "Planes"

    Act of Valor, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Planes. Nothing is safe from ponification! Have some trailers below the break.

    1.) Act of Friendship (Official Troller)
    2.) XCOM: Equestria Unknown Trailer
    3.) Disney's "Planes"

  • Story: Movements of Fire and Shadow

    [Shipping][Slice of Life]

    Author: Scott 'Inquisitor' Mence
    Description: Much of Luna's life has returned to normal in the short years since she has returned. It takes a pony very close to her to spot that something is haunting the princess again and that she's been sneaking off after nightfall for some time. When that pony has all the tact of a battleship, the only thing for certain is that things are about to get heated.
    Movements of Fire and Shadow

    Additional Tags: Luna makes a complicated friend
  • Animation: Children of the Night

    What do you get when you combine Hocus Pocus with Luna?   If the reaction to that old animatic was any indication, the fandom is about to explode.

    Spirit and Lion have finally completed the much anticipated Children of the Night animation.  I don't need to tell you guys that this is something that you are required to watch. 

    Check it below the break!

  • Comic: The Clothes Make The Mare / Lady Killer / Half and Half

    Oh Fluttershy, such a naive silly filly. At least you gave them to a pony that appreciates them!

    More comics! Click for full.

    Update: Comic 3 turned out to be an older comic that was stolen! Correct link provided. Thief is ghostbusters2, report to dA if you can to get this guy punished for theft.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #874

    Yep, another AJ header from me. I can't help it she has gotten so much good art as of late! Maybe artists out there are realizing what awesome badass situations they can put her in or something?

    Anyhow, Cal here doing art today because he's a little bored. Check out what we have for you all after the break1

    [1] Source
    Earth and Thunder

    New Banner Source: Children of the Night Blog

  • The Hub - Big News Tomorrow!

    The Hub just dropped this teaser off over on their Facebook page with this image as the header.  What it is, only time will tell! Hopefully its a "Season 4 releasing 3 months early!" announcement or something, because lack of pony is driving me nutso!

    Thanks to Leon for the heads up.
  • Princess Twilight Releasing Everywhere August 1st

    We had USA and Australia confirmed, but it looks like Canada, the UK, and PR will be joining them for the release on Alicorn Twilight and Spike at Build-A-Bear Workshop according to their Facebook

    We've actually seen a few of these pop in the submit box early as well, so it might be worth it to call over to your local retailer. 

    Thanks to everyone for the heads up!
  • Comic: Wrong Time For A Joke / Tooth Fairy / Discord Prank

    These comics by the DoubleWBrothers have been some of my favorite comics this summer. They are just so random that Pinkie Pie would be proud!

    Comics coming at you guys! Click for full.

  • SDCC Exlusive Vinyl on Hasbro Toy Shop For a Limited Time

    I doubt this thing is going to last long! SDCC Vinyl is available on Hasbro Toy Shop. Shes alsoa dude apparently according to the description:
    This pretty-as-a-picture pony will be the star of your collection! He's got the same silky hair as the disc jockey star - but this special edition pony figure is decked out for a VIP party. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind version of your most fabulous pony friend! Delightfully decorative pony figure looks like the DJ Pon-3 character. Prance him around with other pony friends (sold separately) or display him in your collection. 
     I won't judge.

    Thanks to everyone that sent it.
  • Spotlight Instrumental Music: A Dying World / Pink Funk / On my way

    Chrrryyyystaaals.  Or that's what Sombra would be saying if he didn't suddenly discover a passion for music.  Last I saw him he was completedly zoned out floating around with headphones on causing all sorts of trouble for the farmponies out west.

    We have another epic orchestral piece to start us off this time, folowed by a bit of Pinkie Pie Kumquat madness, and finish with a spacey Luna track.  Head on down below for all of them.

    1.) Evening Star - A Dying World
    2.) donglekumquat - Pink Funk
    3.) Equestrian Space Vol 2 - On my way "For the fanfic"-700sub special-

  • Story: Rocks, Boomboxes, and Kidney Stones


    Author: alexmagnet
    Description: Having been rejected, yet again, Trixie decides that drastic measures must be taken in order to gain entry to the Golden Oaks Library... and Twilight's heart. Fortunately for her, and the rest of Ponyville, she's stopped by someone who knows Twilight intimately. Against his better judgement, Spike agrees to help Trixie with her purple pony problem. But what does Spike know about wooing mares? Apparently a lot.
    Rocks, Boomboxes, and Kidney Stones

    Additional Tags: It ain't easy bein' cheesy
  • Music of the Day #146

    Sorry about the delay on these.  It looks like an entire set of 16 songs was completely lost over Comic Con weekend.  If you got a MOTD approval message, expect it in the next day or two.

    Head on down below the break for a bunch of music!

  • Random Merch: Lace Hot Pants,

    Hot Pants went even saucier, with the addition of a lace line.  Though then again, we did have Rainbow Dash running with bedroom eyes at the start.  Find these here, and find more random merch below the break!

  • Ponyville Live! Convention Coverage - GalaCon and BronyCon 2013

    The BronyCon logo is ALWAYS WATCHING.  Reminds me of the new Xbox!

    Bronycon has a boatload of panels, many of which are happening at the exact same time as one another.  PVL is asking those of you hosting them to request coverage specifically.  If you want your panel posted online and livestreamed,  and don't plan on running one in the main room, hit the break up!

    And in other news, they have teamed up with GalaCon to stream everything over in Europe.  Information on that also below!

    Update: Apparently they aren't allowed to actually stream non main panel rooms, so it's only recording for now until they clear up the policy with BronyCon.

  • Nightly Roundup #720

    One of these days, I'm going to do a roundup that isn't at 4AM and finally learn how to use Cereal's roundup compiler effectively.

    Until then, have more oldschool!