• Nightly Roundup #645

    I was looking through my dA for a header and saw this pic of Silver Spoon. Since I can not remember the last time she had a header, if ever for that matter, let's give her a little time in the spotlight. She is pretty cute when she isn't being insufferable.

    Time for some news guys, check it after the break.

  • Official Comic #7 Previews Released

    iTunes has released previews of the upcoming 7th issue of the MLP comic. You know the drill by now I think, head on over here to check them out, or hit them up below the break. Expect to see this one on the 16th of May.

    Thanks to Eric for the heads up!

  • Poll Results: Opening Battle Theme #2

    It looks like the English theme remains on top, with the Japanese taking a significant chunk out of both that and Italian.  There are still quite a few rumors floating around that we may see something different in season four for the English version, though that may just be a slight remix like the season two opener.

    Anyway, onward to the next poll - Favorite Art Medium. We can't hit all of them, but we are aiming for some of the major ones.  Tick "other" if you can't resist food art.
  • The Hub Releases Pinkie Pie Cutout!

    The second pony is now available in the paper cutout lineup that The Hub is releasing.  Head on over here to download some Pinkie Pie!
  • Discussion/Download/Store Links: My Little Pony Comic #6

    The 6th installment of the My Little Pony comic series released a few days ago, so hopefully by now, the majority of you have picked it up!  If you wanted Luna and moon visiting, this was the place to find it.

    Anyway, discuss it below!  What do you think of the second arc so far? And what about (Spoiler) Nightmare Rarity?. Drop your stuff in the comments!

    And have some links:


    Physical Copies/ Variants
    Comic A
    Comic B
    Retailer Incentive
    Boston Comic Con (Ebay on that one)
    Dynamic Forces
    Hot Topic
    Larry's Comics
    Jetpack Comics

  • Spollight Music: Shadows

    We don't post a whole lot of dark stuff, mainly because pony doesn't exactly have a whole lot of it to begin with.  I remember a time when Discord was expected to be a much more evil villian than he ended up as, and this one does a good job of exploring that side of the character.    That and it's Glaze and Aviators collaborating on something, which is a recipe for awesome no matter how you look at it.

    Check it out below the break! Or click the image.

  • Random merch - Chewing Gum, Giant Bubble Wands, Tattoos, Socks, and More!

    Nothing is safe from the pony swarm.  You can't create a product without acknowledging some form of pony licensing!   The picture above is supposedly chewing gum from Russia.  You guys sure do have an odd way of packing gum!  Thanks to Lambda for the heads up.

    Head on down below the break for more Random merch!

  • All the "Yes" in Season 1-3!

    We've had Maybe and No, now it's time for some yes.  Yes, you should watch it.  Yes, it will probably improve some aspect of your life.

    Lets get the positivity flowing.  Find it after the break!

  • Japan Time! - Griffon the Brush Off

    The Japanese version of Griffon the Brush Off airs at 7:30 AM Japan time, or 3:30 PM PST/6:30 PM EST.   We finally get to hear Gilda's biker voice.  Can they pull it off?  Head on down below the break for the usual player.

    And a note: If you want to turn off the scrolling text (recommended if you have kids watching, cause bronies), hit the switch on the bottom right.

  • My Little Pony Deluxe Edition Comics on the Way

    IDW Limited has plans in place to release Deluxe Label Editions of their MLP comics for all you crazy collectors out there.  And to top that off, there will be three separate ones with very few available in each category:
    • Red Label Edition - Limited to 600 (Split into 6 seperate issues of 100, each highlighting a specific pony).  Includes a hand-drawn sketch card.
    • Black label Edition - Limited to 150.  Includes a hand drawn sketch card, and a sketcvh plate. 
    • Blue Label edition - Limited to 30. Includes a full color painting. 
     There doesn't appear to be a release date announced as of yet, but you can find the full article here.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #789

    I am noticing a distinct lack of Rarity battling giant crabs lately, so have some motivation.

    And more art below!

    [1] Source
    Rarity Fighting a Giant Crab

    And new Metal Gear Rising banner from Slifertheskydragon.

    Go toss her some compliments! 

  • Ryan Lindsay Comic Book Signing

    It looks like you Australians are going to get some comic book signing love this time around.  Impact Comics in Canberra is running an event on the 4th of May, with Rainbow Dash writer Ryan K Lindsay signing exclusive prints for those in attendance.  It free comic book day, so you already have a good excuse to hit them up!

    More information can be found at their event page on Facebook. Or just hit up the website.

    Thanks to PoppyBros for the heads up.
  • Story Updates - April 29th

    Old fics that haven't updated in forever edition.

  • Story: Good Thing I'm So Organized

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: TacticalRainboom
    Description: Everypony knows Twilight Sparkle as the sweet, studious unicorn whose magic powers are matched only by her incredible focus and organizational skills. When Twilight's friends make fun of the way her checklists and schedules control her life, Twilight just laughs.

    One day, for reasons known only to her, Twilight goes on an unstoppable organizing rampage. Soon, Rarity decides that she's had enough, and tries to stop Twilight before she organizes Carousel Boutique into oblivion.

    Twilight Sparkle is very, very organized. Twilight Sparkle has never told anypony why she's so organized. Until now.
    Good Thing I'm So Organized

    Additional Tags: Twilight Sparkle loves being organized.

  • Double Rainboom - Typography Animation

    One of the best songs of the month was Double Rainboom from Mandopony and David Larsen, and now we have an equally awesome typography to go with it. Anyway, you know the drill. Go check it out below the break. 

  • Stay Brony My Friends: Episode 48 - Starring Amy Keating Rogers!

    This week on Stay Brony My Friends we welcome a writer who has become a dear friend of our Fandom, Amy Keating Rogers!

    We'll discuss writing for our favorite multi colored equines, as well as shows like Fosters, Samurai Jack and Care Bears.

    We may even be able to get her to break out the Ukelele and bust out into song!

    Then YOU get to ask her your questions LIVE.

    Don't forget to get in on the Manley Challenge Charities at ManliestBrony.com and have a chance at some great prizes as well as doing good on top of it all.

    See you Monday April 29th 5pm PST/8pm EST

    See ya then!

    Yer pal, Dustykatt

  • Spotlight Music: Super Ponybeat — Mirai Start! (Euro-Senpai Mix)

    We have just one song this Monday morning, because Mondays suck, and we need something happy.  What better way to do that than take an already upbeat song and double the happy? Have Eurobeat Brony's Super Ponybeat version of the Japanese MLP theme.  Below the break.