• Random merch - Chewing Gum, Giant Bubble Wands, Tattoos, Socks, and More!

    Nothing is safe from the pony swarm.  You can't create a product without acknowledging some form of pony licensing!   The picture above is supposedly chewing gum from Russia.  You guys sure do have an odd way of packing gum!  Thanks to Lambda for the heads up.

    Head on down below the break for more Random merch!


    A couple of completely random shirts have popped up at various locations.  Have a list:

    Fluttershy Shirt - Wal Mart (Kids Size)
    Pinkie Pie shirt - Wal Mart (Kids Size)
    Pony Arcade Shirt - Over at Thinkgeek, any size.

    Thanks to Micheal, Kaleb, and Luna for the heads up! 

    Wands and Recorders

    I've never used a giant bubble wand before, but there is now a pony version.  They also look to be stocking recorders and those ribboned baton thingies.   These have been sent from various locations, including Walmart and Target.

    Thanks to Clint for the images!

    Tattoos, Socks

    Hot Topic has added this pack of butt symbol tattoos, though they are a bit pricey at 7 bucks.  They also expanded their sock inventory. 

    And speaking of socks, some kids stuff has appeared at K-Mart.

    Thanks to Aisha and Ryan for these!

    MLP Comic now on Kindle

    And finally, the Kindle now has access to the MLP comic directly.  I believe it was previously available digitally via Kindle, though I am not 100% sure.  Anyway, find the first issue on Amazon here!

    Thanks to RealZero for the heads up.