• Japanese Ending Theme for MLP Announced

    The japanese ending theme for MLP has been announced.  It's a song that has been on Youtube for a few days, with the title "Kataomoi no Karaage" If you want to sample it,  find it below the break!

    The opening theme will probably pop up in a few days here.  The title of that one was announced a while back, "Mirai Start" (Future Start).

    Wouldn't it be hilarious to see pony completely take over Japanese pop culture?   It has the look, but can it handle the overly cute competition?

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in over the last few days!

  • New Mane 6 Game - FAQ

    Mane 6 has released a bunch of information on their new fighting game plans, with character concepts from Lauren Faust herself.  While they obviously can't use My Little Ponies for it, it does look like the art style may be similar.

    Head on over here to check it all out!
  • Convention Compilation - March 19th

    Time for another swarm of convention news! Have some headlines:
    • Cutie Mark Con General Release
    • PonyCon AU 2013 – News Update 
    • EQLA Opens Vendor Registration
    • Big Apple Ponycon Welcomes G.M. Berrow
    • Sac Brony Expo Public Statement
    • Ponicon Argentina Sold Out
    And full releases after the break!

  • Random Merch: Clocks, Clothes, Prototypes, and More!

    A company called ZEON appears to be releasing a line of pony timekeeping devices, including the alarm clock above! Head on over to their website for more information on it all. 

    And onward below the break for more random merch!

  • Season 4 This Winter

    It looks like we have a rough timeframe for the next season of pony, and it's way out there on the horizon! Entertainment Weekly released an article saying we can expect it this winter. 

    Can you handle the wait?

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in! It looks like Masem beat everyone this time! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #749

    Ponify everything.  I alright liked Midna, but what if Twilight Sparkle was the Twilight Princess?

    Have some art!

    [1] Source
    Twilight Princess Twilight

  • PMV: Ink

    At first I thought this was another one of those PMV's with way too many effects, but it turned out to be epic.  Can you handle the FRIENDSHIP? Hit it up here or below the break!

  • Story Updates - March 19th

    Story updates!

  • Snowdrop Trailer Review - Discord and Chrysalis

    Silly Filly Studios has released an announcement for their upcoming premiere on Bronystate this week, complete with Chrysalis and Discord as the commentators.  How does the Changeling Queen sustain herself now days, and what is Discord up to now that he's all buddy buddy with the mane six?   Check it out below the break!

    And have this weeks newsletter detailing the event:

    Now go watch Discord and Chrysalis complain about stuff!

    And a bit of Copy Paste from Silly Filly Themselves:
    "After 6 months of work, Snowdrop is finally coming! The heartwarming short film will be premiering on Bronystate.net on the 21st at 8 pm EST. Be sure to tune in for the screening, interviews, and commentary! For more information, check out our tumblr here: http://sillyfillystudios.tumblr.com/"

  • Rainbow Dash Micro-Series #2 - Preview and Release Tomorrow!

    Rainbow Dash's big solo comic is releasing tomorrow, and a whole bunch of websites are releasing teasers of it.  Can you even bottle up a pony like Dash in a single comic? I'm assuming it would explode from the sheer awesomeness. 

    We received a preview copy of this one the other day.  Similiar to the Twilight Sparkle single, it feels very much like an actual episode of the show (with an added layer of fandom/pop culture references).  I'm not sure what the official community word is on how canon these comics are, but we even get some new characters to play with.   If anything will hold us over until season four, it's these.  In other words go buy it!

    Head on over here for seven pages of it!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in. 
  • Sunset Shimmer Not in the Show

    The newest crazy rumor has been squashed by Meghan on Twitter.  Sunset will not be appearing in season four.  That's a pretty amazing design though.  Maybe we will see her elsewhere?
  • Button's Adventures - New Animation Series from Jan Animations

    Find a background pony, and make an entire series about it! That's the goal here this time around.  JanAnimations (Creator of the Brony Documentary animation, and Picture Perfect Pony) has teamed up with ShadyVox and EliMonty to start up a new series all about this game playing foal right here.

    Head on down below the break for the teaser!

  • Comic: Celestia's Biggest Fail / Children of the Night / Weekly Comic #3

    Oh Celestia, you so crazy.  I wonder why they haven't found a way to automate that whole Moon and Sun raising thing over the thousands of years they have ruled?

    Have some comics! Click for full!

  • Story: The Heart Thief


    Author: Sharaloth
    Description: Steady Hoof is a skilled thief who has been driven out from his home in the Heartland to seek refuge in the City of Gardens and Cages. When his life is saved by a pegasus named Scootaloo, he is instantly smitten. But her life has been hard, and she has forsaken love. To win her over, Steady must brave the dark heart of the city and do the impossible: steal the Tyrant's heart.

    The Heart Thief

    Additional Tags: Alternate Universe Dark Obsession Tragedy
  • My Little Pony Busy Books Figures Set Images

     Someone going by the name of Isabeauthered got a hold of one of those Busy Books figures sets that were announced a few days ago, along with the included set of molded ponies.   There are a whole swarm of images over at their Flickr album, along with blurbs with each reviewing them.  Some are a little on the odd side, and surprisingly enough, the molds are pretty different overall. 

    Head on over here for a swarm of images!

  • Sunset Shimmer - Celestia's Mystery Apprentice!

    A few days ago, Toywiz sent out their masked ponies, one being the Sunset Shimmer pony above.  According to the description, it looks like Celestia had an apprentice before Twilight Sparkle!  Not a bad looking one at that. 

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the image!