• Random Merch: Clocks, Clothes, Prototypes, and More!

    A company called ZEON appears to be releasing a line of pony timekeeping devices, including the alarm clock above! Head on over to their website for more information on it all. 

    And onward below the break for more random merch!


    Pony Comic Shirt - Hot Topic Website (Find it here.)

    Random clothing found in store at Hot Topic.  Thanks to Taps for the images.  

    New shirt in Australia this time!  Sadly it's girls size only right now.  They are supposedly expanding into male selection soon though.  Find it on their website here!  Thanks to emILY for the heads up!

    Found at Toys R' Us by Stitch

    Random Sparkly Prototype Ponies

    More random prototypes from China are popping up on Ebay for those that gotta collect em all.  No clue if or when these will actually release though! Thanks to Kariannaa for the heads up!

    3D Coloring Book

    I'd can't imagine coloring with those on would be easy, but I guess there is a bit of 3D drawing going on over at the art side of the merchandising.

    Found at a Food Maxx in Oroville, California by Phoenix Quill

    Paper Princess Coronation at Hot Topic
    For those planning on spending more than 25 bucks on pony merchandise, a papercraft set will be included with the other.  Hit up their facebook page for the announcement.   Thanks to Gregory for the heads up!

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