• Convention Compilation - March 19th

    Time for another swarm of convention news! Have some headlines:
    • Cutie Mark Con General Release
    • PonyCon AU 2013 – News Update 
    • EQLA Opens Vendor Registration
    • Big Apple Ponycon Welcomes G.M. Berrow
    • Sac Brony Expo Public Statement
    • Ponicon Argentina Sold Out
    And full releases after the break!

    Cutie Mark Con General Release

    Cincinnati’s absolutely fabulous MLP:FIM convention, Cutie Mark Con, is going to be the place to be for lovers of fine Pony Crafts of all kinds. We will be having a craft panel dedicated to the production of all sorts of phenomenal pony crafts. This panel will feature arts of all kind, and even have members of the “Cincinnati Bronies!” The Queen City’s very own Jorganstan will be showing off his magnificent metal works along with those of Mark Ponder. Even the head of CMC’s security, Sol will be on the panel to display his wonderful wooden works. But it’s not just this panel that puts Cutie Mark Con on par with Rarity’s shop with crafts. There will be a scheduled appearance by Firemane and his compelling carvings.

    In addition, there will be special items made just for CMC’s charity auction to benefit A Kid Again! The talented Renegadecow will kindly be donating some of his amazing automatons for the charity auction. These will joined by ChaoticBrony and his jaunty jewelry, all of these items being hand-made pieces.

    Cutie Mark Con is being held from May 31st through June 2nd at the Cincinnati, Ohio, Crowne Plaza North Hotel.

    PonyCon AU 2013 – News Update

    Event Schedule

    After months of trying to confirm everything, we are finally able to release the long-awaited schedule for PonyCon AU!

    Although keep in mind changes may need to be made on the day in the event of unforeseen circumstances although we will keep everyone informed should this occur.

    Event Live-streams

    We are very excited to be having representatives from both Celestia Radio and Ponyville Live! in attendance for our event and they are planning to provide live and on-demand coverage of the con.


    With the con fast approaching, it is still not too late to purchase your tickets if you haven’t done so already. Head on over to the tickets page for all the info!

    For more information, check out our website at: www.ponyconau.com or discuss in our forum section on Bronies Australia here

    EQLA Opens Vendor Registration

    Equestria LA vendor registration is now open! Want to sell your prints, plushies, and pins at Southern California’s MLP convention? Head on over to https://equestriala.com/vendor.php and sign up now!

    Prices for our tables are:
    - $100 for a half (4’ x 2.5’) table. Includes 1 badge
    - $200 for a full (8’ x 2.5’ ) table. Includes 2 badges

    Hurry and grab your spot! Our tables will sell out quick!

    If you haven’t made your hotel arrangements for Equestria LA yet, we highly recommend staying at the convention hotel, The Anaheim Marriott. By following this link, you can take advantage of the fantastic deal EQLA has arranged of only $115 per night!

    Follow us on Twitter: @EquestriaLA
    Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EquestriaLA
    And check out our brand new website! http://equestriala.com/
    Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

    - The Equestria LA team

    Big Apple Ponycon Welcomes G.M. Berrow

    Author of upcoming My Little Pony book series to attend Big Apple Ponycon

    Brooklyn, New York - G.M. Berrow, author of the upcoming My Little Pony:
    Friendship is Magic novel series, is the newest addition to the lineup of
    special guests at Big Apple Ponycon! A Brooklyn native herself, Berrow’s
    childhood aspiration was to become either a princess or a pony. While she
    isn’t quite there yet, her work on a number of the books in the upcoming
    series of My Little Pony chapter books is certainly on par. The first of
    the series, My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell,
    is slated for release on April 2.

    Berrow will be discussing her work on the book series at the convention,
    as well as selling her wares in the vendor area. Be sure to check her out!

    About Big Apple Ponycon

    Established in 2012, Big Apple Ponycon is a multi-generational convention
    for collectors and fans of Hasbro’s My Little Pony franchise, and the
    community surrounding it, from its origin in 1983 to its present
    incarnation. The Brooklyn-based convention will take place at The New York
    Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge on March 23-24, 2013. For further
    information, please visit www.bigappleponycon.com.

    Sac Brony Expo Public Statement

    This is Sac Brony Expo here to give you all an update on the convention thus far and to provide an explanation as to why we just need the $2000 to successfully run our convention.

    Currently, we have $1449 in total at the KickStarter, with 25 backers. We want to thank each and every one who donated, yet we are still very much in need of support. As stated before, we understand that we are a start up convention, but we want to let everyone know that our goal will be sufficient in funding our goal.

    As president of the My Little Pony and Interests Club at Sac State, we are given low rates for the venue. We roughly need $1140 to pay off the rooms for the Saturday date. The other $1000 from the KickStarter would go to other con necessities, such as the rewards, wristbands, badges, and more. We are planning to further fundraise to get whatever else we would need, and convention RSVP sales for both the general and artist's alley tables will help pay off our expenses and provide a financial safety net for us.

    We perfectly understand the anxiety a first time con may bring, hence why we want to make sure to be as transparent as possible.

    Thus, we ask to help donate by following the link below! Any bit helps and if you donate at least $1, you will be eligible to win a prize! If you donate $50 or more, you will also review an exclusive print made by one of our con staff, and if you donate $100, you will be eligible to win a plushie of one of our mascots!

    Thank you and of you want to contact us, email us at: [email protected]

    KickStarter Link:

    - Carlos (Con Leader)

    Ponicon Argentina Sold Out

    NOTA IMPORTANTE PONICON: No quedan mas entradas, les recuerdo a aquellos que van a ir a la puerta sin entradas que tengan en cuenta que en todas las juntadas los chicos siempre se quedan incluso cuando no hay organizadas actividades por lo cual, SEGURO la gente se va a quedar haciendo actividades por lo que no recomendamos que se queden esperando a que la gente se vaya para poder entrar, ya que no podemos garantizar que puedan entrar por una cuestion de capacidad maxima del lugar, disculpen las molestias ocasionadas (informacion previamente informada en el evento)

    MUCHAS GRACIAS a todos los que van a asistir, sin duda esto será algo memorable y el inicio de lo que podrán ser muchos eventos de ponis en nuestro país!! :D

    Más info y consultas: Facebook, Taringa!