• Fiesta Equestria Announces Andrea Libman and Trevor Devall + More Stuff!

    I think this is the first press release with HTML that didn't explode.

    Fiesta Equestria has announced a few new guests, including Andrea Libman and Trevor Devall for their upcoming convention.  On top of that, a whole load of other news has popped up! Head on down below the break for the full press release!

  • Story: When the Levee Breaks


    Author: Cynewulf
    Description: Daring Do returns to the Riverlands, the home she left behind years ago. On the road to the farm where she was born, she wonders if you can ever truly escape the past. Sometimes, the river comes up, the levee breaks, and you have no place to stay. No amount of crying can stop its inevitable progress.
    When the Levee Breaks

    Additional Tags: You, Can't, Go, Home, Again
  • Piles of Pony Flash Puppets

    So you want to mess around with flash do you? Well Dileak and Jordo76 have released a whole plethora of flash puppets for everyone to play with, including the flowy hair princesses this time around. Have some galleries:

    (Luna, Photo Finish, Daring Do, Octavia, Mane 6 Fillies, Spitfire, and Rarity)
    (Celestia, Scratch, Spitfire, Lyra, Derpy, Colgate, Berry, Bonbon)

    Now go forth and animate us some pony games/videos!
  • Discussion: Favorite Non-Famous Fan-Made Pony Song?

    We have had over two years to build up the incredible amount of music this fandom has produced.  There isn't a genre out there that hasn't at least gotten a section of a song.  Music has always been an interesting one to sort here on EQD, primarily because everyone's taste is different.  A lot of great tracks fall between the cracks, even with a spotlight feature. 

    We have seen top lists filled with stuff like Discord and (Insert any Glaze song here), but I'm sure a bunch of you have come upon gems that never got a whole lot of love.  Whether it be a purely instrumental Vinyl Scratch dubstep piece that was buried in the sea of similar songs, or your best buddies rap about his love of a specific cartoon horse, It's time to share your personal favorites!

    I'm not sure how successful a post like this will be, considering most people tend to flock toward specific stuff, but keep the songs in the comments anything with under than 10k views!

    Pic and what it links to for mine!

  • Comic: Starswirl Please / A Surprise Gift / Brain Food

    I'd kill for an epic Starswirl sidestory.  As we discover more and more about him, it really does sound like they could pull off an episode or 20 based on his adventures.  I wouldn't be surprised if this comic is totally true too.

    And have some crazy ones below!



    After months of work, it looks like SWAG.MOV has popped up over on Youtube.

    As is the norm for this series, viewer discretion is strongly advised.   Adult themes, language, and everything else that makes this series what it is are in full force here.

    I'm not going to embed this one.  You can find it here!
  • Spotlight Music: Magical Mystery Cure Rock / I've Got to Find a Way (WolfOfSadness Remix) / Almost There

    We have an entire rock medley of the season finale (also found in album form), followed by a remix of I've Got to Find a Way that kind of reminds me of one of those Kingdom Hearts main themes (the second or first, I completely forgot!), followed by a bit of good old orchestral instrumental stuff. Find them all below!

    1.) Claire Anne Carr - Magical Mystery Cure Rock!
    2.) I've Got to Find a Way (WolfOfSadness Remix
    3.) Almost There

  • Story Updates February 20th

    Story updates! Hooooo!

  • Story: The Amazingly Awesome Adventures of Tank the Tortoise (by R. Dash) (Update Complete!!)

    [Random][Slice of Life] "Rainbow Dash is best fanfic author. Not even a can stand before her literary might." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Bradel
    Description: Rainbow Dash has a problem. She's done reading the last of the "Daring Do" novels, and the next one isn't set to be published until the summer. She tells her troubles to Tank, and in the process realizes that if other ponies can't write fast enough to keep her reading, then maybe she should try her hoof at writing stories of her own. They say to write what you know, and Rainbow Dash certainly does know adventure. But writing about yourself isn't very cool. Tank, on the other hand, is awesome enough to deserve stories of his own, only nopony knows that. Yet.
    The Amazingly Awesome Adventures of Tank the Tortoise (by R. Dash) (New Part 8!)

    Additional Tags: short chapters, frame story, sidekicks
  • Drawfriend Stuff #722

    Snowy edition! I need to go somewhere snowy before this winter ends.  Remind me to do that later.

    Have some art!

    [1] Source
    Simple generous gifts

    And an awesome new banner from Pixelkitties!

  • Twilight Sparkle Micro-Comic Discussion

    Today was the release of the Twilight Sparkle Issue #1 comic, the first in the six piece pony specific series.  If you aren't going for a physical copy, you can find it digitally on both Comixology and iTunes as always.

    So what did you think of this one? Drop your two cents in the comments!

    Update: And Midtown released their variant, it's above! 
  • Wallpaper Compilation #81

    Wallpaper time! As always, be sure to click the source links for various sizes.  Most of these are just preview images. 

    [0] Source
    The Legendary Alicorns
  • PMV: I Just Can't Wait to Have Wings / To The Sky / Bolivard of Broken Dreams

    We have one with a whole bunch of fan animation thrown in, followed by a PMV of that Lion King parody from the other day, and finish with a bit of the usual. Check them out below!

    1.) [PMV] I Just Can't Wait to have Wings (Meredith Sims and MEMJ0123)
    2.) [PMV] To the sky
    3.) Bolivard of Broken Dreams [PMV]

  • Explore Ponyville

    I'm labeling this as a game, but it is don't know if it could really be classified as it.  Explore Ponyville is very much what the title says it is.  You pick each of the mane 6, and travel to their houses point and click style, and interact with various objects.  There are a few mini-games like horseshoe toss and book sorting, but for the most part you just click and watch the interactions. And for whatever reason, I'm perfectly fine with that.

    Anyway, head on over here to check it out!
  • Nightly Roundup #587

    Heavin Piercing, crazy sunglass wearing, chicken escorting, pony stuff.

    At least that's what the roundup was an anime but it's not.  You will just have to use your imagination!

    Have some pony.