• Discussion: Favorite Non-Famous Fan-Made Pony Song?

    We have had over two years to build up the incredible amount of music this fandom has produced.  There isn't a genre out there that hasn't at least gotten a section of a song.  Music has always been an interesting one to sort here on EQD, primarily because everyone's taste is different.  A lot of great tracks fall between the cracks, even with a spotlight feature. 

    We have seen top lists filled with stuff like Discord and (Insert any Glaze song here), but I'm sure a bunch of you have come upon gems that never got a whole lot of love.  Whether it be a purely instrumental Vinyl Scratch dubstep piece that was buried in the sea of similar songs, or your best buddies rap about his love of a specific cartoon horse, It's time to share your personal favorites!

    I'm not sure how successful a post like this will be, considering most people tend to flock toward specific stuff, but keep the songs in the comments anything with under than 10k views!

    Pic and what it links to for mine!