• Nightly Roundup #587

    Heavin Piercing, crazy sunglass wearing, chicken escorting, pony stuff.

    At least that's what the roundup was an anime but it's not.  You will just have to use your imagination!

    Have some pony.



    All Season 3 Episodes at Once

    And the best one is still Magic Duel.


    KPNY Radio Episode 1

    "Hello everypony my name is Kiniro. Director and Producer at the Inventory. The Inventory is a radio show dedicated to brining forward content created by the brony community while attempting to answer the question of: Why is it that we, as the Brony Community, love ponies and the land of Equestria. But not as humans or fellow bronies, but through the eyes of your "mostly" average ponies at KPNY Radio, so that we can present this to you in a humorous and entertaining manner. In our first episode we drop in on the cast and crew already in discussion at KPNY Radio Station on how to present their great discovery of the Brony Phenomenon of Earth to the land of Equestria. So tune in, and follow the tale as these ponies try to understand all of us. And who knows when these Ponies at KPNY might just discover you."

    Find it here!


    Successful Meetups

    Danish Meetup

    Last weekend (15-17 February) bronies and pegasisters from all over Denmark gathered to this meet-up and here is the picture of us all. I hope you will post it, as a shout out from Denmark and also to other bronies in Denmark that may not know of these awesome meet-ups.

    And since i think this meet-up was so awesome /)^3^(\ have a brohoof and/or hug after choice *hug* /)



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Leeds Bowling Brony Meet-up - (Yorkshire Bronies) - 02/03/13

    Greetings, us at the Yorkshire Bronies team are putting together a bowling meet-up in Leeds.
    We have put together a well thought out plan for the day of the meet-up. Let's get down to it then!

    Here are the Details:

    Discuss the meet-up here:


    Any Questions please contact our E-mail or Skype:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Skype: YorkshireBronies

    A Yorkshire Bronies chatroom is available through Skype.

    I hope to see you there!

    North Carolina Meetup

    Hello, once again Team Brony North Carolina is hosting a movie meetup at AMC in Concord Mills Mall. But this time it's to see a scary movie. The Last Exorcism: Part 2. The meetup will take place on March 2nd, but we won't have a time set till we get closer to the meetup and they have show times posted on their site. Afterwords we plan on walking the mall and then returning to our new TBNC hangout place, "Rocky River Coffee Co." If you're interested in joining this meetup, keep up with this even and other events, and get to know the bronies you'll be spending time with join our facebook page. Team Brony North Carolina. In this page everyone is welcomed warmly and are instantly treated as a friend. Join the group today.

    Fredricksburg Meetup


    Eastern Mexico Group



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