• Drawing Training Ground - Keep Calm and Flutter On

    We finally got a new episode, meaning we can finally run the next phase of the training grounds! There are just two episodes left in the season after this, though I am thinking of visiting the ones before we rolled out this mini-event here. 

    I'm sure you are here for your new ATG mission though, so have a prompt:
    Discord decided to drop one last prank off before going to the good side and threw a bit of chaos at a random pony.  What he did to said pony, and who said pony is, is up to you! Did Lyra sprout a giant mushroom hat? Or did Rarity turn into a donkey? It's your choice! Corrupt somepony with Discord magic! 
    As usual, you can submit by visiting our competition page, and choosing the "Drawing Training Ground - Keep Calm and Flutter On" link. 

    The deadline will be the usual: Wednesday 11:00 PM PST (Thursday 7:00 AM GMT). The submitter will stay open for an undetermined amount of time after that, but don't count on getting in late!  If you need help, toss an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com. 

    Good luck!
  • Story: Where Does It Come From?


    Author: LimeAttack
    Description: Rarity can't get anything done when an old question comes back from her days as a blank flank filly, so she searches for her answer.
    Where Does It Come From?

    Additional Tags: what drives clouds to rain

  • 300 Word Writing Flash Event - Discord is Someone Else's Roommate!

    We haven't done a writing flash event in forever! Time to revive it!

    Imagine if you will, a scenario where Fluttershy wasn't available, and Celestia was still feeling incredibly lazy.  She has dropped the statue off at Ponyville, unlocked discord, and flew away to go manicure her hooves.  A note was left for Twilight challenging her to choose sompony in Ponyville to convert Discord over to the good side.  (She also took the elements with her, so no locking him away!)

    That's where you come in!  You are now Twilight Sparkle! Pick a pony and explain their process of stopping Discord from destroying the city, and hopefully befriending him in the process.

    In 250-300 words, write your episode out from start to finish in the comments.  Try to keep discussion outside of responding to the stories to a minimum.

    Now go!
  • Possible Alicorn Twilight Toy in Toyworld Magazine

    The January 2013 edition of Toyworld Magazine has the playset above listed on it's 211th page.  It does seem to be depicting an alicorn that matches Twilight Sparkle's color, but there is always a chance its another pony entirely.  The actual location it's featured in doesn't say anything other than "For My Little Pony, Crystal Empire launches in 2013". 

    I'm sure more information will pop up eventually, but until then, have fun speculating!

    Thanks to.. Twilight Sparkle for the heads up and article link!
  • Comic: Paranoia is Magic / Good Morning / You Like Wubs / Sisterly Competition

    Discord is the best roommate.  Octavia is the best dancer, and Rainbow Dash is the best sister.  Click for full!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #693

    Why is this filly Chrysalis thing just now starting to become commonplace.  You guys took almost a year! That's slow in pony time!

    Have some art. 

    [1] Source
    All your heart are belong to us

  • Story Updates - January 22nd

    Story updates! Go read stuff!

  • Story: A Dream of Dawn (Update Complete!)

    [Normal] [Adventure]

    Author: Starsong
    Description: When facing Twilight Sparkle, Nightmare Moon was given a choice: redemption or revenge. What if she had chosen the latter? A grim fate awaits Equestria, but in a time of greater strife and conflict, Discord's return is accelerated. While he expected to bring chaos, he did not anticipate that he would end the Longest Night and bring hope and joy back to the land.

    Discord struggles to reconcile his nature with his desire for admiration. While Twilight's friends strive to carve a new life in the ever-shifting Equestria, she searches for Celestia, the only one who can bring harmony back to her lands. But Nightmare Moon also seeks her sister in a desperate attempt to find her place in the world. New dangers lurk in the wild and more threaten to fall over Equestria. Nightmare Moon's decision broke the balance of the world. Will Equestria ever turn to peace, or will the spiral of chaos and destruction be the end of everything?
    A Dream of Dawn (Update part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Everypony scattered in the darkness
  • PMV: Turn Marvin Gaye Down / Primer Vuelo / Princess of the Night Typography

    PMV Time! Turn those annotations off and enjoy!

    1.) [PMV - BAMHOOFYAH Preview] Turn Marvin Gaye Down #21
    2.) [PMV] First Flight / Primer vuelo
    3.) Friendship is Witchcraft - Princess of the Night [Typography Animation]

  • Valentines Day Shirts at We Love Fine

    I completely forgot about this holiday.  Ponies will do that to you I guess! It looks like We Love Fine has added a set of new valentines day shirts to their collection, and a specific page for them.  Head on over here to check out the pony ones!

  • Unicon Announces Tabitha St. Germain, Andrea Libman, and More!

    You thought we were done with the Unicon announcements? I think not! Below the break we have the full press release for you to dig through, but I'll give you the basics: Tabitha St. Germain, Andrea Libman, Michelle Creber, Cathy Weseluck, and Britt McKillip.

    Click it and get those tickets!

  • My Little Portal Episode 3

    That much more creepy than I thought it was ponies and portals series has released it's 3rd installment, complete with the usual robotic Discord and Twilight Sparkle looking great in the Celeste laboratories uniform.   If you haven't watched the first two, this will make 0 sense, so be sure to hit up the Youtube channel and catch up first!

  • Vocal Music: Wonderbolt / DO THE PONY / Falling With Style

    This fandom seriously needs more rock. dBPony and Prince Whatever teamed up on the first one, and it's awesome.

    We also have a bit of DO THE PONY, and an instrumental track to finish it off! Find them all below.

    1.) Wonderbolt - dBPony (feat. Prince Whateverer)
    2.) F3nning - DO THE PONY
    3.) UnderpΊny - Falling With Style

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