• Drawing Training Ground - Keep Calm and Flutter On

    We finally got a new episode, meaning we can finally run the next phase of the training grounds! There are just two episodes left in the season after this, though I am thinking of visiting the ones before we rolled out this mini-event here. 

    I'm sure you are here for your new ATG mission though, so have a prompt:
    Discord decided to drop one last prank off before going to the good side and threw a bit of chaos at a random pony.  What he did to said pony, and who said pony is, is up to you! Did Lyra sprout a giant mushroom hat? Or did Rarity turn into a donkey? It's your choice! Corrupt somepony with Discord magic! 
    As usual, you can submit by visiting our competition page, and choosing the "Drawing Training Ground - Keep Calm and Flutter On" link. 

    The deadline will be the usual: Wednesday 11:00 PM PST (Thursday 7:00 AM GMT). The submitter will stay open for an undetermined amount of time after that, but don't count on getting in late!  If you need help, toss an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com. 

    Good luck!