• Nightly Roundup #561

    Hello again everyone! Sorry for the lack of a Roundup last night, there was a real life scheduling conflict between Seth and I so the news ended up being put to the wayside yesterday. Hopefully some Apple Fritter for tonight's header (plus the extra dose of news) will serve as an apology for the missed Roundup!

    Anyhow, it's a new week of Calpain Roundups, so what should the header be for tomorrow night? Leave your vote down in the comments!

    On to the news!

    24 Hour PMV Challenge Results

    Love PMVs? Well, a challenge was just completed where video creators had to create a PMV from scratch within 24 hours! The results can be seen in the huge video above.

    Ponies on SparkLife

    One of the writers on SparkLife is asking their readers which series should he dive into next, one of those series being MLP of course! He has some other great shows he is considering as well so FiM has some stiff competition. Give a visit to the page to drop your own comment or take a look at what the others are saying!

    Article Link

    Super Cute Chalk Fillies at Carnegie Mellon

    Copy Paste:

    So this happened, like this weekend. I go to CMU, so when I heard that the CMU Bronies (our local pony club) had made chalk drawing on the University Center courtyard, I had to go investigate. Turns out, they made HUGE drawings of almost all of the big fan characters, but as fillies. They had all of the mane 6, plus Derpy, Big Mac, Zecora, Trixie, Lyra, Bon-Bon, Luna, and Celestia. It is of note that I did some light Photoshopping to the images, because my phone camera was poor, and I wanted to bring out the bright colors a bit.
    If you want to contact the CMU bronies, send them a message at [email protected]edu.

    Dog and Pony Show Revoiced

    Something completely random for tonight. Have Dog and Pony Show completely revoiced with all the characters speaking as Professor Layton.

    WTVY Reports on Brony Documentary

    Our awesome pony reporting news station WTVY has ran a small snippet on the recent Brony documentary. I love that these guys keep reporting on fandom happenings to thier views. Keep rocking on WTVY! Check out the little article and video clip at the link below.

    WTVY Report

    Pony Mating Habits Video

    Yes, the title might throw you for a loop, but it's actually a not half bad observational analysis on why families are the way they are in MLP along with some other similar observations. It's worth a look in my opinion!

    Cartoon Network Middle East Pony Marathon

    On the Middle Eastern division of Cartoon Network's website they are asking folks to vote for what cartoon series they would like to have a marathon of in the near future. One of these cartoons is MLP of course, so if you're a viewer of the CN in the Middle East pay the site a visit and give the show a vote!

    Website Link

    Making of a Source Pony Asset

    We've all seen the Source pony vids that are out there, but where do these wonderful assets used in these videos and pictures come from? One such source would be the talented Gonzalolog who has created well over 100 different source assets for use and is the creator of the video above detailing how much work goes into making such models, even ones as small as Angel here. Give the video a watch and pay a visit to the creators page here if you're interested!

    Even More Ponies in the News

    Another day, another news article on ponies, three as a matter of fact. With the release of the documentary everyone seems to be getting on the bandwagon writing their little pieces about it. This time around we've got The Listener, io9, and The Raw Story with reports that you can check out below.

    The Listener
    The Raw Story

    And Finally Some Cake


    Last Exit to Ponyville - Needs Callins!

    Copy paste:

    "What did you think of the new Brony documentary? Good thing or bad thing for the community?" Call-ins will be accepted til Wednesday afternoon EST 817 717 7202
    Pony 411 - Episode 23

    Copy Paste:

    A new Pony 411 is here! Nemesis and LordFunkyFist are present to discuss some news, including some new vinyl pony figures, another alicron Twilight sighting, and news of the season finale! But that's not even close to all of it. You'll just have to listen to find out the rest.

    They also have a new episode to talk about! Discord finally returns, much to their delight. The two of them even talk about some of the reactions from the fandom in general. Unfortunately, no fan content this week. But still, you should listen in!

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJcW3mZR3d8
    Download: http://pony411.libsyn.com/pony-411-episode-23-discorderly-conduct
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Pony411
    Brohoof Podcast - Episode 40

    Copy Paste:

    The crew rushes through discussing the latest Fluttershy episode and the release of the long-awaited Brony Documentary.
    Cloudsdale Cafe - Episode 18

    Copy Paste:
    This week we interviewed Mod of Ask Music Trance!

     Find her here!

    Download this episode on mediafire here! 

    Brony Clubhouse - Episode 5

    Copy Paste:

    The Brony Clubhouse was chaotic enough before Discord decided to join the fray in Episode 5.

    Follow us this week as we deal with all the antics he put us through. Unfortunately, we're all still recovering from the confusion so we couldn't really tell you what's in this episode. Reviews? History perhaps? Other special things. Tune in to find out!

    Subscribe: http://YouTube.com/BronyClubhouse

    MLPCRadio Podcast - Episode 9

    Copy Paste:

    A new episode of MLPCRadio is ready to go, and with a very special guest!

    Tune in and check it out! http://mlpchan.net/oat/res/302886.html

     Golden Oaks Book Club - Episode 3

    Copy Paste:

    Join Pegasus Rescue Brigade and BronyCurious as they take their 3rd shot at running a podcast catering to the fanfic writers, comic artists, and storytellers in the Brony fandom. In this episode, content spotlighting, a review on “Keep Calm and Flutter On”, a Round Table discussion on characterization and character development, and an interview with Sequinoxed, the husband and wife duo behind the new MLP comic “Nocture of Harmony”!
    Show begins at 8PM EST on Wednesday, January 23rd on Livestream


    Successful Meetups

    Team Brony North Carolina Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Well over 30 people showed up in total last night at Rocky River Coffee Co in Concord. We had two vendors, one selling plushies and posters and the other selling pendants. The purpose of this meetup was to help out a small business and it was fun. We watched the new Discord episode, played board games, drank coffee and hot chocolate, and even sang brony songs (including Discord the Living Tombstone Remix, Smile! Smile! Smile!, and Awoken). Near the end of the night, we had a raffle for drawings and pony cards. In the end fun was had by all and the shop raised a good amount of money.
    If you live in or near North Carolina and want to partake in these kinds of meetups just join our page Team Brony North Carolina and you'll receive information and invites to all our future NC meetups. We have them almost every other month so it won't be long till the next one. We have a camping trip planned in June at Morrow Mountain.
    Latvia Meetup

    Ontario, California Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Proud to announce that the Desert Bronies and Inland Empire Bronies had an awesome succesful meet up in Ontario, California on January 19th!

    We played all sorts of games at GameWorks in the Ontario Mills Mall. There were many prizes raffled off and some given out for beating KibbieTheGreat at Air Hockey! Kibbie's arms are still tired from all the air hockey played, but he should be alright. 

    We had many returning members come out along with a whole bunch of new ones! Later in the day Dr.Sentenial played some of his pony songs on the piano and many joined in to sing songs from the show. We also invaded the local Hot Topic and bought a whole bunch of merch.

    Later in the evening we invaded a local Denny's and filled up a huge table.

    Thanks again to everypony who came out and hope to see you at our next meet ups!

    -Desert Bronies (KibbieTheGreat -owner-) & Inland Empire Bronies (Shadow -owner-)


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Ponies for Bronies Project

    Copy Paste:

    1) Ponies for Bronies Project is a temporary Facebook group set up for the
    sole purpose of getting ponies for bronies.

    2) The project covers 2 countries in South East Asia: Malaysia and Singapore

    3) The group is established in January 2013 and will dissolve latest in
    December 2013.

    4) There will be a bulk order of blindbag pony toys which will consist of
    exclusively the Mane 6.

    Twilight Sparkle
    Rainbow Dash
    Pinkie Pie

    Picture for all 6:

    5) The order is made from Toywiz.com.

    6) The cost for a set of Mane 6 is RM123.

    7) Individually, the cost for each pony is RM20.50.

    8) This is cost price. Not a single cent profit is made from this.

    9) In a single order, the founders can fulfill a maximum of 10 orders for
    this price.

    10) We accept a maximum of 12 members and rules are subject to change at
    any time.

    Sins of Friendship Looking for VAs

    Copy Paste:

    I know it's been a while, but episode 4 has finally nearly been written. I've had a few personal problems to work out, and as such i lost contact with some of my Voice Actors, some of whom have had to drop out because of exams, or work, or whatever, all perfectly understandable.

    However that means that i need some replacements for a few of the characters.

    Pride, Gluttony, Envy, possibly Sloth too.

    Please if you're interested in auditioning for these characters email me ASAP, as i want to get the script for Episode 4 finished by the end of this week.

    Thank you all fr your support, McTwiggyfication

    1YEAR ANNIVERSARY My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: The Reunion!

    Copy Paste:

    When: Feb. 2nd @ 5pm
    Where: Colonial Cafe, (back room), 600 South Mclean Boulevard, Elgin IL 60123
    What: Ice cream eating! Join us this this month for our 1 year party! Together we will sing songs and rejoice in our successful fandom! Games, Music, and Magic:The Gathering! YAAAAY
    Afters will be at Toys R Us on Randall, and as always, we will have a long train of cars leading there. Link to facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/413555505397441/
    Helping Hoof 2 Looking for Help

    Copy Paste:

    Hi my name is Jake Dobbie I made the first "A helping hoof". A helping hoof Is a documentary all about the Brony phenomenon and how its changing society and how it plans to keep on changing everyone for the better or worse depednig on what side of the fandom youa re on. how ever.. it never really expressed that. what I failed in was showing the different sides of the fandom. form haters to those more passionate. I want to show this in the new documentary. So what does this have to do with you guys? Well that's simple. If you have a TRUE story about how being a brony has changed your life for better or worse, then please send it to me via my email listed [email protected]


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Derpy Plush
    Granny Smith Plush 
    Pony Scarves