• Apple Family Reunion - Discussions

    Well the world hasn't ended so I guess we'll actually get a chance to see an Applejack episode! That is, unless another pony steals the show... (again)


    Xyro's note: Welp, iTunes jumped the gun again and released the episode early. My buddy ectweak got on it, don't even have to wait the hour to watch it in HD! Enjoy!
  • Nightly Roundup #533

    Cute pony time? Cute pony time. A dose of pony never fails when you're feeling lonely, down, or just plain bored. Also helps to make an already great day even better, don't you think?

    Time for some news before the new episode. Check it out after the break.

  • Spotlight Vocal Music: One Hearth's Warming Eve

    It was scheduled for tomorrow, but its awesome, so I'm posting it now.  Have some Hearths Warming Eve music from Aviators. Find it below the break!

  • Comic: Shining Armor Says Goodnight

    Pinkie joins us again this week with yet another special guest! This time Shining Armor has taken some time out of his busy schedule to help Pinkie say good night to you guys. Hope you all have a good night and I'll see you all after the episode tomorrow!
  • Music of the Day #43

    Music of the day time! We have a bunch of tracks this time around!

    As always, I want to remind everyone to include a genre! It helps people decide on which songs to listen to!

    Just include a Genre: Dubstep/Orchestral/ect

    Anyway, have some music.

  • Comic/Video : December 21, 2012 / They Never Said How it Would End

    No zombie invasion, no fireworks show, no alien's swooping in and stealing major landmarks... this was a pretty anticlimactic end of the world! Have a comic to make up for the money you dropped on zombie repellant and a survival kit. 

    And a video! Added last minute cause that's how we roll in this new world here. Find it after the break!

  • Spotlight Music: Luna's Rebellion / Silent Snowfall / Alight

    We start this one off with a bit of original vocal stuff dedicated to that moon pony you are all obsessed with, because Feather is awesome, followed by an instrumental wintery ambiance piece, and finish with some Excellent Fluttershy vocal splicing that you should totally listen do. Find them all below!

    1.) GatoPaint Feat. Feather - Luna's Rebellion
    2.) Silent Snowfall
    3.) DerpyCrash Ft PegaSix - Alight - Liquid DnB

  • Animation: Derpy's Christmas

    Happy Holidays you guys! I hope you all have a great weekend ahead and a great holiday season! Remember to stay good to each other and spread holiday cheer when you can. Now, enough out of me, have some adorable Derpy after the break!

  • Launch of Lee Tockar's Fanbuilt

    Lee Tockar's project Fanbuilt that has been keeping him quite busy for some time has finally experienced it's soft launch and is open to be viewed for constructive criticism and critique by the public!

    What is Fanbuilt you may ask? Well, Fanbuilt is a website dedicated to bringing together artists of all different disciplines to create animation projects to share with the world! You know all those pony projects asking for help on our Nightly Roundups? Well places like Fanbuilt hope to lessen the burden artists have in finding people to participate in promising projects.

    How does this all work? Well, listen to Lee's video on the project after the break and visit the links to the site's homepage and about page to fill yourself in on the rest!

  • Story: Do Changelings Dream of Herding Sheep?


    Author: John Perry
    Description: In the wake of the changeling attack on Canterlot, two ponies have been called upon to track a group of changelings into the desert. But soon, they uncover a dark and dreadful secret...
    Do Changelings Dream of Herding Sheep?

    Additional Tags: It's Daring Do with changelings!
  • Simple PMV: Welcome Magic / Perfect / Windstorm / Manafest: Pushover

    Light on the effects, heavy on the story! Have some simple PMV's.

    1.) Welcome Magic (PMV)
    2.) Perfect [Flutterdash PMV]
    3.) Windstorm PMV
    4.) [PMV] Manafest: Pushover

  • The Hub's Naughty or Nice Award - New Promo

    With the votes counted and tallied, The Hub has released a new promo announcing it's release of the winners on December 22nd 12:00 PM ET/9AM PT.  Hopefully you guys voted enough!  Pony must win!

    Check out their promo below the break, including more Discord and Pinkie lines. 

  • Story: We'll Keep In Touch


    Author: Soundslikeponies
    Description: Left only with a promise to keep in touch, Rainbow Dash struggles to convey her feelings, and to figure out what the words were that she couldn't say on that last snowy night at the train station before Twilight left. As everyone slowly drifts apart, Dash will have to put in the effort if she wants to keep her friends together.
    We'll Keep In Touch

    Additional Tags: Words that we couldn't say
  • PMV: Alligator Sky / How Discord Ripped-Off Christmas

    We have a bit of effects, followed by some lip syncing, and finishing with some Desktop Ponies used to tell the story of Discord taking over Equestria and Octavia rescuing everyone. It's pretty neat! defenitly worth a watch if only for the uniqueness.  Check them out below!

    1.) Alligator Sky • [PMV Collab]
    2.) Christmas Special PMV - How Discord Ripped-Off Christmas
    3.) When The Smoke Is Going Down (PMV-Demoscene)

  • Comic: Cataclsm / The End is Neigh! / Screen Time / A Little Horse

    It's the end of the world! And we have two comics to commemorate that, as well as two normal ones. Click for full!

  • Poll Results: Best Episode of Season 3 So Far

    That was a pretty close battle between Sleepless and Magic Duel!  I was honestly expecting Wonderbolt Academy to be one of the top two.  I blame Luna. She added at least 2000 votes.

    Trixie bias aside, Magic Duel really was an excellent episode. A completely transformed Ponyville, piles of references and jokes, and that Pinkie Pie ending. It really hit everything. 

    Next poll:  New episode tomorrow! We will wait to do something based on that! 

    And obligatory Great and Apologetic Trixie being humble and magnificent after the break.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #661

    Earmuffs edition, because ponies need to wear earmuffs more often.

    Actually, they probably can't beat socks, sweaters, and juiceboxes.  Carry on!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
    Tamer Trixie - Aquarius, Part Two - 'Entrance'

  • Story Updates December 21st

    Story updates! Charge!

  • Entertainment Weekly Apple Family Reunion Clip

    Applejack is a Silly Pony

    It's that time of the week once again! Have another spoiler for the episode tomorrow.  Entertainment Weekly's article can be found here.

    Thanks to everyone that sent it! 
  • More Shirts at Welovefine - Pixel Ponies, Derpy, ect

    Welovefine is at it once again with another load of pony shirts for all of you that can't get enough pony shirts.  This time around we have a bit of derpy, some pixely ponies, and more CRYYYYSTALS.  Sombra would be proud!  You can find their pony section with all of them here!

    And it looks like the daily sale today is polo shirts for those that need something more formal.

  • Streams and Marathons Today!

    Marathon time! Hope you all cleared your schedules for the day leading up to the episode tomorrow.

    You know the drill! all streams and events after the break.

  • Nightly Roundup #532

    So how is everyone taking the end of the world? Hopefully your apocalypse was pleasant and you're finding your bunker quite cozy. I myself have been rendered a zombie which is turning out to be pretty cool so far though the smell takes some getting used to.

    But before I head off to find some brains, I need to get to tonight's pony news! Even in our apocalyptic world ponies take priority you know? Check it out after the break!