• Nightly Roundup #533

    Cute pony time? Cute pony time. A dose of pony never fails when you're feeling lonely, down, or just plain bored. Also helps to make an already great day even better, don't you think?

    Time for some news before the new episode. Check it out after the break.

    Pony Graffiti Article

    We've posted pony graffiti before, but now Wired has also taken the opportunity to do a short little article on a pony artist putting up a variety of really cool pony graffiti! Check out the gallery at the link below to see some more cool graffiti pony goodness.

    Wired Article

    Pinkie's Mailbox

    Toonzone Continues Their Reviews

    Toonzone reviewed the Season One Box Set a few days ago and now they have tackled the Crystal Empire DVD. Overall, it is also positive so make sure to check it out if you can.

    Toonzone Review

    Ponies in Real Life - Don't Steal From Dashie

    Custom Fashion Pony Design Contest

    Copy Paste:

    The winner will receive a fashion style size custom of the pony design they submitted. The runner ups will receive a discount on a custom pony.

    The theme for the contest Sweets.

    The pony needs to based on a sweet of some kind to qualify for the contest. 

    Please email a drawing (or you can use the pony creator) of your pony to [email protected] along with the form below:
    Your Username - 
    Your Email -
    Ponies Name - 
    What type of sweets is your pony based on? (example: muffins, cupcakes, candy, cookies, etc.)
    Cutie Mark -
    Mane/Tail color -
    Eye color - 
    Body Color -
    Type of Pony -

    The deadline for the contest is December 31st, 2012. I will announce the winners on January 1st, 2013

    Contest hosted by Darkly Cute Customs.
    Thank You Project One of IndieGoGo's Biggest

    The Brony Thank You Project was one of IndieGoGo's biggest projects this year! Breaking into the Top 12 community campaigns of the year! Great job you guys, never underestimate the power of pony fans!


    WTVY Reports On Us Reporting On Them!

    A little while back we had put in a separate Roundup that WTVY's local news program had a story about Andrea Libman's recent fundraising effort! Apparently you guys flooded the site and made the article briefly their number one most viewed article for the week.

    So in a segment called Web Wednesday where they talk about their most viewed articles for the week, the Libman article was brought up, with a short snippet of the mention of WTVY on EqD! Never underestimate the power of pony, eh?

    Source Video

    Successful Meetups

    Katowice, Poland

    Copy Paste:

    On the 15th of December, Katowice's largest Brony meetup yet took place. Over 120 people (mainly from Silesia) attended. As a vivid contrast to the usual Katowice meetups, this one was properly organized - there were a number of booked rooms, we watched the episode stream, had a bunch of contests (including cosplay events), and, most importantly, had a lot of fun together.


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