• Nightly Roundup #532

    So how is everyone taking the end of the world? Hopefully your apocalypse was pleasant and you're finding your bunker quite cozy. I myself have been rendered a zombie which is turning out to be pretty cool so far though the smell takes some getting used to.

    But before I head off to find some brains, I need to get to tonight's pony news! Even in our apocalyptic world ponies take priority you know? Check it out after the break!

    New Series - Newsponies Short #1

    A new pony related series has popped up, written by the author of the Vinyl Scratch tapes! Check out the details below for the full skinny.

    Newsponies is a dramedy series about the two largest 24 hour television news stations in Equestria and the nutjobs who work there. Taking place fifteen years after the events of Friendship is Magic, it follows the exploits of Sports Knight, an Earth pony field reporter who takes investigative reporting to the Nth degree, and Sunny Weather, a pegasus news anchor who is very dedicated to her job despite her constant stress and hair-trigger temper, as they deliver the news with their coworkers at ENN (Equestrian News Network) in a constant struggle to surpass their rival network, Solar News.

    It is produced by Midnight Magic Productions (best known for the audio adaptation of The Vinyl Scratch Tapes), created and written by Corey W. Williams (writer of the Vinyl Scratch Tapes) and Great Dinn (voice of Blueblood in the Vinyl Scratch Tapes), featuring an all-star cast of voices, a full team of artists, and original music. The series will be audio with still pictures accompanying the action, much in the style of Rainbow Dash Presents. The first official episode is forthcoming, but this first short is a teaser for things to come.

    For further updates on Newsponies, keep an eye on our tumblr, http://newsponies.tumblr.com/ , the MidnightMagicProductions youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMidnightMagicPro

    And the video here!

    Luna Spotted At Melbourne University

    Oh Luna, if I didn't go to bed I'd probably go crazy. I love sleep too much.

    Finally Some Cake!

    And cookies!

    Pony Plush Giveaway!

    A generous plushie maker has started a plushie pony giveaway for the holiday season. Tis the season for giving, right? Check out the complete details here.

    MLP Themed Bike Jerseys

    Two cool looking bike jerseys featuring ponies have been put up on biking site Voler. If the designs get 250 likes in 90 days they will be up for purchase. So if you're interested pay the site a visit and give the designs a like.

    Check out the designs here.

    Snow Pony of Awesome

    I wish we had some snow here! Michigan without snow this time of year is just wrong.

    Ponies in Airmech

    Ponies have appeared in yet another game, this time the game Airmech which is currently in beta. A new quest that has been added has sneaked in this little pony reference for those in the know. Appropriate that it would be used for a quest related to style, eh?

    Comedy Audio Play - Scan for Prince Part 2

    Copy Paste:

    With new knowledge that there is indeed a changeling Prince Blueblood in their midst, Hoity Toity and Fancypants set out to stop him. Meanwhile, the real Blueblood remains lost in a forest, with none the wiser. Will the changeling's plan come to fruition? Can Fancy and Hoity stop him before it's too late? Will the real Blueblood drive himself bananas trying to get back? Find out in part II of "Scan for Prince"!

    Pinkie Pie on Deadpool Facebook Fanpage

    Looks like Deadpool himself has finally noticed his pink counterpart by sharing this pic of Pinkie Pool on the official Deadpool fanpage! If these two were to ever team up, well, let's just say I free for reality.


    Blur of Facebook Posts on NBC Nightly News Reveals Pony

    In a segment on the NBC Nightly News, a blur of Facebook posts about the upcoming apocalypse were shown and in a split second of footage guess what shows up? Yep, some pony of course! These ponies just keep getting sneakier and sneakier.

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Copy Paste:

    Carpal tunnel victim DaisyHead here. This week is an super extra speshul movie night, because it will be our last. That's right, it's the end of the world and we will be watching the movie 2012 for a once in a life time experience...because we will never get a chance like this again. So why not watch a movie about the day the world ends on the day the movie is based on?
     This week's host's will be:
      Harlequin Jester
      Feral Socks

    Times will be Fri 4:00 PST/ 7:00 EST  Sat Midnight GMT

     Oh, and see you guys on the 28th.


    Fanatic Fiction - Episode 7

    Copy Paste:

    Episode 7 of FanaticFiction has arrived. Here at Fanatic Fiction we talk about some of the most popular fanfics in the fandom and go in depth as we review them.  In this episode we cover the story, "A Fleeting Light In The Darkness."

    Escape to the Moon - Episode 23

    Copy Paste:

    Escape to the Moon - Episode 23

    It's a new episode of the Escape to the Moon podcast full of great conversation about the strange rumors and possible spoilers about the up and coming Season 3 Ending Episodes.  We can never believe EVERYTHING we hear on the internet but join the Escape to the Moon Podcast this week as we discuss the What If's and the Theories surrounding Season 3.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Ohio Bronies - Holiday-related Meetups

    Copy Paste:

    December 29: Strat's birthday party at Dave & Busters in Columbus, OH
    December 31: RadarStorm's New Year's party in Columbus, OH
    January 5: Trickster's party in Columbus, OH
    January 12-13: Ice skating at the Chiller in Easton with SuperDSombrero in Columbus, OH
    January 18-20: Ohayocon Pony Meet in Columbus, OH
    January 26-27: Starshine's as-yet-unspecified northeast Ohio meetup

    More information on each individual meet can be found on the Ohio Bronies Blog!