• Random Merch: Wallets, Brushes, Pop up Books, and More!

    We have a couple of new ones this time.  It looks like things are winding down a bit now that the holiday new product rush is over. 

    Starting us off is a pop-out book from Target.com.  This one is actually up for pre-order with a release date of the 5th of March.   Head on over here if you want it! thanks to Caitlin and Ashley for the heads up. 

    Head on down past the break for more RANDOM MERCH!

  • More Shirts at Welovefine!

    It looks like Welovefine is expanding into more of those full-shirt designs,starting with some straight up awesome Rainbow Dash.  Honestly I'd probably just hang that one on a wall or something.

    And if Dash isn't your thing, have some Zecora Neuveu, The highest level unicorn, way too much fun, and a bit of Bronycon.  You can find all of their pages at the pony section!

  • Plushie Compilation #96

    How about some Luna since she played an awesome role in this past weekend's episode? You've just got to love that Princess of the Night!

    Sorry that compilation posts have been getting later and later lately. I've been struggling with finishing up my university finals and have been insanely tired or busy. Anyhow, check out what we have after the break!

    Source 1
    The princess of the night v2

  • Comic: Surprise Gift / Rock Bottom / Luna's Guide to Common Pony Dreams

  • Vocal Music: Pony Cupcakes / Autumn Night / Arcenciel

    We have three vocal tracks for you all this time around, starting with a bit of island style Pinkie Pie, leading into creepy dark version of Autumn, and finishing with some rap! Check them out below.

    1.) Pony Cupcakes (Bacon Pancakes) - Coconeru
    2.) Bagpipe Brony -Autumn Night (ft. DJ Shamrock and BaldDumboRat)
    3.) Arcenciel (Redux) - Glitchhog & Koroshi-Ya

  • Comic: Founding Finding Fail / What a Great entrance / One More Rock / Hearth's Warming Eve

     Not every post can have 6 comics! Have a good old fashioned set of three four (I forgot I added one!). 

  • Top Ten Music of November - Community Voted

    The voting is in! Your choice for the top 10 pony songs of the month have been decided!  I'm seeing an electronic trend here.  You guys should try some other genres out!

    Find them all below.

  • Bronycon Holiday Sale! Tickets Cheaper in Pairs!

    A humongous amount of people last year means this one is probably going to be even crazier.  Bronycon has a deal going for 60 dollar tickets if you buy two or more.  As always, the full press release can be found after the break!

  • Music Remix: Lullaby Fluttershy / Twistrike (Sonic Breakbeat Remix) / Smile (Punk Rock Cover)

    Fluttershy definitely wins for most relaxing pony.  If i needed a camping trip to get away from it all, I'd totally bring her.  Otherwise Twilight gets my vote!

    And if you are too relaxed over that, have a bit of Twistrike remixing and Smile Smile Smile.  Check them out below!

    1.) [MLP music] Patrick Poe - Lullaby Fluttershy
    2.) ArtAttack - Twistrike (Sonic Breakbeat Remix)
    3.) Meelz - Smile (Punk Rock Cover)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #650

    Following my Dungeons and Dragons drawfriend blurb trend, even though I already blew through BG EE, lets talk about elementals shall we?  While earth may be tanky, I've always preferred fire!  Only with fire can I drop meteor storms and fireballs without worrying about an angry planar beast charging at my overly squishy wizard.  Not even the highest level summons are that reliable! Summon a plantar and cry when it's near magic immune pile of glowing holyness decides to rush at you with it's one shot kill blade after accidently pricking it with a burning hands.  Clearly elementals reign supreme. 

    On another note, was that seriously done in 30 minutes? Color me impressed.

    Have some art!

    Source 22
    30min Challenge - Earth
  • Story Updates December 10th

    Story updates! Apparently you do read this blurb, and today Zecora is best. 

    Now go read.

  • Study Stallion Stache off Finals

    You got your moustache, now it's time to celebrate.   Peter New, Tervor Devall, Lee Tockar, and John de Lancie are joining.  Head on down past the break for the information on it!

  • Epic Pony Rap Battles of Equestria: Iron Will Vs. Zecora

    Iron Will battles it out with Zeocra in a new EPIC PONY RAP BATTLES OF EQUESTRIA.  Can ponyville's number one rhymer defeat the king of confidence himself!? It's the matchup of the ages! Only one can be victorious, and it's up to you to decide!

    Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Discussion: Pegasisters or Bronies?

    It has been an all out battle since the term first arose roughly a year ago when a feminist watched the show and wrote up an article for the first time.  Apparently someone told her female fans of the show roll with "Pegasister", and since then it has been a big debate between some who accept the term and some who don't.  I usually just roll with the whole "anyone can roll with the brony title".  But I do a lot of things that people don't agree with! It's human nature. 

    So what do you all think? What should the official title for a female fan of the show be?
  • Story: Going Up

    [Slice of Life] "Both hilarious and heart-warming, this story left me grinning from ear-to-ear and filled with a warm fuzzy feeling that made the world seem just a little bit brighter."
    - Pre-reader lost in Middle-Earth

    Author: Chris
    Description: This is the story of a very ordinary pony's extraordinary day. Carrot Top and Derpy are good friends indeed, and sometimes friendship can lead to wonderful surprises. It can also lead to arguments, frustration, and general grumpiness, of course, and this story has all of those things as well. But mostly, this is a story about the day Carrot Top learned how to fly.

    Part of the Hearth's Warming Care Package, a set of stories written for Kiki.
    Going Up

    Additional Tags: A Bedtime Story for Kiki

    Kiki's Giveforward Page
  • Instrumental Music:Boo Hoo / Welcome to Saddle Arabia / Fluttershy's Garden

    We have a couple of instrumentals this time around from various genres, each with their own usage of samples.   Check them out below!

    1.) Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo (DnB/Drumstep)
    2.) Peak Freak - Welcome to Saddle Arabia (Orchestral)
    3.) Pixeltripper - Fluttershy's Garden

  • Nightly Roundup #521

    Captain Luna! For whatever reason she looks good in the pirate costume.

    Have some nightly roundup!