• Nightly Roundup #521

    Captain Luna! For whatever reason she looks good in the pirate costume.

    Have some nightly roundup!

    Fanfic poll #3

    The third installment of the fanfic survery has begun. Head on over here to take it!

    Cake !

    Twilight's Beard

    Madness I say.


    Escape the Moon

    It's a new episode of the Escape to the Moon podcast full of great topics and great ponies. Listen to the NLR cast talk about our friends wonderful Kickstarter project before we talk about the episode, a strange dream theory, dragons, OC's, the Lottery and of course destroying things with dump trucks.

    Podcast Link

    Ultra Fast Pony 14

    Find it here!

    Episode 12: Love is in Bloom and so is the Feather Flu

    Hey Everypony,

    We’re back from our break with a new episode! While Five Iron was enjoying his anniversary, I was sick. Now he’s sick. And Tetrapony’s sick. But Stewie and Norman from the MBS show are here and healthy. Plus we have a very special guest, my schmoopy doo, Nurse GlitterHeart to tell everypony what its like to be married to a brony.


    Ponyville Roundup 13

    "Scootaloo finally gets her own episode. Even a few surprises were in this episode. ^^"


    Cantercast 20

    Cantercast Show Notes for Episode 20
    Cantercast 20

    This week, the crew from Cantercast (the official podcast of canterlot.net) discussed Sleepless in Ponyville, the My Little Pony game from Gameloft and how to handle insults brought against the Brony Community. They also tackle the hard news about how Trixie is Great and Powerful amongst fans, how even manestream news noticed the mobile game, and the MLP Online game got a C&D. Art, music, and animation from the community.

    Come join us every Sunday at 9pm EST for Cantercast Weekly and every Monday through Friday at 11am EST for the new Cantercast Daily! Come to canterlot.net for news and community fun.

    The Brony Show Episode 78 -- Waltz Brony!

    Hi, everypony! Monday. Yeah, we hate them, too, but you can take a break from studying for finals to watch the Brony Show, right? It’ll be a blast, we assure you; take that boring edge of your Monday. We’ll start with the preshow at 5:00 EST/8:00 PST with fanfiction reading, so be sure to come by for that.

    Then we interview Waltz Brony, comic author for Derpy’s Wish and My Little Dashie! His deviantart is right here: http://waltzbrony.deviantart.com/ We’ll interview him with our own questuions, then turn him loose to you guys! Come with questions in mind so you can get your shot! After the interview, stick around for awesome PMVs, media and other random shenanigans. And speaking of which, be sure to stay for Crimson’s Afterparty, for random hijinks and a Let’s Play.

    Be sure to check out our previous episodes on Youtube, and on our Livestream and website. Find us on Steam to be notified about Let’s Plays and other random shenanigans we start!

    Find it here!

    DJ Pon3 Radio Show #1

    We're starting our first radio show on December 10th at 2pm EST GMT-05.00

    We'll be taking any and all questions during the show!

    Come and join us!




    Successful Meetups

    Colorado Meetup

    Yesterday the ColoradoBronies.org staff and friends met for a party and screening in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Much fun was had and delicious food was consumed at King's Chef, a local favorite. Happy holidays everyone!

    German Snow Pony!

    We got some snow here in Cologne what brought that sparkle to our eyes and triggered our creativity. So we went out today and built a snow pony - mainly made of snow.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Cutie Mark Pendants

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