• Random Merch: Wallets, Brushes, Pop up Books, and More!

    We have a couple of new ones this time.  It looks like things are winding down a bit now that the holiday new product rush is over. 

    Starting us off is a pop-out book from Target.com.  This one is actually up for pre-order with a release date of the 5th of March.   Head on over here if you want it! thanks to Caitlin and Ashley for the heads up. 

    Head on down past the break for more RANDOM MERCH!

    New Hot Topic Wallet

    It looks to be one of those hard cover wallets.   I don't know if the 20% cooler joke is overplayed yet in merch, but I'm sure a few of you will want this one!

    Thanks to Nelona for the image.


    I'm not sure what kind of tooth cleaning quality we can expect with these, but a couple of toothbrushes have popped up over in the UK.  I guess they would go well with that Twilight Sparkle brush holder from a while back! Thanks to Rebgel for the image.

    Doodle Dots Kit

    And finally, over in Iowa a new Doodle Dots set has popped up.  We haven't been bombarded with these in a while.  It seems like the art scene kind of disappeared for a bit.  It looks like quite a few designs are included if you are bored and feel like coloring some ponies the old fashioned way.

    Thanks to Treble Bolt for the images !

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