• Nightly Roundup #522

    There's nothing quite like having a calm, relaxing evening especially after days worth of stress has piled up on you. Even if nights like that elude you, remember to take a little bit of time for yourself to unwind lest you burn yourself out.

    Time for some news pony folk, check it out after the break. Sort of short tonight, so take the opportunity to get to bed early for once.

    Roleplaying Magic Cutie Cameo Contest

    The folks behind the Roleplaying is Magic project have a new contest for you guys that may prove interesting to some of you. For the upcoming release of the season 3 edition of their rulebook, they are offering a chance for your OC to appear in a cameo in the new edition! Interested? Check out the full details below.

    Do you love the art found throughout the My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic rulebooks? Have you ever thought, “It would be really cool if that were MY pony dancing around next to that paragraph?” If so, then you’re in luck! As a thank-you to our fans for supporting us, we thought it would be fun to give everypony an opportunity to have your OC make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Season Three Edition rulebook, by holding a contest!

    Interested? Check out this link for the full contest rules! Good luck, everypony!

    MLP Blind Readings - Episode 8


    Cantercast Daily - Episode 1

    Copy Paste:

    Cantercast Daily 001 Shownotes 
    Cantercast Daily 001

    In the first edition of Cantercast Daily, we talk about two upcoming cons, including who the guests are, what special events will take place. We also talk about an exciting new Daring Do audioplay, and limited edition christmas prints!

    We also discuss whether Trixie should have returned in season 2, or it was good to leave it to season 3. 

    Join us every day at 11am est and weekly for Cantercast Weekly at 9pm est. And join our community at Canterlot.net

    Cloudsdale Cafe - Episode 13

    Bluescreen Bronies - Episode 11

    Copy Paste:

    Hey folks slight update before the good stuff. The charity gaming marathon for Kiki will be held a week later than announced, now on the 29th of December from Noon until Midnight EST (-5 GMT). Nothing else has changed except the date.

    Episode 11 was majorly late due to Drac behind in the hospital, we apologize for the delay and have resolved that problem so it will not happen again in the future, although giving Vyraal access to his machine was slightly foolish. (Except blackmail photos sometime in the near future) This week we looked at Phantasy Star Online 2 and it's wonderful bugs, Wasteland 2 crowdsourcing, Pony games, Brony developer shutdowns, and more!

    This week's reviews:

    • Beat Hazard Ultra
    • Pony Game Rapid Fire
    • Torchlight 2
    Remember to help Kiki's Fund: http://www.giveforward.com/supportkikiscancerfund

    Send all questions/suggestions/complaints about Vyraal to [email protected]

    See you on the 29th!

    Episode Link

    Successful Meetups

    Paris Meetup Video

    Stonybrook University Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Ponybrook University (Stony Brook University) celebrated the end of the semester with an Applebee's dinner meet up. Took a while to seat 15 people but it was well worth it and we even had a mini after party centered around Paul's (Ponies Live! Now) Jurassic Park Jeep and a shopping cart we found in the parking lot. I'll only say it wasn't wise to bring ponies to half off appetizers and two for one drinks. (Though we'll probably keep doing it.) 

    The group, organized by Hoity Toity of the Traveling Pony Museum, meets every Wednesday for lunch during campus lifetime and will be resuming again next semester. 

    Kezzim of Bronies NYC as well as Inky Notebook (Traveling Pony Museum) would like to extend offers for anyone in the New York or Long Island / Stony Brook area to come join us during the semester lunches (12:50pm SAC upper cafeteria) or any of Ponybrook Universities events.

    Note : Ponybrook will be meeting one last time next weekend (15th or 16th) for another dinner for all of the members who couldn't make the Applebee's meet. Check in on the FB page for more information.


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Rarity Pillow
    Pony Ties and Bow Ties
    Applejack and Rainbow Dash Tote Bag

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