• Animation: Colgate Learns a Lesson

    I actually bought a new electronic toothbrush due to Colgate. All of these animations, stories, and songs dedicated to clean teeth made roll with it. Pony improves another section of life!

    Anyway, have a Colgate animation below the break.

  • Music of the Day #33

    I said nothing when Seth took my Followup, because he really likes Trixie and that's fine with me. I said nothing when PK did a Roundup, because frankly I was proud of him for actually doing something.

    Now they've asked me to do a Music of the Day post, and I can't say anything at all.

    That sounded a lot funnier in my head.

  • PMV: It's Always a Good Time / Friendship is The Last Resort / My Little Cultists / My Little Cultists / Howl

    Get a chocolate shake, relax, and watch some PMV's.  We have a bunch of them tonight!

    1.) My little pony: It's Always a Good Time HD
    2.) PMV - My Little Pony: Friendship is The Last Resort
    3.) My Little Cultists
    4.) Howl [PMV]

  • Spotlight Remix/Foval Music: General Mumble - Babs Seed / ) Babs Seed (P1K Cover) feat. Meelz / I Just Don't Know

    That has to be the most unique Babs Seed remix I've listened to so far. With how many times we have received the vocal portion laid on top of an electronic back track, it's refreshing to say the least!

    Anyway, we have two babs seed and a new vocal track dedicated to Derpy! Check them all out beow!

    1.) General Mumble - Babs Seed RMX
    2.) Babs Seed (P1K Cover) feat. Meelz
    3.) Caine the Doombringer - I Just Don't Know

  • Untitled

    All it needs is a wheel.  My headcanon demands she trip over one.
  • Convention Compilation - December 2nd

    With the convention season starting in a few months, we have a couple of new ones popping up around the world looking to fill their ranks.

    Have some headlines: 

    Cutie Mark Con Announced
    Crystal Fair Announced
    Cloudsdale Congress Announced
    PHPonyCon 2013 Change of Date and Venue
    Sac Brony Expo 
    Bronycon: Musicians of BronyPalooza

    With full articles after the break.
  • Spotlight Vocal Music: Reach / Friendship Checklist / Scootaloo Slam Those Drums into Oblivion

    Time for that vocal music! We haven't had enough of these in a row for a while now.  That first one reminds me of Mirrors Edge, definitely one of my favorites.  Anyway head on down past the break for all of them!

    1.) {MLP:FiM} Evening Star - Reach
    2.) Friendship Checklist (Ft. Eile Monty & MrsGigglyMaria)
    3.) Coconeru - Scootaloo Slam Those Drums Into Oblivion

  • Hot Topic Jokes about Derpy

    Apparently the web team over at Hot Topic is running into a bit of trouble with Derpy's name.  This little caption popped up on the Derpy Hoodie above:
    No Derpy? Can we still call her Ditzy Doo - or is that taboo too? Boo.
    I got a laugh out of it.   She has been given various names over her time on the website.  Everything from Bubbles Pegasus to Googly Eyes Pony.  What do you guys think? If Derpy isn't available for merch, should Ditzy Doo be the fallback?
  • Custom Compilation #94

    When something new comes out it sure doesn't take you guys very long to grasp hold of the opportunity to make lots and lots of cool stuff. Never change you guys!

    Some custom creations are on the way after the break!

    Source 1
    Babs Seed custom figure -FOR SALE

  • Drawfriend Stuff #643

    70 images in this one, 40 in Trixie's.  I think we broke 100 today! Good work everyone!

    Lets start with some Cerberus.  It's still pretty surprising that Equestria has this beast guarding what is the equivalent of the underworld in Greek mythology.   They didn't even pinken him up! Hes genuinely a badass, if a little susceptible to what every other dog is weak against. 

    Onward to art.

    Source 1
    Guardian of Tartarus
  • Drawfriend Stuff #642 - Great and Powerful Takeover Edition

    It looks like you guys managed to draw enough Trixie for her own post!  We haven't had that since Chrysalis Edition (which is still one of my favorites, I love that color combo.) Good work everyone! My Trixie collection wasn't growing at nearly a fast enough rate.

    Now go have some art! Regular Drawfriend will be up in a bit. 

    Source 1
    Trixie's Life is so Hard
  • "Magic Duel": Episode Followup - Great and Powerful Edition

    Two years ago, a showmare looking to show off her Great and Powerful abilities visited a small town nestled under the shadow of the mighty Canterlot mountain.  The friendly population of  Ponyville denizens remember her as the nuisance whos lies almost cost them their lives (along with two less than intelligent colts).  While some did seem to enjoy seeing their resident narcissist wrapped and spun around in her own rainbows, the magician's reputation was as broken as the wagon she once called her home.  With her tail between her legs, she raced off in hopes of finding a new life without giant cosmic bear cubs and overly talented unicorn students. 

    Yesterday we got a chance to witness her glorious return! The Great and Powerful Trixie was back with revenge on mind and a magical alicorn necklace empowering her already formidable abilities. 

    Without further ado, I give you the Magic Duel episode followup, commandeered from Cereal Velocity due to greatness of a specific blue pony and my inability to resist taking over her episode on EQD! Head on down past the break for all of it!

  • Comic: Pinkie_Laugh.exe / Hakuna Matata

    We already tossed 9 comics out this this morning, why not make it two more! Consider this the MORNING OF THE COMIC.

  • Random Media: Mentally Advanced Series Returns / Filly Games Nightmare Night Radio Play

    Our first one today in this post filled with things I can't find a good category for is a radio play from Filly Gamez dedicated to good old Nightmare Night. The voices they snagged are impressive to say the least!

    And in the second slot, FimFlamFilosophy appears to be returning to his Mentally Abridged series after a massive haitus of Rainbow Dash Presents episodes.

    And finally, a bit of Source Filmmaker poker, just for the hell of it. Find them all below!

  • Comic: Stained Glass Window / Apple Family Tradition / Typing with Ponies / Your Coat, Doctor / Edible Boots

    Have a break from the Trixie comic flood! We have everything from Celestia's odd decoration choices to a Doctor Who reference for those that watched the older series.  Click for full!

  • Comic: Magic Duel / Easy Money / Equestrian Globetrotter / Great and Powerful Delivery

    We have a few more Trixie comics this morning, and it's looking like we might have enough for a full on Trixie only drawfriend in a bit here.  I for one am perfectly cool with this. 

  • Untitled

  • Nightly Roundup #513

    Hey, everyone! Long time, no see! This is PK here, bringing you another fresh squeezed nightly roundup- once again returning to the Best Pony edition.

    Say it with me, folks.Twilight Sparkle is Truly the Cutest and Most Bestest pony.

    Are we clear on that? Yes? Good. Check out under the break for all the pony your little hearts can handle.