• Nightly Roundup #513

    Hey, everyone! Long time, no see! This is PK here, bringing you another fresh squeezed nightly roundup- once again returning to the Best Pony edition.

    Say it with me, folks.Twilight Sparkle is Truly the Cutest and Most Bestest pony.

    Are we clear on that? Yes? Good. Check out under the break for all the pony your little hearts can handle.

    Brony Bus

    Are you a Pony fan? Do you live in the UK? Are you sad because you won't be able to get to BUCK?

    Well, cry no more! A service called Brony Bus has popped up, and it can take you there if you live in one of the areas it services. Check it out here!

    Shipping and Handling Audio Play Needs Musicians

    "The production of Shipping and Handling; Audio Play, are looking for musicians who are willing to make a short thirty second to one minute song that will be played in chapter 8 of the story Shipping and Handling.
    Details of the situation where the song will be played:
    Vinyl Scratch is attempting to fix her DJ system at the local Canterlot club and when she does fix it, the speakers start playing a song that is, as quoted in the story, "a nearly deafening blare of sound."
    What we want from a musician:
    Someone who can make a good song that is both clean, and fits this situation very well.
    It would be preferred that lyrics not be added.
    The song must reach the preferred time frame (0:30 - 1:00)
    If you would like to offer your services, please send an email to [email protected]"

    Animation Project Looking for Voice Actors

    "The Ray and Azo project is an upcoming fan made pony animated series
    that is currently under development right now! Based off of the fanfic
    written by sliverdrey on deviantart, this project is one adventurous
    step for bronykind. We are trying to accomplish something never done
    before! Create a series that gives off the feel of anime, but retains
    its faithful My Little Pony roots.

     We are aiming to complete the pilot episode by summer 2013. In order
    to pull it off,we require a lot of help. We need voice actors to voice
    various characters. If interested, you can sign up here:


     If you want to help us in any other way, either spread the word or
    check out the recruitment page for more details here (we could use
    animators, background artists, 3D artists, and character artists):


     Check out our FAQ for more info:  http://www.rayandazo.com/apps/faq/ "

    The Magic Duel Told Entirely in Rhyme

    I'm not sure how to introduce this except to say
    I don't think I have it in me to sum up an episode this way.

    Click here to find the rhymes.
    Stave off scurvy; eat some limes.


    Lunar Fever

    Hey there, we're the lunar fever podcast, a new show dedicated to the musical side of the fandom. 
    In this first episode you get to know our group as we talk about various things in the fandom, from last weeks episode to the newest music. 

    our main goal here will of course be to help you the fans get to learn about new and old musicians, and see things in a way the normal listener doesn't.

     With a very long list of musician interviews DJ Octaviapus and DJ Frewtlewps are back in action with their new show and will be joined with co-host and master musician/editor Raving Mango, a long time friend. 

    Also in this episode we interview ElectroKaplosion live on Luna Radio (http://www.lunaloves.us/) about various things, as he gives us a little taste of his "skills".
    The Artist Alley

    Voting Video for the Top Ten Songs

     Bronies of War

    We're called the Bronies of War (kind of a quick name) and we've recently started putting out a podcast based around the brony gaming community as a whole. I know there are a lot of brony based podcasts out there, but we felt there weren't enough that dealt with the gaming side of things so we decided to start our own.

    There're three of us involved (Matheniel, Tagshadow, and Lobine). We focus on a few things in each podcast, namely the most recent episode, some interviews with members of the brony community (we're especially trying to focus on the gaming community but also in the arts as well), and some discussion about recent and future gaming titles.

    We've got our first episode out so far with our second being recorded today. We'll be releasing one every weekend in response to the latest episode, and we'll also be doing some inbetween episodes whenever we have someone we'd like to interview on the show. For more information on the podcast, you can check out our tumblr (http://broniesofwar.tumblr.com), our iTunes page (http://derpy.me/broniesofwaritunes), or our page over on PodOmatic (http://www.podomatic.com/broniesofwar).

    Winter Wrap-Up Minecraft Parody

    "September" On Floppy Drives

    I have a soft spot in my heart for floppy disk music. More pony floppy disk music plz

    Successful Meetups


    Today (the 1. December) the german Bronies from Berlin has come together for some good rounds of old classic bowling. First we met on a subway station to collected all bronies near by (where we met some new bronies and the guy who has organized that Meetup xD). We were just standing there and talked for a long time and the we decided to go on but therefor we had to decid if we go or if we take the bus. We took the bus xD. Some of us started to sing a song while others traded some merchandise. Nearly we missed the station where we had to go out. It looked like that one old movie scenes where twenty clowns come out of a car but in this case the car was a bus. Finally we arrived at the bowling center and we stormed to the reception to get our bowling shoes. We had three bowling alleys and so we splitted up in three teams (a team with 4 people, one team with ... i dont know i think we were a bit more then twenty people in the end). It was so much fun even if I didnt played so well :P. I talked to one of our members and he told me a lot about the convention in poland where he was and it was so interesting OH and there was a group of little girls next to us and they had a cake with some horses on it. On of our members placed a Rainbow Dash Blindbag figure right next to it and asked for a photo. Later that day we packed our stuff and our merchandise and moved on. We went together to the bus station and traveled to a shopping center in the near to buy us some milkshakes (I think you know why xD). After we bought our milkshakes some of us stayed while the rest of us went home or in my case went to another center near by for some secret things and went home after that. And that is the end of our copy paste stuff thingy xD.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

     North Carolina

    Join our little North Carolinian family at the Team Brony North Carolina Facebook page. Participate in conversations, meetups, and more. We are currently planning a meetup at AMC at Concord Mills Mall where we will see The Hobbit, walk the mall and toys r us, and then get a cup of coffee/hot chocolate at the Starbucks across the road.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff

    Fluttershy Beanie
    Derpy Beanie
    Trixie Bead Pony
    Babs Seed Custom