• "Magic Duel": Episode Followup - Great and Powerful Edition

    Two years ago, a showmare looking to show off her Great and Powerful abilities visited a small town nestled under the shadow of the mighty Canterlot mountain.  The friendly population of  Ponyville denizens remember her as the nuisance whos lies almost cost them their lives (along with two less than intelligent colts).  While some did seem to enjoy seeing their resident narcissist wrapped and spun around in her own rainbows, the magician's reputation was as broken as the wagon she once called her home.  With her tail between her legs, she raced off in hopes of finding a new life without giant cosmic bear cubs and overly talented unicorn students. 

    Yesterday we got a chance to witness her glorious return! The Great and Powerful Trixie was back with revenge on mind and a magical alicorn necklace empowering her already formidable abilities. 

    Without further ado, I give you the Magic Duel episode followup, commandeered from Cereal Velocity due to greatness of a specific blue pony and my inability to resist taking over her episode on EQD! Head on down past the break for all of it!

    Darker Than Usual?

    Meghan McCarthy joked around yesterday on her Twitter Page about Trixie being more brony-oriented (though you could draw multiple meanings out of that). While it doesn't go too far by any means, this episode definitely had a noticeably darker tone. Right from the get-go, we have a creepy shop in the back alleys of Canterlot (which we just happened to run into a few weeks ago) with an equally shady dealer. I'm sure he will be named and back-storied within the week. 

    Alicorns Become Canon

    I didn't realize this at all while watching it, but apparently the Alicorn Amulet is the first time we actually hear the word "alicorn" used in show.  I think I've heard Lauren use it on her Deviant Art a few times, so it wasn't too surprising, but enough people made a big deal about it I figured I'd mention it!

    Synopsis And Spoilers! 

    For whatever reason, season three is releasing so many commercials, promos, and early synopsis that each episode is pretty much an open book! I really do wonder what it would have been like to be sitting there with zero knowledge of this one, only to come back after the commercial break to find out that the "powerful" hints the shopkeeper drops were actually pointed at the cloaked figure being Trixie all along. That would have made it all the sweeter.

    Fluttershy Episode! 

    Trixie and Twilight weren't the only ponies with major airtime in this one. The added addition of these Fluttershy scenes really made the episode shine.

    Don't buck with Fluttershy! I'd be running for the hills if I was Twilight right now. It's not worth the risk! Levitate some rocks!

    Then again, I'm not a ridiculously cute purple pony. Who could harm that face?

    Trixie Revealed! 

    I always did like blue and red. That's a great combo right there! Trixie ditched (or temporarily lost) her cape and hat for this new dark cloaked evilmare look, and I'm perfectly fine with it.

    I bet a few ponies in that crowd back there were cheering after this one. Dash hasn't exactly been a saint these last few seasons. Payback for jousting Fluttershy right there!

    And if they didn't cheer for that, they were cheering for this! The true cause of the Ursa Rampage of 2010.

    And as much as I love Pinkie Pie, an episode long break after "Too Many Pinkie Pies" is perfectly fine in my book.

    Alright, that one was a bit uncalled for.

    The Flashback

    I genuinely felt bad for her at this point. Ponies can be pretty cruel! A utopia Equestria is not!

    Look at how happy she is! You can almost feel the heartcrushing moment when she realizes she has barely scratched the surface. Honestly though, it can't be that difficult with magic in comparison to an earth pony rock farmer. Can you imagine breaking all of those with a hammer in your teeth? The vibrations alone with cause horrible headaches.

    Duel Time! 

    I love Trixie's facial expressions in this episode. If I still had a use for reaction images here on EQD, I'd be in heaven.  Maybe I should re-enable that image comment thing... the moderators would probably call Celestia to send me to the moon if I did, but it's hard to resist!

    Well, that got violent quick! A damn fine use of the Wilhelm Scream though. I didn't know mares could pull that off! I guess if I was about to be crushed by a giant apple cart I'd be pretty freaked too though.  I'm surprised they let Trixie get away with that one.

    Alright, that was awesome. Summon: Parasprite sounds incredibly useful.

    A bit of an upgrade over her usual weather magic! From tiny little lightning bolts to giant clouds of snow.

    I don't judge.

    And finally, age magic. Something only the highest level unicorns can pull off.  Twilight "almost" pulls it off, meaning she's probably a few years away from immortality and the same for all her close friends! I guess that whole lonely immortal princess Celestia thing isn't too much a factor now that we know this exists. I guess the old ponies in Ponyville opted out? Or maybe it doesn't work on Earth ponies? Over analysis begin!

    I have spent the last two years hoping for an evil Trixie laugh, and here it was! Now we just need a villain song out of her and I'll be set for life.

    And once again, Ponyville is taken over. I honestly would have moved out of there after the third or forth devastating event!

    With my reputation, I'm sure it's dangerous to joke around at all about Trixie and whips, so just have a screenshot.

    Dayum girl. It's a shame you don't like wheels, I can only imagine the rims you would deck that thing out in.

    Magic Training

    I always did like Zecora, and now she has evolved from alchemist brewing cures and remedies to full on witchdoctor with actual magical abilities.

    At this point in ponydom, I don't think it's any secret that someone over at DHX is a Star Wars fan.  From the entire finale of the Discord episode, to the piles of other references, they just keep coming.  Zecora makes a badass Yoda too.  I actually prefer the rhyming over the backwards speech.

    Uh oh!

    Return of the wet manes!  Sadly it doesn't look too good on Twilight!  I remember back in my gradeschool days wearing the helmet head look.

    Trixie Goes Evil Overlord Mode, Part One

    Tickling magic... that's a new one! She starts off with some relatively innocent spells to control the population of Ponyville.

    Uh... kind of.

    Rarity has some pretty amazing scenes this season, this being one of them.  Marshmallow hooves with nerve endings confirmed!

    They better keep a few of these statues around for the rest of the season!

    More Fluttershy! 

    As I noted earlier on, Fluttershy was straight up great in this episode.

    Yep, you just keep on volunteering Fluttershy for the life threatening stuff Dash!

    You can really see the excitement in her eyes.  She's loving the idea of facing danger head on.

    Hold up though, is that Fluttershy in a hoodie with socks, goggles, and bunny ears?  Did they really just do that? How many heart attacks did DHX report this year?  Rolling all the fluttermemes into one is straight up dangerous! The addition of a juicebox would have ripped apart space and time!

    The Cute and Cuddly Trixie 

    Yeah yeah, it's your fault for clicking this post after I said I commandeered it from Cereal.  I couldn't hold myself back forever.





     (Obligatory scrunchy face.)

    Unicorn Duel #2

    Alright, I need more red evil eyes on my Trixies.

    This part was pretty Twilight Sparkle dominated.

    Last gif! Then Twilight, I promise!

    I honestly thought Twilight was pulling off some super secret Zecora voodoo magic at this point.  Consider me completely fooled. You win Mr. Larson... this time.

    Obligatory Lyra and Bonbon. I guess this makes up for fooling me. These two seem to be the new Derpy, and I'm honestly cool with it. 

    MFW they actually did this.

    Alright, I lied. One more gif.  How could I not include the Greater and More Powerfuler TRRRIXIE?

    It's a good thing they got that amulet off her. She went from tickle attacks to WRITHE IN AGONY bolts!  This show was about to run with full on grimdark!

    Bested by Twilight again... poor Trixie.


    >you will never hold a Fluttershy in your arms

    Saddle Arabia, land of the horses. Celestia looks like she fits in perfectly. A Saddle Arabian conspiracy perhaps?  Royal intrigue? Governmental takeovers?

    And thus ends the Great and Powerful Trixie.

    I admit, as much as I love the redemption ending, I was afraid it would go this route.   Without the recurring villain role, she doesn't really have much of a chance of returning! The poor girl may have seen her last episode this time.  Hopefully she at least snags a background role in some distant future episode.  I can't imagine a pony without the prospect of a possible Trixie encounter down the line!

    At least shes still apparently full of herself! Even the Great and Apologetic Trixie loves to boast.  There is the issue of her reputation still being horrible though.  She didn't exactly heal it with anyone other than Twilight Sparkle.  Luna could totally use an equally outcasted apprentice... yep...

    And with her less than stellar exit, Trixie is off once again into the night!  Hopefully that jaw of hers heals after the ending faceplant! You can't talk about how awesome you are with a broken mouth!

    Speaking of mouth, best ending ever?

    Great and Powerful obvious bias aside, this episode was awesome.  Everything from the humor to the story itself was excellent.  Everyone on staff that brought it to us deserves a huge pat on the back.  I've never seen our episode discussion post so filled with positive comments, and for a pony that quite a few of you probably aren't too fond of at that!   If we never see another Trixie episode, this was the best way to end her legacy. 

    (Seriously though, more Trixie episodes!)

    Sethisto out!

    Actually have an embed anyway.