• Too Many Pinkie Pies - Episode Discussion

    How do I hold all these Pinkies? I don't know, but the odds of one jumping through the fourth wall and out of my computer screen are increasing with every new Pinkie Pie. I think I'm okay with this, though...

    iTunes HD
    iTunes SD

    Xyro's note: looks like iTunes dropped the ball today and released the episode early! We have HD uploads less than an hour from airtime. Thanks to those on top of it!
  • Nightly Roundup #500

    Happy 500th Roundup my dear friends! That's right, we've hit the big five-zero-zero, half way to one thousand nights of pony news! This tired science pony couldn't be happier and neither can Pinkie Pie who just can't run out of things to celebrate this coming weekend. Here's to many more nights of cake, craziness, and fun!

    What are you waiting for? Check out all the stuff after the break!

  • Pinkie and Twilight Say Goodnight!

    Click me!

    Has a week really gone by already? Time sure does fly in the pony world! And as another week has passed we have another brief message from Pinkie, this time assisted by Twi, as we quickly approach another new episode of pony!

    Have a good night everyone and I hope to see you all fresh and ready for the episode tomorrow!
  • Convention Compilation - November 16th

    We have a ton of conventions on the way here around the world! Headlines are below, and full press releases after the break! 
    • Sweet Apple Acres Con Information
    • Bronyfest 2013 Kickstarter
    • Ponycon AU Accepting Exhibitors
    • PHPonyCon 2013 Updates + Pledging Rounds
    • Official Polish Pony Convention. "My Little Konwent"
    • Wintermoon Atlanta Cancelled

  • Instrumental Music: Clear the Skies / Those Purple Scales / The Sights of Equestria

    Time for some of that instrumentaly goodness.  We have a wide variety of speeds this time around, starting fast and rolling slow.  Find them all below with genres in their titles.

    1.) "Clear the Skies! (Theme of Rainbow Dash)" - MLP-Inspired Original Work (Speedpunk)
    2.) Neighsayer - Those Purple Scales
    3.) [Orchestral] The Sights of Equestria (Orchestral)

  • We Love Fine Reveals Vinyl Scratch Hug-Me Backpack

    It looks like Rainbow Dash wasn't the only Hug-Me Backpack We Love Fine had plans for.  Vinyl Scratch has also popped up with a similar design and  of course, the trademark shades.  It looks like she clocks in at 49 bucks as well!  They dropped this blurb off on the page:
    So all of you in the My Little Pony fan community made our Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack such a HUGE hit, we decided that just one awesome and totally PONY backpack wasn't enough! We are excited to announce the latest addition to our My Little Pony category, and you're going to want to crank up the BASS for this! Announcing: The DJ PON-3 Hug Me Backpack!

    Once again, this soft, cuddly, and stylish backpack is exclusive to WeLoveFine.comand features a zippered 5x5" pocket (enough for your phone, keys and wallet), adjustable straps that extend to 35" and will fit comfortably on a ladies' small through a mens' 3XL! There are also some NEW features that are exclusive to DJ PON-3!: She features vinyl sunglasses and the shoulder straps are REFLECTIVE! She also features a removable musical note pin that blinks with tiny LED lights! AND… that zippered pocket? It features a tiny hole above for your MP3 player's headphone wire, letting you listen to your tunes and OONTZ OONTZ everywhere you and Vinyl Scratch go! So cooooooool.
    And there you have it! I wonder how many people are going to be running around with these at the swarm of upcoming conventions?

  • Another Too Many Pinkie Image on The Hub Facebook!

    I'm running out of generic vector Pinkie Pie images for all these Pinkie Pie posts.

    The Hub has tossed a Too Many Pinkie's image up on their Facebook Page.  Find it below the break!

  • Summer Funimation Project Seeking Three Voice Actors

    The Bit Bucket Brigade's animation project is taking a bit longer than planned, but that's usually how animation stuff works!   Right now they are looking for a couple of voice actors for Applebloom, Twilight Sparkle, and Pinkie pie.  Head on down past the break for all the relevant information on it!

  • More Images from the Episode Tomorrow

    Comics Alliance has tossed a couple new images up for the Pinkie Pie episode!  I can only imagine how crazy this is going to be.  Find them after the break, or on their website here!

  • Desert Bus Charity Begins Tonight!

    If you were around last year, we tossed up a charity project going by the name of Desert Bus, which ended up getting flooded with pony.  As is the norm for being flooded with pony, donations were soon to follow. This year they have a few pony auctions going up throughout the event,  including a really neat Rainbow Dash plushie mixed in with the already massive amount of gaming/geek culture swag.

    The actual event begins at 9:00 PM (not counting the pre-shows), so if pony marathons aren't your thing, you might want to hit this one up instead while waiting for the new episode tomorrow!

    Find the schedule over here,  and of course, the website itself here.

  • Vocal Music: Different View / Heart of Fire / Lyra Everywhere

    Can't Stop Watching
    We have three vocal tracks this time around. Everything from soft hip hop to your usual acoustic stuff! Find them below.

    1.) DancesWithBaglez ft. Feather - Different View (MLP FIM Fan Music)
    2.) Heart of Fire [dragon mix]
    3.) Lyra Everywhere - Hergest Ridge feat. Vivace Capriccioso

  • Meet the Dragon

    I wonder if anyone is keeping track to number of per of mashups per fandom.  It seems like TF2 and Fallout are the most common!

    Anyway, for those of you that liked that headswap TF2 series from a while back, a new one has popped up.  Check it out below!

  • Game: Pie!

    Soarin loves pie.  Luckily Discord seems to be raining them down upon ponyville along with various other objects and ponies.  All you need to do is collect said pie to keep your energy up, which in turn allows you to collect more pie.  That's a lot of pie.  Go play it here!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #626

    Underwater edition! Or surreal zodiac edition depending on who you ask. 

    Have some art

    Source 1
    Tamer Trixie - Pisces

  • Story Updates November 16th (Afternoon)

    Time for them crazy story updates, we even have some Past Sins in here for those looking for that.  Find them all below!

  • Story: Lost Princess


    Author: ugugg93
    Description: After hours at the Sugarcube Corner, a heavy storm thundering outside, Pinkie finds a pony knocking on the door.

    Lost Princess

    Additional Tags: Shipping, Pinkie, Rarity, Rain, Drinking
  • Too Many Pinkie Pies Clip on Hub Youtube

    The Hub has tossed another preview up! Check it out after the break.

  • Entertainment Weekly Exclusive: Too Many Pinkies Clip!

    Entertainment Weekly has released a clip for tomorrow's episode!  Can you handle the Pinkie? I don't think you can handle the Pinkie.

    Head on over here to check it out!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!

    (Now with 100% less "word that is only bad in the pony fandom" typos!) 
  • Streams and Marathons Today - November 16

    We have a whole plethora of marathons and streams for you all today! Head on down past the break for the list of all of them!

    Expect to see the ones doing the episodes tonight in the main post as well!

  • A Hot Minute Wtih Rainbow Dash

    Hot Topic has released part two of their Hot Minute series, this time dedicated to Rainbow Dash! Head on down past the break to check it out.

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!

  • My Little Pony Micro Comic Series in February

    It looks like the huge success of the comic has spawned a completely new secondary series.  This one will be releasing simultaneously with the current set, and feature six books in total, each dedicated to one of the mane cast each.  Have a synopsis from Bleeding Cool:
    Introducing the first of six spotlights focusing on everyone’s favorite Ponies! Twilight Sparkle becomes enthralled in a literary masterpiece. Dismayed to hear the series never continued, Twilight goes on a quest to hunt down the reclusive author, Jade Singer. It will take all of the studious Pony’s detective skill to find the author, and twists and turns abound! Don’t miss this adventure in imagination!
    We also have a new synopsis for issue #4 after the break to avoid spoilers.

    So, good work guys! Looks like our tsunami of pre-orders worked out just as planned! As long as we keep swarming them, we will see more!

  • Giddy Up - The Song from the Friendship is Magic Commercial.

     This one has been in and out of the inbox all day, via an assortment of Youtube links.  Many of you were curious on what exactly that song from the Friendship is Magic commercials was actually from.  Turns out it's not actually a pony song, but a generic network broadcast tune that they grabbed due to the "Giddy Up" relation.

    It can actually be found on Myspace here

    Some have uploaded it to Youtube, as mentioned above.  Head on down past the break for it!

  • Untitled

  • What Happens when Pony Fans are Also Doctor Who fans?

    We seem to be running into a bit of an issue here! See, I can't bring myself to not include Doctor Who in my top five.  I know I'm not alone. Based on the polls we have run here on EQD, The Doctor is definitely one of the most popular characters around!  The voting system they have set up on the site simply tallies votes with one point going toward each of your top 5. 

    So, we need more people that aren't fans of Doctor Who to go vote! Get over there!
  • MLP Facebook Page Seeking Feedback on Nightmare Moon

    Or at least that appears to be what is going on here.  The My Little Pony facebook page tossed this image up with the following caption:
    Fans, we have an image just for you from the Gameloft developers! Do you "like" this version of Nightmare Moon?
    I'm assuming they want some feedback then! Personally it looks pretty solid, and about what I'd expect out of the graphics style the My Little Pony game rolls with. 

    Check out their page here!