• We Love Fine Reveals Vinyl Scratch Hug-Me Backpack

    It looks like Rainbow Dash wasn't the only Hug-Me Backpack We Love Fine had plans for.  Vinyl Scratch has also popped up with a similar design and  of course, the trademark shades.  It looks like she clocks in at 49 bucks as well!  They dropped this blurb off on the page:
    So all of you in the My Little Pony fan community made our Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack such a HUGE hit, we decided that just one awesome and totally PONY backpack wasn't enough! We are excited to announce the latest addition to our My Little Pony category, and you're going to want to crank up the BASS for this! Announcing: The DJ PON-3 Hug Me Backpack!

    Once again, this soft, cuddly, and stylish backpack is exclusive to WeLoveFine.comand features a zippered 5x5" pocket (enough for your phone, keys and wallet), adjustable straps that extend to 35" and will fit comfortably on a ladies' small through a mens' 3XL! There are also some NEW features that are exclusive to DJ PON-3!: She features vinyl sunglasses and the shoulder straps are REFLECTIVE! She also features a removable musical note pin that blinks with tiny LED lights! AND… that zippered pocket? It features a tiny hole above for your MP3 player's headphone wire, letting you listen to your tunes and OONTZ OONTZ everywhere you and Vinyl Scratch go! So cooooooool.
    And there you have it! I wonder how many people are going to be running around with these at the swarm of upcoming conventions?