• Convention Compilation - November 16th

    We have a ton of conventions on the way here around the world! Headlines are below, and full press releases after the break! 
    • Sweet Apple Acres Con Information
    • Bronyfest 2013 Kickstarter
    • Ponycon AU Accepting Exhibitors
    • PHPonyCon 2013 Updates + Pledging Rounds
    • Official Polish Pony Convention. "My Little Konwent"
    • Wintermoon Atlanta Cancelled

    Sweet Apple Acres Con Information

    Hello every pony! It has been many months since Sweet Apple Acres Con's last major announcement, but here we are now with a lot of great news to present. SAAC will be the weekend of July 12-14 and located at the Millenium Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. We are honored to bring you what is anticipated to be the largest and most exciting brony event in the Southeast. Registration only costs $35 for a full weekend badge if you pre-register with us before Dec. 31, 2012. After that, the prices will begin rising. And with that, here are some more announcements we are eager to share.


    Sweet Apple Acres Con is pleased to announce Ryan "Petirep" and Greg of Rainbow Dash Presents as featured guests. Greg and Ryan will be debuting a new episode of Rainbow Dash Presents at our convention.

    We are also excited to announce that Hot Diggedy Demon, known mostly within the brony community for his .MOV series, will be one of our featured guests.


    -Full Weekend Badge: $35 (pre-registered by Dec. 31, 2012)

    -Blue Ribbon Badge: $90 (only 100 available)
    *The official con comic featuring our mascots “Lil Opry” and “Rowdy Sketch” with a limited edition cover drawn by Rainbow Dash Presents’ artist, Ryan “Peterip” Petrie
    *Your name listed in the "Thanks" section of the comic and program
    *Limited edition SAAC t-shirt
    *One (1) hour early entrance into the vendor/artist alley area

    -VIP Badge: $150 (only 50 available)
    *Early access to events/priority seating (must arrive 10 minutes before the event starts for a guaranteed spot)
    *The official con comic featuring our mascots “Lil Opry” and “Rowdy Sketch” with a VIP limited edition cover drawn by (will announce soon)
    *Your name listed in the "Special Thanks" section of the comic and program
    *Limited edition SAAC t-shirt
    *One (1) hour early entrance into the vendor/artist alley area!

    *Official convention poster signed by artist Annie Erskine
    *An exclusive private dinner with the con head, some staff, and possible featured guests
    *Mystery box with various prizes in it

    Badges may be purchased at our Eventbrite page, which can be found at http://sweetappleacrescon.eventbrite.com, and they are nonrefundable.

    Vendor and artist registration forms can be found at http://www.sweetapplecon.com/table-info/.


    Website: http://www.sweetapplecon.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SweetAppleAcresCon
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SweetAppleCon

    Bronyfest 2013

    All information on their KS page

    Ponycon AU Accepting Exhibitors

    Ponycon AU is now accepting applications for exhibitors and performers!

    You can apply here: http://www.ponyconau.com/exhibitors/

    For those who don't know what Ponycon AU is, here's some copypasta from their "About" page:

    Ponycon AU is Australia’s first ever My Little Pony convention, being held in 2013 at theUNSW RoundHouse. The convention will run over two days from Saturday April 6th to Sunday April 7th.

    Ponycon AU was founded in January 2012 based on the large demand for an Australian-based My Little Pony convention. We aim to give Australians a chance at meeting some of their favourite special guests from the show, and showcase the talent of Australian and international brony artists, merchandise designers, and musicians and to provide an exciting community based event for Australians of all ages.

    Ponycon AU is organised by volunteers from around Australia working in various faculties, to ensure the success of the convention.

    On the 11th of August, we started an Indiegogo campaign to help with fundraising for the event. This campaign was a success, raising over eight thousand dollars. The money raised goes towards booking the venue, and securing international guests.

    Ponycon AU's site can be found here: http://www.ponyconau.com/

    PHPonyCon 2013 Updates + Pledging Rounds

    Hello, everypony! We've got news for you concerning PHPonyCon 2013.

    First of all, PHPonyCon 2013 will now be from 12 PM to 12 midnight. This now includes two new programs: Coffee Hour and PHPonyCon After-Party.

    A one-hour pre-convention program, Coffee Hour serves as an ideal ice-breaker for both new and previous guests of PHPonyCon, to warm up in time for the con's festivities. Prepare for one hour of socializing, mingling, and indulging in coffee and pastries.

    Cap off the convention with the two-hour post-convention after-party! Expect the after-party to be all about dancing, party music, and random fun!

    Second, we now have a detailed list of policies regarding safety and security, as well as conduct. Please take note that we're also implementing the No-Press Policy, which means we're strictly against allowing the media from taking coverage of the convention.

    Third, we'll be holding five pledging meets on November 18 and 25, and December 2, 9 and 16, from 1 to 6 pm. The venue for the first four rounds will be at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, 5th floor, Gateway Mall while the last pledging meet will be at SM Mall of Asia. Please look for either Budz Marata or Macky Reyes at the mentioned venues. All donors will have their names mentioned in the Affiliates page of the PHPonyCon website, and they will be recognized in the convention itself.

    And lastly, the PHPonyCon site has a blog for news and updates. You can check it out here.

    Official Polish Pony Convention. "My Little Konwent"

    I would like to inform You that 24-25 of November 2012 will take place The First Official Polish Pony Convention. "My Little Konwent" is organized by local association RSquad, which already has experience in organizing this kind of events, so we expect a great party, that would make even Pinkie Pie amazed :D
    The convention will take place in Cracov, Poland.

    Useful links:
    Official convention's site: http://rsquad.org/MLPKON/ (polish, google has to help you ^^)
    RSquad Site: http://rsquad.org (polish)

    Also... BronyTV.net took patronate over this event. And because of my location, and that that i'm part of BTV team, i'm going to write relation from this convention. But it's topic for an other time.

    Wintermoon Atlanta Cancelled

    It is with great disappointment that we must announce the cancellation of Winter Moon Celebration: Atlanta.
    After initial well-wishes from Hasbro, our con was forgotten and agents told we didn't exist, effectively blocking us from signing any talent from the show. While we had hoped to resolve this in time, we have unfortunately reached a point where we can no longer maintain our reservation with our venue without risking significant financial penalty.  This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we are all very saddened that we have had to make this call. Thank you to the few of you that put your faith in our con and have already registered - refunds have already been submitted and should be seen in the coming days.

    The Winter Moon Celebration Staff