• Nightly Roundup #493

    Yep, we derped. As you probably noticed we didn't have a Roundup last night. We just don't know what went wrong! At any rate, what it does mean is that you guys get an extra long Roundup for tonight as we head into season 3. Huzzah!

    Check out all the news after the break.

  • Music of the Day #22

    Caught with sheet music! That's cheating for a musician of your level Octavia!

    Have some music of the day.  We have a ton of tracks this time around. 
  • Comic: Pinkie Pie Says Goodnight Returns!

    It really has been quite awhile Pinkie! With the return of ponies less than half a day away, Pinkie Pie once again is breaking the 4th wall to bring you guys her weekly messages. Seems like only yesterday that season 2 ended and now we're on the brink of a new season of pony! Hope you all are as excited as I am!

    Click for full!
  • Custom Compilation #92

    Ever the professional, Octavia remains formal and composed even in custom form. Thankfully she has Scratch around to loosen her up a bit even though the two drive each other crazy at times.

    Custom ponies coming at you after the break!

    Source 1
    Trade: Octavia Fashion Style Custom

  • Plushie Compilation #92

    Just look at how happy Scootaloo is! Seeing a pony as happy as this would surely melt even the coldest of hearts wouldn't you say?

    Talking about hearts, prepare yours for a barrage of cuteness as we delve into another plushie compilation after the break!

    Source 1
    Scootaloo Learns to Fly

  • Dynamic Forces Comic Cover

    Giggle at the... giant spider? Yeah, I don't think even Pinkie Pie can handle this one.  Apparently Fluttershy doesn't have a problem though. 

    This is the exclusive Issue #2 cover for Dynamic Forces.  You can order it here!

    Thanks to Joseph for the heads up!
  • Doctor Whooves and Assistant/Adventures Episode 7 - Wrong Way Backwards

    Two Doctor Whooves teams have grouped up and released a new episode in their ever growing series of crossovery goodness.  Fans of both Doctor Whooves and Assistant as well as Doctor Whooves Adventures will find something to love here.  Get them below!

  • Wallpaper Compilation #71

    Click for Full!
    I think this was the only new Sonic game I could get into.   Sadly enough I ended up liking the 3D version more in the end! Luna would have made it perfect

    Anyway, have some wallpapers while I go nostalgia about the old Sega Sonic games!

  • Random Merch: DVD's Head to Malaysia and Singapore, + Brony Size Underwear and More!

    It looks like another set of DVD's has popped up for all you Southeast Asian people out there. A company called InnoForm has picked up the licence and tossed up a few starters.  Find them here!

    Thanks to The Ace of Scarabs for the heads up!

    Head on down below for more RANDOM MERCH!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #620

    Chargin our way to season 3! Almost there guys!

    Source 1
    Spike's dream
  • Hot Minute with Fluttershy

    Remember when I said Twilight Sparkle was best pony? I was wrong.  Fluttershy is clearly the best, and this interview proves it.

    Find it below the break!

    Thanks to Assertive Fluttershy for the submit.  Apparently shes some alternate world version that subscribes to Hot Topic's Facebook.

    Expect Rainbow Dash next Friday! 

  • Story Updates November 9th (Afternoon)

    Story Updates! Go!

  • Story: The Mare at the End of Forever


    Author: Obselescence
    Description: The world spins, years pass, and everything comes to an end. Except Celestia. She sits on the shore of the last ocean, watching and waiting for her own chance at death. Because everything comes to an end if you wait long enough, and Celestia is patient indeed.
    The Mare at the End of Forever

    Additional Tags: Everyone's Mortal In The End
  • Reminder: Tara Invading The Hub's Twitter

    Just a reminder for you all! Today at 3:45 ET, Tara is taking over The Hub's Twitter page.  Try not to break twitter while you invade it!
  • MLP/Littlest Petshop Combo Promo

    Nothing spoilery here, or even season 3 related, but The Hub has tossed up a promo that looks to take place some time during the season opener. Head on down past the break for it!

  • MLP Comic Breaks 100,000 Sold

    Bleeding Cool Reports that the Friendship is Magic comic has broken the 100,000 sold mark to move on to a second printing.  I won't pretend to be a comic expert by any means, but I'm pretty sure that's a huge achievement.  I have a feeling this series is going to be around long into the future!

    Thanks to Britt for the heads up!
  • Awesome Chrysalis Cosplay

    We usually don't do that cosplay thing around here, but every once in a while one of them pops up that is just too awesome not to post.  Yaya over on Deviant Art created it specifically for EQLA. 

    Honestly if stuff like this becomes common as the fandom expands, we might need a cosplay section.

    Check out her page here!
  • Top 10 Pony Videos of October

    The votes went out and the best of the best are in! October was another one of those months filled with awesome videos to hold us over during the hiatus, and if our submit box is any indication the new season is about to unleash the flood once again!

    Head on down after the break for the top 10 videos of October!

  • Comic: In Development / My Little Websurfers

    Lyra is.. ridiculous.

    And web browsers are mean. No wonder Firefox always crashes my flash plugin whenever I go to Youtube. There must be some kind of rivalry going on between Mozilla and Google or something.

  • Mare-A-Thons and Streams Today! (Outdated)

    Remember last year when we had maybe three different channels doing weekly marathons and streams of the episode?  Well, welcome to a year later.. where we have 9 of them.  

    And because of this, we need to get some ground rules going for the sake of cleanliness.  If you are going to submit a marathon/stream the night before a new episode this season, please include the following:
    • Link to the site
    • Time it is starting 
    • Description of the event (2 Paragraphs max) 
    • Submit the day before
    That should about cover it.  Point #4 is very important, as we will only have one compilation post a day.  If you want traffic for your stream, get it in before it's made and posted.

    Head on down past the break for a whole bunch of streams!

  • Android MLP Game Releases!

    Time for more pony! The Android version of the MLP game has been released!

    Point your phone in this direction to download and play it!

    Thanks to everyone that sent it in!

    Update: Sounds like there are some compatibility issues with the majority of devices out there (Galaxy s3 confirmed working so far - though a bit choppy).  I'm going to wait until some of these fixes roll out before tossing up an android friend request post.