• Mare-A-Thons and Streams Today! (Outdated)

    Remember last year when we had maybe three different channels doing weekly marathons and streams of the episode?  Well, welcome to a year later.. where we have 9 of them.  

    And because of this, we need to get some ground rules going for the sake of cleanliness.  If you are going to submit a marathon/stream the night before a new episode this season, please include the following:
    • Link to the site
    • Time it is starting 
    • Description of the event (2 Paragraphs max) 
    • Submit the day before
    That should about cover it.  Point #4 is very important, as we will only have one compilation post a day.  If you want traffic for your stream, get it in before it's made and posted.

    Head on down past the break for a whole bunch of streams!


    All information in the banner above!

    Australian Bronycast

    The Australian Bronycast is hold a Season 1 & Season 2 Mare-athron over 2 days. We'll be showing both season's so be share to have your own drinks and such. Time will be 8am Australian Eastern Standard Time Zone for Friday and Saturday and then we'll have Season 3 episodes 1 & 2 showing on Sunday with our regular show as well.
    We are still trying to get guest so anyone can join in the madness of fun and such that is Pony's. Make sure you stock up on food and drinks as we won't be going anywhere until Season 1 is finish. Saturday AEST will be Season 2 and it'll be at the same time of 8am.
    Synchtube (Pw: Ligers57) 

    NLR Charity Stream

    This Saturday, we will be working with BroNEcast on a 24-Hour livestream to raise money for Operation Smile and the Red Cross (for victims of Hurricane Sandy). Our incentives isn't 100% locked down yet, but I will be more than happy to give you an update when it is. Some special guests such as Solrac, Dusty Katt, PKEmi, Silly Filly Studios, Eric Ridenour, and Jeff Burgess will be joining us at various points in this broadcast. It would mean a lot to us if you could help us spread this last minute advertisement!

    Incentive List

    MLP Forums Mare-a-Thon

    Beginning at 4PM Eastern Standard Time and lasting until the end of the Season three premiere that begins at 10AM on Saturday the 10th, MLP Forums, a thriving and growing brony community will be hosting a season three premiere pony marathon.

    As follows with the forum's longstanding tradition, known as 'Friday Movie Night', the members of the forums will attend a pair of back to back movies at their site's official Synchtube channel. This week, Ghostbusters will premiere at 4PM, followed by  Monsters, Inc. at 6PM.

    As soon as the pair of movies come to an end around 7:30PM, a pony marathon will begin and go non-stop throughout the night until 10AM the following morning. The marathon will begin with season 1, episode 1 and will go as far as possible before the season three premiere begins. Viewers will then be treated with a live stream of the premiere.

    Any and all guests are not only welcomed, but encouraged to partake in this planned event with the forum's members.

    Stream Link
    Room #2


    Starts at 11:30 AM Pacific


    Lunatube T.V.

    Starts at 7 EST


    Filly Synchtube

    Well, with the long summer of no new pony, Filly Synchtube welcomes everyone back with the premiere of Season 3. So stop on by and stay a while. Chat and meet new people. Have some fun too.

    We will be hosting a mare-a-thon leading to the premiere of the new season starting at 8pm central time, leading up to the stream of Season 3.


    Main Room: http://www.synchtube.com/r/filly

    Backup Room:

    See you all soon :)

    Midnight Run

    Hey everypony season 3 is here and guess who's back? That's right and wait till you see what we have in store. First off let us catch you up to speed while we have been away. We are now Midnight Communications, but nothing much has changed we still go by The Midnight Run and were here to give you a season three like no other!  Here's what we have in store for you on Midnight Run JETSTREAM starting at 8 pm Eastern!


    Otaku Ascended

    Tsuki of the Otaku Ascended here. With the season 3 premiere this Saturday morning we would like to announce our Livestream channel will be home to streams of the new episodes as they release.

    For the highly anticipated season three debut we shall be starting at 9PM EST on Friday, November 9th and doing a top 20 pony episode countdown voted on by myself, Videomaster, members of the Otaku Ascended fanbase who we selected; also the hosts of The Brony Show Circuit Mane, D-Pad, and Blankedmind casted their votes along with the artist Palette Swap!

    We will be streaming over at our own channel at http://www.livestream.com/otakuascendedlive .  Circuit and the guys at the Brony Show will be simulcasting our stream on their site as well at http://www.thebronyshow.net or their Livestream channel, http://www.livestream.com/thebronyshow .

    We look forward to being a new addition to the already great streaming groups out there this season and we hope everyone has a lot of fun this weekend!

    Hasbro MLP

    Marathon Until it Airs


    Chaospony Synchtube

    Chaospony Synchtube's spontaneous 21 hour long Marathon leading up to the premiere is starting in about 20 minutes. Come hither, we have pony customization.

    Note to users: Our widget for theme select and other features are not finalized for the new layout and have been excluded from this marathon.
    To change the theme your selected on load, there is a theme button above the room name.
    It will later be moved to a widget we'll be adding next week, but for now pressing the theme button will re-open the theme menu.
    We'll be improving the room for next weekends episode in general, and Sethisto may get his Trixie theme later depending on how many people we reach during this event.