• Custom Compilation #92

    Ever the professional, Octavia remains formal and composed even in custom form. Thankfully she has Scratch around to loosen her up a bit even though the two drive each other crazy at times.

    Custom ponies coming at you after the break!

    Source 1
    Trade: Octavia Fashion Style Custom

    Source 2
    Octavia Custom

    Source 3
    Hurricane Fluttershy - Sandy Edition

    Source 4
    Can't show this one here folks! Click the source link above to check out the awesomeness!

    Source 5
    I've Seen Enough Ponythulhu to Know...

    Source 6
    Three of Thirteen

    Source 7
    Ponythulhu, Take Two.

    Source 8
    Vinyl Scratch custom pony miniature

    Source 9
    Octavia custom pony

    Source 10
    Spitfire custom figure

    Source 11
    BonBon custom figure

    Source 12
    Changeling custom

    Source 13
    Sleepy Skies (Cat's OC)

    Source 14
    Octavia and Vinyl Scratch (Prototypes)

    Source 15
    Trade: Vinyl Scratch Fashion Style Custom

    Source 16
    Sweet and Elite

    Source 17
    Custom Princess Luna

    Source 18
    Custom Fausticorn Signed by Lauren Faust

    Source 19
    Firefly G4 custom

    Source 20
    Vinyl Scratch custom

    Source 21
    Rainbow Dash (Prototype)

    Source 22
    The Princesses

    Source 23
    Custom Batman Pony

    Source 24 - Anna

    Source 25
    Pony Cass

    Source 26
    Season 1 Luna

    Source 27
    Blackjack Custom