• Music of the Day #19

    Scratchneto, Master of Wubs! "Ahahahaha! X-Ponies! Welcome to die!"

    And a mighty wub was wubbed that day, wubbing out many brave and heroic ponies. So wubby were the wubs that the woofers that wubbed the dubs wobbled and weebled, but did not fall down. And for one beautiful moment, in that perfect drop, the whole planet vibrated. And that's how Equestria was made.

    Wasn't that a great story? Maybe next time I'll tell you about Music of the Day. It's a gem!

  • How To Sell a Meetup

    Powerthirst meets Friendship is Magic meets how you should advertise your meetups.

    After the break!

  • Discussion: Design a New Pony Race

    We have Unicorns/Alicorns that are pretty much 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons wizards in terms magic for everything, Pegasai with flight and weather control, and Earth ponies that can... earth, but Twilight Sparkle in her grand old age has grown bored with studying these races.   Using her ultimate Celestia-taught life giving magic, she has decided to create her own!  Unfortunately, she can't think of anything.

    Through the power of SCIENCE, she has deduced that summoning a completely rampant pony fan might be a good start.  Digging through her portal to the internet of 2012, she has re-discovered the brony community and found a group that over-analyzes absolutely everything in Equestria.  Figuring that fights over the amount of stars on her butt symbol might be a waste of their energy, she has decided to give them a task!

    Your mission is to design a new pony race, one that would benefit Equestrians everywhere!  Wings and horns are taken, so they need a specific implement to set them apart. 

    Now go!

    (Hard Mode: No Seaponies) 
  • Polish Season 2 Pony Songs

    Season 2 has released a bunch of episodes in Poland, and included in the mix are the songs.   I'm definitely diggin Find a Pet, a few of the others are really neat too!

    Have a bunch of links!

    B.B.B.F.F. Reprise
    This Day Aria
    This Day Aria Reprise
    Love is in Bloom
    Find a Pet

  • Drawfriend Stuff #615

    Griffon mafia? I'm totally cool with this. 

    Have some art! There are some awesome ones today!

    Source 1
    Greyson the Griffon
  • Story Updates November 4 (Afternoon)

    Stories and updates, yarrr.

  • Comic: Getting Ready / With Great Power / No Time for Walls

    Rarity wouldn't seem to be one to reckon with in a tussle, but seeing her fight in Fighting is Magic would quickly change anyone's mind.

    Comics, and on a Sunday! Click for full!

  • Friendship is Magic Comic Launch Party Delayed

    A while back, we tossed up something for all you California bronies about a launch party going on with both Katie Cook and Andy Price in attendance for the Friendship is Magic comic.  Since then, the actual release of the comic has been delayed until a bit later, so their party has been moved to December 1st at 1:00 PM instead . 

    Head on over to their Facebook page for a location, as well as for general discussion.

    Or for more official art:

    Derpy Likes Cheese
    This comic is going to be amazing. 
  • Bronyville Podcast Tabletop Special LIVE

    Bronyville Podcast is currently recording today's show live over at justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast. At roughly 2 PM PST, they will go live with another tabletop special features the hosts of the show, gamemaster Rodger Marsh, and special guest PixelKitties! Come join us live now for the show and then stay for the tabletop!

  • Pony Holiday Stocking

    It looks like a wave of pony holiday stuff is starting to pop up.  This specific stocking was found at f.y.e.  Considering their relationship in merch with Hot Topic, I'm sure we will probably see this or something similar over there as well.

    I wonder how extensive the merch will get this season? What do you want to see ponified for the holidays?
  • Brony Health Group Launches

    See Fluttershy up there? She spent a full afternoon building up her wing power.  Ponyville counted on her, and in the end, she came through!

    It's time to build your wing power!

    A new website has popped up dedicated to all things brony health.  Build your muscle, eat healthy, and improve your life with the support of others.  The best way to stick to something is to join a group of like minded individuals!

    Head on down past the break for all the information straight from the source!

  • Spotlight Instrumental Music: United Equestria / Tyrant / The Redemption / I Can't Fly

    Dancing Chrysalis is always relevant
    Instrumental time! How instrumental? Very instrumental. Genres can be found next to their respective tracks. Charge!

    1.) Carbon Maestro - United Equestria (Orchestral)
    2.) [Neon JalapeƱo] Tyrant (Dubstep)
    3.) Thorinair - The Redemption (Original Mix) (Trance)
    4.) GatoPaint - I Can't Fly ( Scootaloo Theme ) (Rock)

  • Nightly Roundup #488

    It's been rather grey and rainy, the pitter-patter of gentle droplets hitting my rooftop a common occurrence as of late. A perfect time to stay indoors and catch up on things or take a nice warm nap! Even the gloomiest of days can offer up their own opportunities.

    Hope your Saturday went well pony folk, especially for you all attending EQLA. I hear it has been a blast so far!

    Time to end the night (or start your day as many of you keep reminding me in the comments) with some news!