• Nightly Roundup #488

    It's been rather grey and rainy, the pitter-patter of gentle droplets hitting my rooftop a common occurrence as of late. A perfect time to stay indoors and catch up on things or take a nice warm nap! Even the gloomiest of days can offer up their own opportunities.

    Hope your Saturday went well pony folk, especially for you all attending EQLA. I hear it has been a blast so far!

    Time to end the night (or start your day as many of you keep reminding me in the comments) with some news!

    A Simple Homage to Start This Off

    Pony Plushies Contest!

    The awesome folks over at Pony Plushies are holding a contest with hundreds of dollars in prizes up for grabs! So what does it entail? Well, all you have to do is shoot a fun and creative MLP related photo session and enter it into the contest! For full details on the contest and to see Twilight and Fluttershy's roadtrip to EQLA check out the links below!

    Contest Page
    Twi-Shy Roadtrip

    Pony Puppet Pals

    That's right, ponies have spoofed yet another thing! Got to admit, those puppets are really cute.

    Rarity Thinks This Cake is Marvelous!


    Tom Kenny Asks... Who is Best Pony?

    At Rocko Live! held in LA in early October, a fan caught Tom Kenny on camera where he posed this question. So guys, answer him!


    BlueScreen Bronies - Episode 7

    Draco here with the Bluescreen Bronies! Episode 7 is finally done after many many attempts to do it different ways we finally found what was holding us up, not enough muffins. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDgtAoeH2BM ) We had a lot of fun doing this one, enjoy!

    This week's reviews are:

    • Dungeon Siege 3
    • Duke Nukum
    • Borderlands 2
    There is no Gamer Toolbox this week due to Hurricane Sandy hitting near where Dpad lives, he is okay though!

    We are looking for more guilds and groups that are recruiting for their gaming circles, all we need form you is the following:

    • Guild Emblem
    • Video (If possible)
    • Server
    • Achievements
    • Recruiting
    • Website
    • Slogan (Has to be PG)
    Your group will be featured at the end of an episode based on the order we receive information! Send inquiries to [email protected]


    Successful Meetups

    Pre-EQLA Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The Inland Empire Bronies group hosted a pre-eqla meet up dinner and everypony showed up. a lot of fun was had by all. Brony groups from all over california came. A special thanks to the Bronies of the Desert and The Norcal Bronies for coming out. After dinner we went to downtown Disney and had a few games of Telephone. It was a great time and an amazing way to kick off EQLA.
    Sincerely, Shadow and KibbieTheGreat

    Bronies of Northern Ireland Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    We had a group of 16 bronies participating in a my little pony quiz, which involved 42 questions split into 2 separate sections.  The quiz was done in teams of 2 and in the end we had a draw for first place and had a tie breaker question to settle this issue.  The team in first place are in the middle of the first photograph and the team in second and third place are to the right and left of them respectively.
    After this we headed to Castle Court to warm up and get a bite to eat, as it was very cold at the location the quiz was held.
    Sadly we could not buy anymore pony merchandise as Belfast has still not recovered from the last meet when we bought all of the pony stock in various shops.
    I would like to personally thank everyone who attended this meet up and made it very enjoyable and a good laugh!
    Alabama Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    This past Saturday the Bronies of Alabama got together at Bamacon in Bessemer, Alabama. We hung around there for a while, grabbed lunch at Marco's Pizza, and walked around the Riverchase Galleria Mall.

    Chile's Nightmare Night Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    The Chilean Group called Bronies Chile and Epic Bronies Time, join again to give their fine followers another great and fun meet up with a Halloween themed event (even though it was on November 3) with a lot of fun activities, such a Flank Wars, FIM competitions, Karaoke and Cosplay and Costume Contests. The event was hosted at:
    Parque Intercomunal La Reina, Avenida Francisco Bilbao 81 05, La Reina, Santiago
    A group of people waited at the Subway, and then went on Bus to the Park in 2 different groups, then they placed the stands, music, computers for entertainment, and more. They waited for the rest of the group and some others to attend and then begging with the activities and the Cosplay & Costumes.

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Illinois Meetups

    Copy Paste:

    Giggles at the gallopping Ghost!
    Date: Nov. 11th
    Info: Let's all get together and play a bunch of arcade games! ALL DAY! For a $15 cover charge you can play any game in the arcade for free!

    As long as you keep your receipt, there is free reentry, so we can all go somewhere for dinner in the area (I'll update later with a few options) and come back after and play some more!
    Jamsession, Drawfriend and Meet-up #13
    Date: Nov. 17th
    Info: None.
    Naperville Brony Meet-up #4
    Date: Nov. 18th
    Info: Hey, everypony!  We'll be meeting at the Einstein Bagels in downtown Naperville around noon, and may end up moving outside to the nearby park when they close at 3:00, or just head home if people wish, as it will be chilly.  Hope to see you there!
    Central Wisconsin Brony Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Come on down to the Suites @ 201 to watch the Season Premiere, eat cake, and in general have a good time! Like our previous meetups, we're going for a casual tone; just show up, bring some food, and we'll do some chatting about the show, and watch a lot - a LOT - of Pony!

    We'll be meeting in the "Programming room" on the ground floor; upon entering the main doors, take a left and walk down until you see Discord by the door.

    [email protected] Programming Room, UW - Stevens Point
    201 Reserve Street
    Stevens Point, WI 54481


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