• Discussion: Design a New Pony Race

    We have Unicorns/Alicorns that are pretty much 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons wizards in terms magic for everything, Pegasai with flight and weather control, and Earth ponies that can... earth, but Twilight Sparkle in her grand old age has grown bored with studying these races.   Using her ultimate Celestia-taught life giving magic, she has decided to create her own!  Unfortunately, she can't think of anything.

    Through the power of SCIENCE, she has deduced that summoning a completely rampant pony fan might be a good start.  Digging through her portal to the internet of 2012, she has re-discovered the brony community and found a group that over-analyzes absolutely everything in Equestria.  Figuring that fights over the amount of stars on her butt symbol might be a waste of their energy, she has decided to give them a task!

    Your mission is to design a new pony race, one that would benefit Equestrians everywhere!  Wings and horns are taken, so they need a specific implement to set them apart. 

    Now go!

    (Hard Mode: No Seaponies)