• Music of the Day #6

    I don't really feel like anything more needs to be said tonight. In the metaphor that is this post, you are Bon Bon, Lyra is music, and I am an unparalleled genius for coming up with this all on my own. Please keep at least fifteen meters away from the cute at all times, lest you suffer radiation poisoning. Likewise, remember to include your name and genre when submitting music, or else. Or. Else.

    Music. Page Breaks. It's the NBA on NBC Music of the Day!

  • Animation/Music : A Tropical Octav3

    What started off as a great song evolved into something completely epic when Vinyl and Octavia started dancing! This might be one of the few songs on youtube you actually watch instead of just listen to!

    Find it after the break.

  • Random Media: The Pony Files / Cloudsdale Atlas / Sleep

    We have a bit pike of randomness, a trailer of Cloud Atlas, and a PMV to finish it off! Find them all below!

    1.) Halloween Special - The Pony Files [PMV]
    2.) Cloudsdale Atlas (No embed)
    3.) [PMV] Sleep

  • Story: Mi Amore


    Author: Shoeblock
    Description: They all say that love conquers all. I've seen it for myself. And for the longest time, it was my rock; my foundation. Love was the cadence that filled my life with music. But what do you do when love becomes nothing more than empty lies and shadows? What do you do when the things you thought you could trust fade? What do you do when everything falls apart?

    Mi Amore

    Additional Tags: Love, regret, heart-wrenching, decisions, servitude
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Ecstatic Rarity / Ask Gamer Luna / Ask My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Spotlight

    Hey again pony folk! Calpain back again with some new tumblrs for you guys to chew over and possibly add to your watch lists. Starting off this round is a promising tumblr that started off as an interesting ask Rarity style tumblr, but has shifted over to Sweetie Belle as the Rarity in this universe seeks some special help. Sweetie makes for a good host as she keeps watch over the tumblr with her sister away so make sure to drop in and say hi to her if you can!

    Ask Ecstatic Rarity - Current Page - First Page

    Got a tumblr you'd like to suggest? Send it on over to my EqD account at calpain@equestriadaily.com or to my Twitter @CalpainEqD.

    Check out our other tumblrs after the break!

  • Random Merch : Throw Blankets, Pop-up Books, And More!

    It looks like that Rainbow Dash vector is getting yet another piece of merch made after her.  I have to admit, I always was a fan of it.

    This throw blanket was found in Texas at a store called Killeen.  Thanks to Steven for the heads up! 

    Onward to more random merch after the break!

  • Spotlight Music: Lectro Dub - Trixie / Rare Diamonds / Beyond the horizon

    We have some Trixie Lectro dub vocal stuff, followed by a bit of Rarity dance music, and finish with an instrumental ambient spaaaace piece. Find them below!

    1.) Lectro Dub - Trixie
    2.) Sim Gretina - Rare Diamonds
    3.) Equestrian space - Beyond the horizon

  • Animation - Look Before You Sleep: Human Edition

    What would FiM look like if they were humans instead of ponies? Odd to say the least. Maybe I'm just used to equines at this point! I bet some of you will get a kick out of it though. Find it below!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #597

    Two best sisters fighting zombies on a creepy old island! Can't get better than that right?

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
    Two Best Sisters Play...

  • Story Updates October 16th (Afternoon)

    Story updates! Charge!

  • Double Midnight Exclusive Comic - and More Sales Celebration!

    It looks like another exclusive cover out of the whipping 19 different versions has popped up!  Derpy looks to be having trouble carrying the insane amount of comics we have pre-ordered!  Head on over to the Double Midnight Facebook page to check it out !

    And in other news, major comic website Comicsbeat has joined in on the pony celebration.  It looks like we are dominating pretty much everything else in pre-order sales at this point.  Inb4 ponies helped revive an industry!

    Thanks to Maggie and Mark for the heads ups!

  • Sapphire Shores, California Princesses, and More Shirts at Welovefine!

    Welovefine added a couple of new shirts to their ever-growing inventory.  Sapphire shores and a couple of others all team up to bombard your wallet even harder.  We really need to get some kind of corporation going so we can all make enough money to buy them all!  Find all of them here, or after the break.

    And in other news, Hot Topic added a Lyra.  You can also find that after the break!

  • Simple PMV: What I Can't Do // Take it back! // A Day to Remember //


    Good morning! Have some simple PMVs!

    1) [PMV] What I Can't Do
    2) Take it back! [PMV]
    3) PMV - A Day to Remember: Another Song for the Weekend (Rainbow Dash Remix)

  • Story: Telling Tales

    [Normal] [Comedy] [Adventure] An enjoyable story that made the ponies feel that little bit more 'real'. It made this Pre-reader smile to know that they too love a good yarn being spun.

    -Pre-reader Grump

    Author: James Washburn
    Description: Tall Tales didn't intend to be in Ponyville for long. It was supposed to be a brief stop on the way to the storytellers' gathering in Connemara, and nothing more. How was he to know he'd be offered the opportunity to show southerners real storytelling? More to the point, how was he supposed to refuse? And just what does this pink pony want with him, anyway?

    Now he's shanghaied himself into performing, and must use all his skill to stay on stage, on target, and within the bounds of sanity. So gather round, pull up a bollard, and listen to some proper Equestrian folk tales.

    Telling Tales

    Additional Tags: Ponified folk tales within a story
  • Animation: Cerulean Sky

    This one got lost in the labrynth of EQD folders.  Cerulean Sky is a semi-animation based on the Owl City song "Swomswom".  It's unique art style and catching syncing to the beat really does make it awesome!  Hopefully you all haven't watched it already.   Find it below!

  • Music Of the Day #5

    You crazy musicians and your swarms of music!  Our poor music reviewers can't even keep up!

    Today we have 10 songs for this here compilation.  Everything from techno to orchestral and beyond! Head on down past the break for all of them. 

    And as an added reminder, please include a genre!

  • Nightly Roundup #469

    It's actually quite hard to find pics of Little Strongheart! Maybe you guys can fix that someday, eh?

    News time guys! Lots of it tonight it seems so check it all out after the break.