• Story: Telling Tales

    [Normal] [Comedy] [Adventure] An enjoyable story that made the ponies feel that little bit more 'real'. It made this Pre-reader smile to know that they too love a good yarn being spun.

    -Pre-reader Grump

    Author: James Washburn
    Description: Tall Tales didn't intend to be in Ponyville for long. It was supposed to be a brief stop on the way to the storytellers' gathering in Connemara, and nothing more. How was he to know he'd be offered the opportunity to show southerners real storytelling? More to the point, how was he supposed to refuse? And just what does this pink pony want with him, anyway?

    Now he's shanghaied himself into performing, and must use all his skill to stay on stage, on target, and within the bounds of sanity. So gather round, pull up a bollard, and listen to some proper Equestrian folk tales.

    Telling Tales

    Additional Tags: Ponified folk tales within a story